• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

Y Litter: Rambo X PR-Ava

Guardian Rottweilers Y LITTER
Sire: Rambo Vom Zica Maradona
PR-Ava Se Ungo-Rot


Rambo is son of 2x World Winner, Imperator vom Haus Zschammer!  Rambo has that same extreme, MASSIVE head with a strong, heavy frame.  PR-Ava is the daughter of Arlos Majestic Rot- ALSO notorious for his extreme head type and heavily muscled frame.




Such amazingly gorgeous babies <3  Ava did SUPER!
YLitterRambo_Ava01 YLitterRambo_Ava02 YLitterRambo_Ava03 YLitterRambo_Ava04 YLitterRambo_Ava05 YLitterRambo_Ava06 YLitterRambo_Ava07 YLitterRambo_Ava08 YLitterRambo_Ava09 YLitterRambo_Ava10 YLitterRambo_Ava11 YLitterRambo_Ava12  YLitterRambo_Ava14 YLitterRambo_Ava15 YLitterRambo_Ava16 YLitterRambo_Ava17 YLitterRambo_Ava18 YLitterRambo_Ava19 YLitterRambo_Ava20 YLitterRambo_Ava21 YLitterRambo_Ava22


Guardian Yugo Von Gottschalk


That is awesome news! Thank you!!!


P.S. I attached a picture of him. It was from a couple weeks ago, he currently weighs 20 lbs!


“Vinny” Guardian Yukon Von Gottschalk


First, I clearly missed something but best wishes on your surgery.  I hope nothing is terribly wrong.
Second, Yukon (we are calling him Vinny) is doing great (picture attached).  I swear he grows every single day!  He is in puppy training and is the star of the class…he loves treats and people and puppies.  He is having a bit of separation anxiety when we leave him home in his crate…although he loves laying around in his crate when we are home.  We are working with him but if you have any tips we would appreciate it:)
Finally, no rush on our end with the registration papers.
Stay warm!
Yukon1 Yukon2 Yukon3

Sean is supposed to be back in town in about a week and plans on giving you a call. I can’t wait for him to get a pup. I would get another now if Kristen would allow me to. I may do it anyways. Lol!


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