• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

H Litter: Diesel X Serenity

Guardian Rottweilers H LITTER
Dam: Serenity Von Gottschalk


Vincent DIESEL Von Gottschalk            Ch. Serenity Von Gottschalk         
AKA “Superman”                                          Sire: Jenecks Premo 
Sire: Fox Crni Lotos                                    Dam: Storma Jean Von Sederhaus
Dam: Mandy Vom Hennekamp              Born:  20 Dec. 2005     

AKC # WS02047704                                    AKC #  WS15501507                     
DNA # V442917                                             CHIP # 49736D7B29
V Rated                                                             OFA #  RO-68962F27F-VP1
CGC                                                                    CH. MACEDONIA 09
                                                                             CH. BULGARIA 09
                                                                             C.A.C. 4X
                                                                             MULTI-V Rated

We waited nearly 3 years for this breeding (Diesel X Serenity) and could not have been more pleased!  It was so worth the wait!  Just look at the gorgeous head and heavy bone!

“Ruger” Guardian Hudson Von Gottschalk
Owned by Ryan Wolk, the founder of The Watering Bowl
Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas and are having a great new year! I figured I would give you an update on Ruger. WOW. I have been around a lot of Rotts and have a couple of friends who have Rotts right now and if I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a thousand times…He is a good looking Rott with a great head! Now I know we are all partial to our own dogs, but when Ruger is next to Lola or Max (my friends Rotts) it is almost embarrassing how much of a difference there is…and they bring it up, not me!
This pic is from Thanksgiving, so throw another 15 lbs on him and you will have the present day Ruger. He turns 5 mths old on Jan 25 and already weighs in at 60 lbs!! He is just now coming around to being loyal to me. He follows me everywhere and hates to be away from me. He is so confident it is funny. When we walk, if another dog that out weighs him by 50 lbs barks at him, he is right up in their face! Not scared of anything! He is so full of energy that I have to walk him a couple miles a day just to keep him in ck…but that is fine, I enjoy it! As discussed, my last rott was the best dog I ever had. If
Ruger is half as good when he gets out of his puppy stage, I will truly have the PERFECT ROTT…in my mind at least!
Anyway, just wanted to ck in and let you know all is going well. Thanks again for creating such a good breed! Talk soon.

Hey Alice, Hope all is well! I couldn’t be happier with Ruger…other than his energy level is off the charts! But just this morning we were at the vet for his annual shots and my vet even commented on how great his personality is. Like I said, he is full of energy, yet he is so no threatening….even though he weighed in at 116 today…at 16 mnths old. So the Doc said it is time to get him off the puppy food. He goes to doggy day care 2-3 times a week. Completely cage free, so he just plays all day with the other dogs. Just a few weeks ago, they called me during the day to tell me Ruger was playing and a shitsu bit his ear and it was bleeding. I asked what he did after he got bit and they laughed and said he just took off after another dog and started wrestling around with him. So, the long and short of it is, I have a 115 lb rott pup that gets his [bum] kicked by a shitsu at day care!…but I wouldn’t want it any other way. This also goes to show what great temperaments your dogs have. Seriously, Ruger’s head is bigger than a shitsu. You and I both know what he could have done if he wanted to!  When I pick him up from day care, he is like a  wet noodle…completely worn out! On weekends, he gets to go on long hikes out in the woods off his leach…boy does he love that. And as you well know with rotts, the colder it is, the better they do! See the attached photo.
On another note, I brag on you and your business there all the time. As a matter of fact, I referred Jeff and Susan to you a few months ago. I know them through business and they just lost their rott, so I told them about Guardian Rottweilers. They are from Cleavland and she said they talked to you. Hope that works out.
Tell your family I said hello and have a Merry Christmas!

Hey Alice, Hope all is well. Just checked out your facebook page and added you as a friend to our pg, The Watering Bowl. You should check it out if you have time. After reading up, I’d say it sounds like you are a busy person right now. At any rate, our business is booming. After 16 weeks of business, we average about 20-25 dogs a day right now. And we are really pleased with this #! We have a few other rotts that come in, and all of them are awesome, but of course, I’m partial to Ruger. He is there almost every day and plays with 5 lb dogs sometimes and other times he plays with 150 lb dogs. Either way, he has the best temperament out there. And if you look at our fbook page, everyone comments about how beautiful he is…and I have to admit, he is awesome! And I won’t tell him what you said about his sis Halo on your pg…HAHA. But wow, she’s gorgeous! I attached a pic you might like. Add us to your favorites pg if you have time! Talk soon Alice!

Hey Alice, Sorry for the delay in my reply! You are the best! Thank you so much for putting the link to TWB up on your fbook pg…and for putting Ruger up. I really couldn’t be any happier w/ him. You know I did my research on where I wanted my next boy to come from…at least 40 hrs on computer and ph talking to breeders. I’ve seen many other Rotts and none of them even compare to Ruger when it comes to looks and head. And if you recall, he had a little patch of white on his chest as a pup and that’s completely gone now. But what the real difference is w/ Guardian vs the others is you. I work with many small biz owners for their group retirement plans and have for 11 yrs now. And you know what the successful ones all have in common? Passion for their business. You my friend have that and it shows through. You produce some of the best looking pups out there, but take pride in your work. Keep it up!

You know w/out a doubt, you have a life-long customer in me. However, since Ruger Rott is going to live to be 30, I’ll only need you every once in a while! In the mean time, I will continue to sing your praises!


Hey Alice, Hope all is well. Thought you would like this pic of Ruger Rott. He has matured into the Rott I knew he would with such awesome parents. Still has the best temperament around, but he looks big and scary! He is now 2 1/2 and weighs in at 125. I want to keep him pretty lean if I can, so I was wondering if you ever found a top quality food. Last we talked you were looking at a switch. I still feed him Royal Canine. So let me know when you have a sec what food you use these days…much appreciated.

BTW, The Watering Bowl is doing great. We get 50-60 dogs per day now and we are a few mnths out from opening our 2nd location in StL. Couldn’t be happier with it!


Hey Alice, Hope you’re doing well! The MGR of The Watering Bowl keeps Ruger for me when I travel and always takes pics and emails them to me when I’m on the road. This is one that I just had to send to you. He is such a beautiful dog. Anytime I take him with me somewhere, people have to stop and ask a/b him. He’s such a beast of a dog, yet when he has someones attention, the numb of a tail starts going and he get’s so exited! I really enjoy him Alice…what an awesome dog from awesome parents…and let’s not forget, an awesome breeder.

BTW, have you heard of Ballard Hause Rottweilers? I looked at 1 of her dogs prior to finding you as she is in StL. Well, she has now moved her operation out to the country…here in Ste Genevieve where I grew up and now have an office. She was a nice enough person, but her stud at that time wasn’t NEAR as impressive to me as Diesel Dog. But anyway, I just wanted to know if you know her, and if so, what you think.

Again, hope you and yours are doing well. Talk soon!




Guardian Heidi Von Gottschalk
Just letting you know that I have my husband crying with Heidi on his lap, there was an immediate attraction it was really strange.  She is soo attached to him, and he her.  It’s like they’ve been together forever. When I first came home from work, she immediately went into guardian mode! I took the rest of our pack out for our usual walk, then came back.  Eventually she came over, curious and started to see who I was.   We are fine now, but David is her pack leader!  That’s how it should be, but Tica, our Jack Russel is very upset.  She will get over it though.  Thank you for our beautiful girl, she is extremely intelligent and we love her very much!  I’ll let you know how the vet visit goes tomorrow!  – Susan, CT

Wanted to update and let you know that Heidi and Tica are inseparable! Heidi is now spayed, I also had her stomach anchored to the lining of her body cavity (to help prevent bloat). She is recovering beautifully! She now weighs 46lbs. I call her my mini rotti! We sent you pictures of our whole pack at Christmas with Christmas wishes, but they were forwarded from my daughters e-mail,She is best friends with my daughters greater swiss mountain dog who is 7 months old and a mere 85lbs! so you might not of recognized the address. Hope all is well with you and your family. We are very happy with our baby and can’t thank you enough for your great breeding and the love you put into them. Heidi sends her love and kisses! – Susan, CT



Guardian Hannah Von Gottschalk
Like many of us Susan and her daughter Teresa have found that Rotties are like chocolates–you can’t have just one!  After they took Dagan home (an amazing import we brought back from Germany with us out of Int. CH. Marsio Ri Moby Dick and CH. Ajsa Se Ungo-Rot) they came back and got Hannah (Diesel X Serenity).  We are so proud of how well both of these great dogs are doing and the exceptional care all of you give our babies.

  Happy thanksgiving!
  Just wondering if you got the photo of Hannah that I sent you.
  Took her to work with me for two days. She needed the socialization. Everyone was so good with her. She did great! We played in the rock and sand piles. She even started retreiving for me. I am so proud of her. I was in the water truck and had nothing to do but sit most of the time so we had a lot of time to play! She figured out that when I pushed in the clutch that it was time for her to go to the other side of the cab and sit and stay out of the way. she did that on her own. too darn smart!
 Dagan, well, he is such a good boy. He will hide his toy from Hannah and then come and see what it is that she is doing and then go back and get toy and continue playing. His intelligents is almost spooky! Man. Hannah is a smart girl too, she is just younger. I’m sure she will catch up to him soon! I take them for 2 mile walks every day that is nice enough for me. We have been going a lot! They do pretty darn good. You would be so proud of your kids. I love them both so much.
I can’t thank you enough for the dogs. I’m so glad I found you!
Hugs and Kisses for all!

Dagan has a new game! He plays it by himself. He drops a tennis ball down the stairs and retrieves it and goes back upstairs and drops again! He started this one by himself. Teresa is very amused.
  Smart as he is he doesn’t like this ice. He doesn’t want to go out to potty. He charged down the front stairs only to find himself sliding across the lawn. I have started taking him and Hannah out another door. Working out for them a little better. Hannah goes fine out of any door. Not Dagan. I don’t think he likes being watched! LOL. He is a stitch!
   Better go. Church won’t wait for me!
  Love, hugs and kisses!

I just watched the slide show of Diesel and Ethan… I have tears running down my face. What great love that dog has. Those pics really moved me. Wow.



Guardian Hemi Von Gottschalk
We were so sad to hear when our little Hemi was hit by a car, and we are so happy that he is doing so much better!  Thanx for the update Julie!

Hi Alice. I just wanted to send you a few pictures of Hemi from this summer. He is doing great and is such a delight and wonderful addition to our family. I have told you before that Richie traveled for work and since we have had Hemi I do not find myself being scared or freaking out at the little sounds at night anymore. He doesn’t seem to have a mean bone in his body but I know if it ever came down to it he would protect us. When our daughters are in the front yard playing he is right there with them and if someone walks by he just stands right next to our girls and watches the people pass. If he notices our youngest one walking to the side of the house where she is out of sight he herds her back to the front. Even
though he is younger, he is their big brother. He is a very confident and loving dog and we are truly blessed to have him as a part of our family.

Hemi’s leg has finally healed completely. He still has a couple pins in it that they could not remove but he is back to normal and has no restrictions. That was a long process and he was confined to his kennel for 4 months of his 1st year. He already had learned most of his manners before the accident but all of that was put on hold for a long time so we still have a few things that needs to be worked on. The biggest thing is chewing. It doesn’t matter if he has 10 chew toys laying next to him. He would rather chew our fence, cabinet, hoses, kid toys, etc. The bitter apple stuff did not work for him. Do you have any suggestions on things we could try?

We travel to California a lot to visit family and Hemi always goes with us. My sister and soon to be brother in law have fallen in love with Hemi. They have been talking about getting a Rottweiler (they already have a Corgi and a Border Collie) and they just bought a house with an acre of property. I told them that they have to get a Guardian Rottweiler and they agree. Do you have any litters planned to be ready around March/April?

Well I hope you enjoy the pics and are doing well. Hope to hear from you soon.

Take care,

Julie Cox



“SERENA” Guardian Haley Von Gottschalk

I wanted to let you know how your little puppy has met all of my expectations. It feels like it has been a week already–she had been a part of every moment this weekend, that includes my whole family. My nieces and nephew have been carrying her around and showering her with kisses and I finally decided on her name and I wanted to share it with you. Just so you know, all of my dog’s name have typically been focused on food or something funny, but after spending some time with her, she was so NOT a cartoon name. I think she put her tongue on every human being she could get a hold of from Indianapolis to Chicago and because of that I thought it would be more than appropriate to name her after her mother (with a little twist to show her individuality)–I have decided to name her Serena–a name that will fully express the special similarities between the two and also remind me of where she came from….truly special.

Also, I wanted to make sure that you knew your goal of instilling confidence in your puppies has been demonstrated at least a couple of times that I saw. When she arrived home she looked more like her father than at any other time as she walked the perimeter of my condo with her chest stuck out and her head held high–then she attacked the stack of toys that she was given over the course of two days. Oh yeah, before I forget, she barked this morning- when she heard some noise around the condo–she stood straight up and gave a few loud barks and even a little growl (only a Rott owner knows how special this is) this was only about 5 hours after she got home….I certainly was not expecting she would be so responsive so quickly–for instance, she plays fetch (?) wow.

So, this will be the first of many emails keeping you up to date on Serena’s development and our life together. Hopefully, I can get a digital camera soon–but in the meantime, I will send you photos. Thank you once again for everything, my house once again feels like a home.

Catherine, IL

Happy New Year! I wanted to drop you a line to tell you how well our little girl is doing. She is growing up to be a very smart, sweet and gentle little giantess 🙂 I thought this would be a good time to let you know how she has completely embraced socialization and how wonderful of an experience it has been. As you are aware, my previous Rottie did not have the benefit of being around children at a young age so my little nieces and nephew were not able to benefit from the special relationship I believe you can only experience from this breed. I vowed to make this a different experience for my little teenie-weenie and I think the picture says it all. She loves kids and especially loves our young family members. She guards over them even though she herself is still little and at the same time she can be a kid herself (we call her the forth musketeer!) Thank you for all of the information on your website it has been helpful in planning what to expect and what is expected from us as the special parents of these little furballs. I also cannot express to the fullest how much I love her and how much joy she brings to my family and to everyone she meets. Still is truly special!

Happy New Year once again!

Warmest regards,

Thought it was about time for another update, first, I wanted to congratulate you on the beautiful litters you have had recently, the litter on your website currently made me laugh hysterically–that Yin is too much. Serena is getting big but is still a puppy at heart and still a fireball—she loves to run and loves to socialize—the latest is with our newest addition to my family’s pet population—-ducklings. She is very curious about everthing and quickly realized she could kiss (or taste from the duckling perspective) the ducklings but not touch with her paw (one loud yelp from the crowd taught her that.) So, I have attached some recent photos for you;  at least you can be rest assured that I am taking socialization quite seriously.
 I hope you and your family are well and I cannot wait to see Serenity’s litter. Take care
Warmest regards,

First of all, I love your website and I have been keeping up with all of the recent litters and–they all look so amazing. It reminded me that Serena is coming up very quickly on her one year birthday, tomorrow she is 11 months and she is getting big but I still love on her like she is still a little 15 pound puppy. I haven’t gotten her weighed in some time but I believe she is over 90 pounds and growing. Speaking of her size, one humorous thing that happens often is Rott owners will stop and ask about her (because she is beautiful) and all of them will say, she is kind of small for a Rott isn’t she and I will ask them how old their furball is and it is always 2-3years old and when I tell them she is only 10 months, they flip–not just because of her size but moreso by her politeness (she took to training quite well.) They cannot help but notice her calm disposition and gentleness towards children and puppies. In addition, she also LOVES other dogs –we took her to the dog beach up here in Chicago by Lake Michigan and she gets the biggest kick out of running with the pack not to mention the excitement of swimming for the first time, that is another story, but let’s just say Rotties eyes can get pretty big when their feet come off the ground unexpectedly. All in all, we are having fun and I enjoy every moment with her. I cannot say there has been a day where I do not look at her and smile because she does something silly or I am not amazed by her intelligence. What can I say, I love my little girl. Thanks again for everything, I will send you pics of her one year birthday, I plan to do something special for her. Take care.

My little girl is 16 months old now and I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed this past year and a half. She is growing into a beautiful Rottie and gets complements on her calm disposition and intelligence all of the time. As she gets older I can see more of her mother coming out in her (she kisses more than ever) and she is quite the guardian. I do not know what it is, but she still changes when she gets around children, making herself smaller and is very gentle—my neighbors actually took pictures on their phone camera of Serena and their2 year old walking down the sidewalk together, Serena kept looking at her with her soft eyes and the little girl kept giving her goldfish crackers. I then honestly thought, THIS is what you are trying to do, challenge the stereotype, but I also realized since my neighbors were taking pictures like they just saw Bigfoot, we have a way to go. I have many more stories that I could share with you but you have probably heard them before–for instance how Serena watches over the children in our family and loves them without fail—it is an understanding by her look that they are her people so most will approach them carefully if at all–in this day in age where children get taken from their own front yard, we make no apologies–we love her very much (that is everyone in my family) and she loves us in return. I have attached a Christmas photo of Serena for your puppy photo collection, she is starting to really fill out now but still has such a puppy disposition. I will always end every note to you with heartfelt gratitude—she brings much joy to my home. Thank you again and I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas.

With sincere appreciation,

I have been wanting to touch base with you to tell you and Tahlia (and family) congratulations on Serenity’s achievements in Europe! Wow! Serenity has turned into one beautiful Rottweiler—she is much bigger than I remember her being and seems just as sweet as ever. Looking at your photos (which I often do over and over again) the one part that really got me was when you described the devotion your family and “team” have for your puppies–I could not have said it any better–the description you gave of how you cater to and love Serenity is exactly how Serena lives—loved completely and loved by all of her people completely.  You said clearly what I know to be true and I think you and the Guardian Rottweiler fan club get it—everyone else “just has a dog.” I wouldn’t have it any other way and, as always, I am truly grateful for such a special girl.

Thank you and congratulations again  !- By the way, when I was looking at Serenity’s photos Serena was in the background pouting (horse snorts) because I wasn’t paying attention to HER–she watches TV (animal planet is her favorite, seriously) so I know she saw that I was looking at photos of her “kind”—isn’t that something!
I will send photos soon!



I hope all is well. I wanted to touch base with you on what I believe to be a very special occassion, Serena’s (aka reenie poo) 2nd birthday (August 25th)! So much has happened since my last update that it would be impossible to include everything, however, one thing is for sure and that is Serena is still very special to me and to my family. She still impresses people with her calm disposition and makes people laugh (mostly her doctor) because she is so spoiled and certainly makes it clear that she knows her puppy rights—like, uhhh cutting my nails, yeah where is the treat? And what is an update without mentioning her “people,” my nieces and nephew whom she adores more each time she sees them—-she makes it clear that she loves them and to those looking in, I am sure it can be quite intimidating even though she has never displayed unprovoked aggression–on the contrary, she receives compliments all of the time for her lack of reaction or what we would call confidence. In addition to her little people that she loves, she would be upset if I did not mention her Grandma and her Uncle Craig and Aunt Nancy—all three have loved her without doubt since I brought her home. You know that saying “it takes a village?” Well, I was lucky enough to be surrounded by my family and friends who have loved her when I was not able to be around– and she loves them in return. So, that is a pretty short synopsis of the happenings the past two years–lots of hugs and kisses! I keep up on all of the new furballs on your website and they are all beautiful, but for me there is only one—thank you again for such a wonderful companion. These past two years has been so much fun–I am thankful for every day. As always, I wish you and your family the best. Take care


It has been a long time since I have touched base with you so I hope all is going well. I still look go to the website and look at all the beautiful puppies and read all of the families that have been touched by your little furballs, and it still makes me smile and remember that day when I picked up my own little girl–who, if you remember, you called Jamaica because you could not find a solid yellow string—just the jamaican colors–too funny. I tell the story of that day to anyone who will listen, it was such a happy day for me. So getting you caught up to today:  Serena is big. I thought she was done last year at 2 years old weighing in at 94 lbs, but I just got back from her puppiatrician (she has the same doc since she was a baby) and she weighs 105 lbs and eats like she is still not done. Her head is pretty good size (BIG) and her chest is also a pretty good size—she stops traffic here in Chicago all the time–everyone says how beautiful she is–I agree. She is still the same little girl that you would remember, very energetic, playful (still loves kids) and still very protective of her family but very appropriate about doing so. My nieces and nephew are still her people and don’t let me ever say the word “grandma” or “Uncle Craig and Aunt Nancy” (these are my neighbors who have “puppy-sat” since I brought her to Chicago) she loves them so much. As a matter of fact, she demands to see Uncle Craig and Aunt Nancy at least weekly—demand means she parks in front of their door and won’t move until they open the door. All in all,everything is really good. She is so special—thank you again–she will be three years old on August 25th–big girl territory!
Take care, I wish you and your family all the best.



I hope you and your family are well and had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Attached is photo of Serena full grown. I say that because she didn’t stop growing until almost 3 1/2 years ( she is 4 years old this past August) and now has a beautiful physique and weighs in at 118 lbs. She is quite the German Rott who gets noticed everyday for her beauty and consistent calm temperament.
Thank you for four years of smiles, hugs and laughter! 
All the best,
It has been a while! Hope you and yours are well.Serena turned 10 last month!!Hard to believe! I have loved her so much every single day.I wish i had only good news but literally the week after her 10th Birthday we find out she had a mass on her spleen and a lung mass. We had the spleen removed (it was benign!) but the lung mass in too invasive to pursue. So we are hoping for the best and hugging and kissing her as much as we can. We know we are coming to the end of a beautiful life. That being said, we have spared no expense to make her comfortable and she is now on a “whatever you want” diet. She’s happy, watches T.V., barks at the UPS guy, continues to be silly in the morning, flops like an NBA player if she doesn’t want to do something and enjoys the wind blowing on her face when we take her on her favorite rides.We haven’t given up and as long as she wants to be here (which is demostrated by her huge appetite) we will do what we can to work with doctors to try to make that happen without pain.So, although we know perhaps we are winding down, we are not bitter but, on the contrary, we feel so lucky to not only to have her but now to love her so much more as she makes her final journey.You never know!! She might surprise us all!!Right now she is waiting for her hot breakfast (chicken!)I felt like i needed to know.Thank you again for such an amazing companion.

Take care.



“Roxy” Guardian Helina Von Gottschalk
 Alice this is a picture of roxie. Tim and Becky Tolers dog. She has been a real smart dog. She unlocks and locks the doors here at the house. She even unlocks her cage when ever she wants. I would like to bring her over to see Diesel some day soon.










Guardian Halo Von Gottschalk

It is amazing to me how much these dogs become such a huge part of our lives.  Thank you so much.

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