• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

G Litter: Aron x Qi’ra

Guardian Rottweilers G Litter
Sire: Aron Timit-Tor
Dam: Guardian Qi’ra Von Gottschalk
Pregnancy confirmed via ultrasound!
Pups due beginning of August!

I really cannot put into words how giddy I am for this breeding!!  Both of these Rottweilers are just absolutely exceptional ambassadors for the breed.  Ethan has raised and trained Qi’ra so well and her temperament is bullet proof!  Ethan has been there for Qi’ra from the moment she was born, just as he sat with me all night with Isis when Qi’ra’s mother, Guardian Illusive Von Gottschalk, was born, and snuggled up in my lap 9 years ago to welcome Qi’ra’s grandmother, Guardian Isis Von Gottschalk.  Three generations of just some of the most incredible Rottweilers with the absolute best temperaments.  Isis has raised and trained her granddaughter, and I cannot wait for her to meet her great-grandbabies!  Aron Timit-Tor also has simply the best temperament.  I can trust him in any situation and know he will make mama proud.  Aron is a massive male- 131 pounds, but if you think his head is big, you should see his heart.  This will be a line breed on Doctor Timit-Tor (he will be the grandfather on both sides of the pedigree for the pups).  I am expecting beefy meatheads with balanced, biddable personalities.  But to be clear, the line for this litter starts BEHIND me!

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