• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

F Litter: Montecarlo x Anja

Guardian Rottweilers F Litter
Sire: Montecarlo Vom Zica Maradona
(Diablo Timit-Tor x Masa Timit-Tor)
Dam: Anja Deus Dog
(Japanac Von Haus Drazic x Sindy Suny Day’s)
Pups born 05 August!


Anja’s babies born on 05 August 2020

“Moxie” Guardian Flicka Von Gottschalk

Hi Alice,
I must let you know what a special, wonderful, perfect and adorable companion my little Moxie is.  We are currently working on potty training.  The weather has not been cooperating with the rain, then all the wind yesterday, however she is doing her best.  I did not try during the cold rain.  I have potty pads in two different locations in the house and she has been so good about using them. After her breakfast, I have taken her out the last two mornings and she has gone potty and taken care of business just perfect.  We get up about 6:00 AM and she is ready to eat.  She has slept during the night w/o issues.  If I get up, I take her with me in the bathroom and she uses her potty pad.  We get back in bed and she cuddles up and goes right back to sleep.  As soon as we get in bed at night, she cuddles up and goes right to sleep.  She has not once cried for her little companions she was used to.  She is absolutely PERFECT. She did whimper for my grandson after he went home. She loved him and he loves her so much. Moxie went thru the house looking for him several times
I love my little Moxie so much and my family has fallen in love with her also. They can’t wait to introduce her to their fur babies. They understand about her needing all her puppy vaccinations. She goes to see my vet this coming Friday.
Alice, I can’t thank you enough for this priceless little companion. You are an awesome breeder and it shows in the quality of this wonderful breed. I  promise to love, cherish and protect this precious gift I have prayed for. God did answer my prayers.
I will stay in touch and keep you updated.  I have attached a picture and I hope it comes thru.
Thank you again and may God bless you and your family and keep you safe.

Hi Alice:
A quick message to say Merry Christmas to you and your family and wish you a Happy New Year. I pray you and you family will have a blessed new year with many more beautiful rottie pups to fill lives with happiness.
Moxie has all her puppy shots and is doing great. She is an amazing companion. She is absolutely beautiful and her little face is adorable. I love her so much and she has brought so much happiness into my life. Everyone that has met her falls in love with her. I had to share this picture with you, as you can see she still has that darling little face. She is growing so fast and is learning new things. We are working on walking with a leash.  I have a harness for her as I feel she is more secure.
Please take care and again, I wish you and your family the best for the holidays.
I can’t thank you enough for my precious Moxie.

Hi Alice:
I wanted to send you an update on my precious Moxie. She was sitting in the yard watching the birds fly over when I took her pic. She is such an awesome companion for me.  We had been working on walking on a leash and some simple commands and she was doing so well. Tragedy hit my family the day after Christmas and I have not been in the frame of mind to do much lately. The most important thing is her loving and compassionate companionship right now. I do not know what I would do if I did not have her.  My son, who was 53 suffered a massive heart attack and passed away. He had no previous known heart issues. It has been such a shock to our family. I am devastated and so broken hearted. Moxie has been so much comfort for me.
I will keep you updated on Moxie and I promise I will get back to her training soon. She has had all her shots and is growing so fast and is healthy.  She is loved by everyone that meets her and they all tell me how beautiful she is.  Her little face is so adorable, as you can see in her pic, that has not changed. I love my precious little Moxie so much and I have to thank you once again for your wonderful compassion and commitment to this awesome breed.
Regards and please take care and stay safe.


Good morning Alice:
I hope and pray all is well with you and your family.
I took this pic of Moxie yesterday afternoon and wanted to share with you.
It has been awhile since I have updated you on my precious Moxie.  She is celebrating her birthday today.  She is  BEAUTIFUL and so very loved by everyone she meets.  She way spayed a couple of months ago and is doing so well. She is still full of puppy energy but is well behaved.  She does not destroy things and has not been crated for several months when left alone. I have moved in with my daughter and have sold my home.  Moxie now has a bigger yard to play in and she has a constant playmate.  My daughter has a little beagle and they are inseparable. Moxie has adjusted well to the move. She loves my daughter, this is the daughter you met when I first met my sweet girl. I am still grieving over losing my son, however, moving in with my daughter has helped and having my precious Moxie by my side is extremely comforting. I thank you once again for all you do with this magnificent breed. Moxie is loved so much and I am so glad I have her in my life.
Thanks again for my precious Moxie.
May God bless and keep you and your family.


Guardian Fable Von Gottschalk
good evening!

little update on miss fable: she is now Philomena, most often called Mina. we had our vet appt this morning and are weighing in at 10.4 lbs and everything is looking good!

we started crate training the first night and did we ever hate that!  who knew something so little had such large lung capacity 🙁   we also cannot tolerate not being within direct eyesight of the human, and would prefer to be directly underfoot. or sitting on the foot. definitely a people puppy! slowly but surely we are working on having a little space.

night two went a little smoother!  oh, and zero accidents thus far!  she has picked up potty training very quickly!

first picture is from the ride home, second is about what all the other pictures i have of her look like ?

hope everything has been going well with the rest of the F and G litters going home.


good morning alice!

we got absolutely dumped on with snow here in the cleveland, ohio area yesterday, and it was the first real snow that guardian fable (philomena) got to experience!  i love this goofy little girl so much, and i am already telling myself i can get another one – but i have to wait three years. lets see how much self-restraint i have here!

here is a short little video clip of it:

hope everything has been going well for you and the rest of the family!  it has been so weird not getting the occasional pupdate now.  happy holidays incase i dont talk to you until after the new year!

and then of course the cat said, “i need a picture, too!”

thank you for letting me have this little (and rapidly growing) lady in my life. and for kind of talking me into getting a female!

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