• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

S Litter: Roy x Ultra

Guardian Rottweilers S LITTER
Sire: Roy Miki-Rot
Dam: Ultra Miki-Rot
SUUUPER excited about this litter!  Ultra is, as her name suggests, ULTRA in every way!  Head, bone, build, and of course character.  She is a Dzomba daughter and a granddaughter of both International Superstar, Arlos Majestic Rot and World Champion Astor Von Junipera!  Roy is a powerfully build young star that is rising very quickly.  Roy is a direct son of Russian star and ADRK Klubsieger winner, Faryco Terezsky Dvur.  His pedigree includes Gil, Mambo, Gonzzo, Orlando, Dack, Gringo, Merlin- the list just goes on and on- and all in the front of his pedigree!!  There is not a single dog in the pedigree of either of these incredible Rotts that does not convey phenomenal character with excellent working ability and showmanship and outstanding conformation specializing in heads that are unmistakable.  Expecting something very special from this litter!




slitter_ultra_newborn_04 slitter_ultra_newborn_03 slitter_ultra_newborn_02 slitter_ultra_newborn_01


Guardian Spyro Von Gottschalk
Hey Alice,

We can’t thank you enough he is even better in person! He has been graciously accepted by the other dogs and Ginger, our Rot Shepard mix, has taken him under her wing. It’s so adorable!!! We can’t wait to see what he will become! Hope you feel better! 
Thanks so much,

Steve and Amber

Hey Alice here’s some pics! He’s growing so fast, he’s super smart and of course FULL of energy!!!!
Thanks so much for a wonderful dog! He is absolutely gorgeous! I love the fact that you don’t dock the tail, it really helps in figuring out his mood! Haha Like you said he is definitely the first to alert (his litter mates) us of nothing in our back yard! Here are a few pics as we celebrate his one year anniversary at our house!

Here’s doing well! We love how inquisitive he can be!!!!


“AVI” Guardian Stryker Von Gottschalk

AVI is doing great! Just chilling on the sofa taking a nappy……… had 1st puppy ? obedience class tonight

Here is a pic of AVI – he’s doing great!


Guardian Sara Von Gottschalk
Hello Alice,
I hope this message finds you and the family well. Hopefully Tahlia got gold on Saturday, and that we didnt make you late. I just really wanted to see you. Dont get me wrong, Miguel is pretty awesome too, but I needed that hug to say Thanks, and to offer any comfort I could with all that you have just went through with Diesel.
So… Sara the beautiful, has amazed is all. We were so worried that Loki would bully or hurt her. Well let me tell ya, she flipped into a little wasp on his butt and let him and Lucy know she wasnt taking any shit from no body. She hangs tuff as all get up with him. He loves it, she has mashed her teeth down to where he is dragging her with him and he never yelps or  really retaliates. He has to check on her every two seconds weather she is sleeping or playing. She is getting the potty training so fast. She cries for only a few minutes at bed time. She woke this morning clean and dry and went right out to potty.
She is just amazing, and of coarse the prettiest lil thing I ever did see.
Two pups will be trying, but its gonna be soooo worth it. Thank you so much again for this. I realize you have so many clients with way more money than us, with way more plans for their dogs than us. But I can promise you this, these two guardians will be loved and cherished more than you or anyone could imagine. I will be forever grateful for my babies.
Love to all,

Hello Alice and family!!!
Sara is doing great. Great check up from the vet. She absolutely loves her big brother Loki, and he absolutely loves her. He won’t do anything without her. Even though she usually picks with him, he is as gentle as a toddler Rottie can be. Lol. She is doing very well with potty training and commands. I just love watching her explore and learn. She is so inquisitive and loves to learn about everything.  She was hit at our local pet store (of course). Such a calm, respectful girl to all she meets and greets.  Oh, and she loves shirts. So I figure she can wear them until she grows too big for the sizes they carry in the store.  Best wishes to all.
The Lewalski’s

Loki and Sara at dog days Bass Pro shop

So i have to tell you what this funny lil girl did today.
I am making dinner and I hear a chewing noise and I know this noise is my lil Sara chewing on the kitchen chair legs….. so I immediately yell at her to stop and she stops chewing and just sits there with the cross piece in her mouth. Eyes wide as can be, never takes the chair out of her mouth, but stopped chewing. She held this position for a good minute. The funniest thing. I had to go and move the chair from her.
Then we are outside playing, enjoying the weather after dinner. They have a water bowl on the deck. Sara goes to the water bowl as if she wants a drink and instead puts her whole head in it and blows bubbles, then Looks at us with this big grin. She has never done that before, but because we laughed she kept doing it.
Alice this little girl is such a ham. She can be super rebellious, but she so makes up for it with her love and humor.
Loving our Sara,

Loki and Sara are great. They had a great Christmas. We welcomed our new grandson Xavier in June. We call him Eggsy. My Guardians have taken very well to him and are now his guardians. ?. Loki is very much worried about each sound or cry he has. Sara just can’t stop kissing him.
They are amazing me each day. We are experiencing heavy snow storms up here, and the furbabies are in love with it. They dive and play and for about 3 minutes I have all white dogs.  However being as over protective as I am they are not allowed to play in the extreme cold for more than 10 minutes. The pout like little kids when Mom makes them come inside. Trust me they get their share of play time. Hope all is well on your end. Just wanted to drop you a line and send some pics.
Best New Year wishes,


Guardian Sasa Von Gottschalk

Hey Alice,

No reason for an apology. I’m a patient man. The girls are doing great. Its been a bit so I need to get you caught up on Sasa… A couple of weeks ago Sasa ended up fracturing her elbow while outside. She had to undergo surgery to get it pinned. She is doing awesome on it now. Stitches were taken out tonight and the Dr. couldn’t be happier with how she is doing. I felt so awful for her.

Sasa is such a beautiful girl. I need to get you pics this weekend. I think she looks so much like Ebony. I think she may get her size as well. As of today she weighed 23.5 pounds. 16 weeks yesterday. What do you think of her size?

I adore this puppy Alice. Thank you again for all that you do. Talk soon

Hey Alice,

Sasa is doing great! I attached a couple pics of her. I can’t thank you enough for this girl. She is so sweet and cuddly but also loves to have fun and play hard! Couldn’t be happier. I did recently switch her from Fromm to Merrick. I think she was developing a food allergy on the Fromm.
That boy Sting you brought back is a stunner!!! Wow. I wish I had the funds. After tax season I’ll be in the market again. Are imports expensive? I hope all is good on your end!


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