• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

U Litter: Diablo x Malta

Guardian Rottweilers U LITTER
Sire: Diablo Timit-Tor
Dam: Malta Ruma Rotts

Diablo Timit-Tor has quickly become one of the most popular breeding studs in Europe for a reason.  He is a gorgeous beast, but I love him most for his character.  He is confident and drivey with great focus when working.  Then, as soon as he comes off the field, he is just a lovable teddy bear.  I have bred to Diablo and his brother, Doctor, a few times and cannot be more pleased with what he gives me in my pups.  So much so that we have kept back Qi’ra and Maria 😉  Malta is the direct daughter of Candidate for INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION Rolex Von Hause Pista (Rik Darel x Fani Von Hause Pista) YOUNG CHAMPION OF SERBIA, ADULT CHAMPION OF MONTENEGRO, BALKAN CHAMPION, GRAND CHAMPION, 3x YOUNG WINNER, 3x YOUNG BEST OF BREED, JUNIOR BEST OF GROUP, JUNIOR BEST OF SHOW, 2x CAC; 2x CACIB!  I have been wanting to cross Lex lines on Rolex lines for awhile and I am stoked for this breeding.





“Titus” Guardian Urban Von Gottschalk

Titus is fitting in Great.  Loving his Big Barker Jr.

IMG-0742 (1)IMG_0970   Really great video of little Urban swimming with his big sisters <3

Hope all is well your way.
Just wanted to give a quick update on the pups.. Titus is Huge!!  5 months and 65 lbs!!
Ziggye and Makenzye are amazing!!! They All are extremely smart..
Starting intermediate  obedience  With Titus this month. Planning on Good Canine then therapy classes.
All three of them @ play date!

They sure do make their bed look small!!
Hope all is well your way!

Halloween 2019!

3 Guardian Rottweilers and their bff Gracie play ball <3

TITUS says good morning y’all


IMG_1442    IMG_1441

Just a couple pictures of the crew from school! I’ll be sending their Christmas pictures soon

First snow of the year

Just wanted to check in. Everyone is doing great!! Couple of pictures !
Hope all is well with you and your family!
Mandye and Keith

Makenzye playing with the other pups at school
Of course Gracye too! Just turned 11


Ziggye Titus Makenzye


Guardian Uziel Von Gottschalk

Everything turned out GREAT! He has been the center of attraction! Thank you so much for bringing joy back into our lives after Rocky’s passing I really appreciate you and your husband!
I attached some pictures…

Guardian Uber Von Gottschalk

 Hey, Alice!  We just wanted to reach out to you and tell you that our pups are great!!! Venm is definitely OUR dog. Very loyal to us, loves us, and is skeptical of anybody he doesn’t know. The way he should be. ? Rava is very Sweet, a great listener and very loving. All while being a great rough housing sibling for Venm.  Uber….let me tell you…this dude is a straight up DUDE!!!! Wow!! He is very impressive looking. Very!  Extremely calm and very playful.  
We are overwhelmed at his demeanor every single day!! 
They are all great!!!  Also, we have bought 10 acres of land for our family and will begin building our house soon.  
This is Joe , BTW.  One condition of moving to the “country” was that we could have more Rotts from you.  I believe Diablo is Uber’s Dad.  
Whenever you breed him again, we would love to be in consideration for another male from him.  
Also, we prayed for a great recovery for your son and your family.  You are blessed!   One day at a time and ?#controlwhatyoucan  Hope to talk to you soon. 
        Joe and Shannon
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