• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

P Litter: Crom X Isis

Guardian Rottweilers P LITTER
Sire: Crom di Alaricus Rex
Dam: Guardian Isis Von Gottschalk


This is the last breeding and final litter of one of the Greatest Rottweilers I have ever had the honor of knowing, and I could not think of a finer litter for him to end his Reign with.  Champion Crom di Alaricus Rex has produced so many exceptional Rottweilers in countries all over the world.  Many of todays well know breeders got their start with Crom’s progeny and bloodlines.  He was awarded the very prestigious FCI title of Champion of Reproduction and has sired countless Champions.  Crom is the direct son of World Renowned Mambo Von Der Crossener Ranch, a Rottweiler long credited as one of the most influential Rottweilers to the breed from the last 20 years.  Crom had the remarkable ability to be as ferocious as a bear when working with this deep, somewhat raspy bark that was more than intimidating!  But you take the harness off and Crom was a complete teddy bear!  He has always been my favorite snuggler.  Crom would place his paws on my shoulders then tuck his head under my chin, lean in against my chest hugging me tightly and engulfing me with a sense of love and security that cannot be expressed in words.  Crom is and will forever be one of my dearest friends.

Isis has been a remarkable female from the time she was a pup.  Her mother, P-Linda, was a powerfully build working bitch that was hard as nails.  She was my type of female!  She had the confidence, courage and ferocity of a lion; yet could snuggle up to you and curl up in your lap like a kitten (although MUCH heavier than any cat I know!).  PLinda was one of the most loyal, loving females I have ever handled, and will always have a very sacred place in my heart.  The sire of PLinda is one of my favorite studs, Marschall Se Ungo-Rot- a heavy, stocky Rottweiler built like a bull!  PLinda most certainly got her hard, well muscled physique from Marschall as well as her strong character.  The sire of Isis was a massive sweet heart of a Rottie that my daughter and I met in Serbia.  Kafu is built like a line backer with incredible bone and substance.  He is a sweet, gentle boy and my daughter, Tahlia, fell in love with him instantly.  Isis definitely takes after Kafu in both build and character.  Isis is a sweet, laid back girl with a phenomenal head and such an impressive build.  She is routinely mistaken for a male and certainly has more bone and substance than many males.

I have high expectations for this litter, however, until I have decided what I will keep, there will not be any puppies available. 

Our 5 Magnificent Males!

                   Pyro                                       Prime                                   Python
Pyro33 Pakku15 Python18


                    Puck                           Phantom               
 Puck05  Phantom38




Guardian Prime Von Gottschalk

“Edrick” Guardian Pyro Von Gottschalk

He’s growing so quickly :’)..he’s such a love..eating like a moose and has been SO TRAINABLE! He sits, stays, comes, listens to off (when he wants too 😉 still working on that one) and down ..thank you so much..he is so so loved

Pyro_03 Pyro_02
Hahaha! A few days late, but here he is celebrating his 4 month bday! He is such! A good boy 🙂
Hi Alice! Long time no talk. I hope everything is well for you and the family. I haven’t sent any pictures for a while so this is Edrick (litter P; I think he was pyro?)
Anywho, he is a very large & very sweet, destructive 8 month old baby now 🙂 he is very loved.
In the picture below is when my son & I are leaving for the day for camp/work. The next picture is when we are just arriving back home haha he is the best!
Merry Christmas to all of you.  Peace, grace and love be yours in Him ! 

Pyro at two years this 12/12/15 
Pyro comes to work with me every day… All day… We are seldom if ever apart 24 hours per day.  He is the most wonderful dig I have ever had.  He is completely trained off leash and is loved by all.   Thank you for breeding such a magnificent animal.  I hope your neighbors have “gotten outa your face”. 
???? Steve Griffith
Pyro_2y_01 Pyro_2y_02 Pyro_2y_03

Hi Alice,  I hope and trust in Lord for you and your lovely family’s well being….. all is well with your souls.   Presently I am traveling abroad and Edrick- Griff now age 4 is at home in Mattapoisett Ma.  Last year I bought a house with a fenced in yard and moved off of my boat.  Griff hasn’t gotten the exercise the needs he once did because I’ve become lazy.  When we lived on the boat he swam often and I took him fir walks and runs regularly.  An unfortunate result on my buying the house is thst we have both become sedentary. ???
Griff remains the most intelligent, sweet, loving dog I’ve ever had.  He is ridiculously socialized as a result of coming to work with me everyday.  He is comical at the numerous ways he coerces people into letting him.   He was taught to sit in order to be petted.   When he sits if someone does not pet him he quickly changes position and planks himself down in front of them once again.  Nine times out of ten times this immediately secure him a petting and laughter. He’s so cute and loving he wins everyone’s heart.  When we go out to eat at an outdoor restaurant many people can’t help, bur tell me how gorgeous he is and they have to pet him.
He thinks he is a pretty awesome dog and he is right.
During the past year it’s been interesting to observe how his protective instincts have increased.  A serveral occasions when guy friends are at my house and they push or simply put a hand on me… guess who is there between us instantly.  It’s heart warming… to know he does not want anyone pushing me.
I’d like to have Edrick – Griff trained in personal protection.  I’m wrotting to ask your advice.  Should I go to Germany or do you know of excellent trainers in the USA?
See attached picture of my / your 4 year baby!



“Romo” Guardian Phantom Von Gottschalk
Phantom_home01 Phantom_home02
Haha, it is Romo, but Romeo sounds so appropriate! He is so precious and such a cuddler!! He is smart!!! On Sunday after he came home from the airport, I took him out to the yard a couple of times in the afternoon, by the third time he already knew the way back to the house from about 20-30 yards away :0  He is so strong too!! The force on that bite from that little mouth is impressive!! 

 Also, this morning Sassy was eating her food and he was sniffing the bowls but the bowls were too high for him to get there. SHE took a piece of food and dropped it on the floor for him!!!!! Then she took a second one and did it again!!!! I just could not believe my eyes!! She has been so sweet all along to her half sibling, as if she really knows, but this is by far the sweetest thing we have witness!

I can’t thank you enough for allowing us to have Phantom. My husband came in to my office yesterday and said “I really like my gift.” It is such a gift to be able to have two of Crom’s kids we will love them as if we would have met and loved him as well.

Here is the original “The Bodyguard” photo with “Sassy” Guardian Edna VonGottschalk. This was April 2013, so she was about to turn 4 months. On the photo is my son and now daughter-in-law and my husband with Sassy. We were in DC for their wedding shower and festivities and were blessed to find a nice hotel in the area that allowed dogs. The purpose of the photo was to photograph Sassy and my husband. It was not until later, as I checked the pics on the laptop, that I realized what was on the background of the photo.
The other two photos below are Romo about 5 month old. He was always a kind-of-serious pup. I caught him staring to the outside and my guess is that he was missing his brothers 🙁 Then as soon as he heard he click of the camera, he looked at me. He has the sweetest look right into your eyes and it never fails, it melts your heart.

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Hello Alice!I hope you are feeling all well and done with your sinus infection.Romo did very well, Praise The Lord during the gastropexy. The vet said they needed three people to move him :0  When you have a moment, we would love to hear from you what things can we be working on to help you get him ready. We try to train year-rond with them and I just registered him for his next training session that begins in January. He is registered for a beginning adult companion class, but they offer other training classes geared for clients that will be showing their dogs.Also, what other things should we consider, do, expect, not do, ext., now that we have a possible stud candidate in our hands? I began to research this, but of course, I would rather have your thoughts.On another topic,I have to tell you, I went to Puck’s and Prime’s pages and they are absolutely beautiful! I can see a lot of Romo in Puck and some of Sassy in Prime, especially Prime’s eyes. I do not know what it is, how to describe it, but both Sassy and Prime have such distinctive eyes and I know they are from Crom. Everyone that sees Sassy immediately focuses on her face and the comments begin to flow about how beautiful she is and how pretty her face is, and that “there is something about her eyes.”I have not told you before and I know this will make you proud, that though Sassy does not have perfect conformation, she is smart and a favorite of the trainers each time she is in training. Without fail, trainers end up apologizing to other dog owners in the session because they react with excitement at her and her great disposition—they go like “…I mean, I am not saying yours are not great, they are all great…” They say she is so happy during training, so willing to work, and the latest “she is such a pistol” during the introduction-to-obstacle-course training last fall. They told me from the beginning “she wants to work for you; take advantage of that.” We just have been blessed with both of them and if I had more space we would end up with at least four, for sure 🙂Anyway, won’t take more of your time.Thank you so much for everything!Blessings,

unnamed-27 unnamed-28 

 Oh Alice,

I have no idea how I missed this reply!!! I was beginning to think that you had not gotten my email :{ 
First, know that I am praying for you that the hand of our Master Surgeon be directing your surgeon’s hands and that it will be a successful surgery whatever it is for and that you will have a full and speedy recovery.
I know that most likely you won’t be seeing this reply until after you are home and recovering, but I think that Romo’s surgeon’s update will give bring you joy.
Dr. Eward called today with the results of his “before” surgery X-rays and say that it was confirmed he did have a rupture crucial ligament. However, she said that Romo’s knees are not as angled as other Rottweilers she has seen and that was so surprised that she decided to take another set of x-rays to ensure she was not missing anything because she had NEVER seen a knee in a Rottweiler with NOT such steep an angle. She proceeded to tell me that this was very good and promising that the probabilities of the other knee getting busted as well, as it happens a lot with Rotties (50% chance), would be much less than expected. Then she called after the surgery even more marveled at what she found regarding the angle and stated that this showed that this most likely happened to Romo as a result of of trauma and not a diseased or genetically poor knee!!!
Praise the Lord!! The Lord has given you such a gift in your breeding program!! To Him be all glory and honor!! I know He must have a lot of fun making these pups for our enjoyment :))
I pray this sheers you up after surgery.
Here are a few pics to make you smile.
“SO MUCH FUN” (Sassy on the background, Romo on the foreground).   unnamed-33 unnamed-34 unnamed-35
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