• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

N Litter: Marsio X Ajsa

Guardian Rottweilers N LITTER
Sire: Marsio Ri Mobby Dick
Dam: Ajsa Se Ungo-Rot


International Champion                                     Candidate for Int. Champion
Marsio Ri Mobby Dick                                         CH. Ajsa Se Ungo-Rot
HD-FREI, ED+/-                                                     HD – B ( +/- ) ; ED – 1 ( +/- )
CH YOUNG SCG06                                                BH; IPO – I
CH ADULT BULGARIA 06                                 CH YOUNG SCG ’05
CH ADULT SERBIA 07                                        CH YOUNG MACEDONIJA ‘0
CH ADULT MACEDONIJA 07                           chip no : 968000002784467
CACIB Athens GREECE 08                                CH ADULT BULGARIA ’06
V15x, Youth Winner 2x, CACIB 6x,                 CH ADULT SERBIA ’09
R.YOUNG BOG, BIS III PLACE                         2 x C.A.C.I.B. ; 9 x C.A.C. ; 2 x B.O.B.

“Rocky” Guardian Nitros Von Gottschalk
He is the best pup ever!  Doing super!  He is very social and has met all my neighbors and half the family.  Rudi loves wrestling with him…but Rocky (my husband changed his name because he likes rocks) already beats him 😉  He is doing really good with his potty training and I’m teaching him sit.  
Thanks for a wonderful addition to the family Alice!!!!

Hey Alice,
Rocky is doing great!  Growing like a weed!  He has already gained 4 or 5 lbs.   I love his huge paws – they are the cutest thing ever…well that and his super sweet face!
I had a our dog trainer Dave over at the house yesterday and he said he was one of the most beautiful Rotts he had ever seen (well duhhh 🙂  He’s really smart, really tough, and really sweet.  He wags his tail at everything!!!
He’s doing great on his potty training…and is much better at not nibbling.  He loves tug of war with Rudi and never gives up!
Just wanted to let you know he’s doing awesome!  We are getting some family pics taken Sept. 10 (with my big prego belly) I’ll make sure I send some along.
🙂 cheers

Just wanted to give you a Nitros (Rock bear) update.  He’s over 80lbs (as of a few weeks ago). And is filling out amazing!  He is going to look just like his dad (but a little darker)
He is the sweetest dog (I have to give him a 20 minute snuggle/kiss session in the morning and at night).  He is getting a little heavy to sit on my lap and I can’t really move him anymore – lol.
He is so tough…invisible fence does nothing to him so I decided to get him trained by the professionals (and to train me).
Lorenzo’s Dog Training is the best place in Cleveland.  Lorenzo trains all the police and service dogs here and he is recommended by over 20 vets.  
They specialize with Rotties (my trainer owns a Rottie who Rocky sleeps with at his home at night).  
He has been there a little over a week (we have been out to work with him) and he is so happy!  He has great drive and loves training!
They want to try schutzhund training with him and i’m not too sure.  He is still to young to do a lot of it but I did let the teach him the “pre-bite” which is basically a look really scary and bark and growl command.
Well Rocky did it in 1 day and loves it (he has never once growled at our house – so i didn’t think it was for him).  I’m not sure about the protection training, is it too mean?  Or do Rotties love it?  can you give me your opinion?  
JD (one of the trainers) is very familiar with your dogs (he loves Ajsa) and Rocky loves him so I know they are good trainers (i checked all the references and did a thorough interview)…but I’m not sure.
Hope all is well

ps. my son is going to be as big as my rottie baby (he is over 17lbs at 3 months)…i’m surrounded by huge boys!

Hey Alice,

Hope you are having a great summer!  Rocky is doing super, he swims every day (and loves it).  He is the most beautiful dog ever.

I also thought about changing his name to Shadow since he seriously follows me everywhere (i’m always safe).  It is so nice to have him when my husband is gone.  I have never felt safer (especially when Travis tried to sneak in the room at 5am when he got back from the west coast…big mistake, but no one got hurt).

He is also the biggest lap dog ever!  I swear he is the sweetest goof ball ever, but man is he scary when he does protection work.

Thanks in advance,


If you ever breed Buffy and Mariso you let me know 🙂

Hey Lady,

Hope you had fun in Germany!  Rocky is doing great.  He is such a goofball and I love it.
He is so good with Blake (Blake pretty much rides him around the house – pulls his ears and Rocky just licks him).
The best is when my husband gets out of bed in the morning, Rocky jumps in with me.  I know i’m probably detraining him, but he sure does give the best rottie snuggles (and snores too).
PS If you post this photo make sure you don’t crop out the photographers name 🙂

“Thor” Guardian Nigel Von Gottschalk
We ran into Noah (Nigel’s brother) at Petsmart!  He’s a great dog!  (small world)  Here are a couple of pics of Thor.

Guardian Noah Von Gottschalk
Hello Alice.
Hope all is going well with everything.  Just wanted to give you an update on “Noah”.  And finally send some pics.  He just started his Intermediate puppy classes.  He is so well behaved. (well for a rotti puppy:) He gets used for “demo” dog in class. Well, I hope you enjoy the pics.  Take care










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