• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

T Litter: Diesel X Chigra

Guardian Rottweilers T LITTER
Dam: Chigra od Sremcica


Vincent DIESEL Von Gottschalk                    Chigra od Sremcica
AKA “Superman”
Sire: Fox Crni Lotos
Dam: Mandy Vom Hennekamp

AKC # WS02047704
DNA # V442917
V Rated

This litter is very special for me.  Not just because my Diesel is the sire, but because of the heart and will of these pups.  When this litter was old enough to begin solid food, we were unfortunate to feed them some contaminated canned food (later recalled!)  The pups from Diesel and Chigra’s litter as well as the pups from Lucky X Hulda’s litter became deathly ill and were hospitalized in intensive care for more than a week.  Several required blood transfusions, and unfortunately, we lost some very precious souls.  It was a very difficult and heart breaking couple of weeks for us.  But for those that survived, aside from being behind in growth from their hospital stay, were full of life and full of personality.  Every single one had spark and they all captured a very special place in the hearts of all who have crossed their paths, including all the staff at the Animal Emergency Center.  We had to find extra special families for these extra special Guardian Rottweilers, and I think we have certainly done that!

“Bella” Guardian Takara Von Gottschalk
This has been one of my favorite adoptions.  I just love to receive the heartfelt e-mails from Jerry and I am so happy my Diesel daughter has such a loving home.

No force on earth could get little Belle away from me.  She is not only BEAUTIFUL but, she hasn’t winned one time and, has already shown she is a Rottweiler.  My neighbor, Tony, came over to see her and I was lying on the sloped part of my front yard with Belle.  There was a rabbit about 30 feet  from us and Tony put his hands on Belle’s face to turn her head towards the rabbit.  She shook her little face loose and, turned and took two steps towards Tony.  He just looked at me and said, “I guess you don’t have to worry about her!”
Belle loves my Uncle Howard but, after her first nap she came running over to me cause I was lying on the carpet.  And, she came up behind me and then crawled up my back onto my shoulder and gave me puppy kisses.  She has grabbed my pant leg as I walked away  from her – she just wants to be with me – it is so great.  I was worried she would be stressed and lost without her familar surrounings – Well, she has made a spot in the dinning room for her nap area and, when I put her bag of dog food down she smelled it and looked up at me – she was hungry.  She knows where her food and water are – and, she is at home.
My neighbor with the male Rott came over and inspected every nook and cranny on Belle.  He then said – this is a very nice female.  And, I am thinking, no, she isn’t very nice – she’s perfect!
Thank you, Alice – And, tell Tahlia I will send lots of pictures.
Jerry and Sue

Dear Alice and Family,
I will be taking pictures of Belle out in the field today and send to you as soon as I can.  She has been out there with me  at 5 AM and again at 8:30 AM.  It is so cute to watch her attack the taller grasses and, then freeze in place as she hears a new sound.  We have lots of birds and she was listening to a Robin this morning.
I forgot how much energy a puppy has!  Belle constantly wants to bite on my pant leg or hand and, when I get down on the floor she will not be deterred from attaching me.  She loves the feel of my beard and jumps right on me and will not stop until I let her play with the whiskers for a minute.  Initially, from the puppy pictures, I thought Belle was the submissive pup in the group but, if there is a puppy in the litter stronger and more determined than Belle – Oh, my, someone is going to have their hands full.
The only reason I can write this at this time is because she tired from attacking me.  And, I keep taking her outside and and  walk away from her and have her run to me.  She seemed a little awkward when we first ran outside but, she has acclimated herself very quickly, here.

Alice and family,
what a great reception I got when I woke up this morning.  Little Belle came away from her bed and stared up at me so I got down on the floor and the attack began.  She was so excited to see me that she was all over me!  I cannot believe how strong the bond has become so quickly.  Everyone in the neighborhood has stopped by to see Belle.  And, everyone says the same thing. “She is beautiful”.  The little girls that live a couple of doors down stopped by to hold and pet her as they were walking home from school yesterday.  The little girl I told you that gets so tired from the one block walk held Belle and she was such a little angel.  This little girl is sickly, too.  She is so thin doesn’t have a lot of hair.  Belle simply layed on her back and let her rub her tummy.  You should have seen the smile on the little girl’s face.  The older girl, Monica, said she was getting a new cell phone and wanted a picture of Belle for her screen saver.  And, adult neighbors came over and sat on the front lawn petting Belle.
Howard came over last night and sat with Belle for a couple of hours so I could get a little rest after taking my shot.  I could hear Howard laughing as Belle jumped all over him.  She has so much personality and energy.  I don’t know how you guys keep up with all the puppies.  When I pick Belle up she wants to be as close to my face as possible and, has even suckled on my ear lobe.  She is running faster and faster each day and, you should see how good she is on the stairs at the front door.
Belle will be going to Petsmat with Howard and me today.  I want to get her a medium size kennel for in the house and let her get used to meeting people.  We will keep you updated on Belle – but, for now know that she is ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’.  Even a couple of my neighbors commented on how much Belle wanted to be next to me.  She is absolutely wonderful.  She has not caused any trouble during the evening and, as soon as I got up I took her outside – she peed and she still has a very loose stool – but, she did wait til she got outside.
Tell Tahlia Belle is my ‘Serenity’.

Alice and Family,
Little Belle has certainly acclimated herself with her new surroundings quickly.  I took her out to the back field again this morning and, had her walk about one block before resting.  I had my video camera with me so, I will send it with the pictures when I return to work.  Right now I do not have an attachment for my digital camera to the computer.
There are not too many people who have not come over when I have had Belle in the front yard.  Surprisingly, Belle is just a calm, sweet puppy when she meets someone new.  But, she does know she is a Rott.  We played cards at my Mom’s house last night and Belle was just an angel.  My Mom gave her the bed she had for the cat I brought from California and, Belle took a quick nap.  When she woke I took her outside and she was very good.  Went to the bathroom right away.
When I brought Belle home last night at 10:30 PM I put her down in the grass to go potty, again.  It was so cute to see her standing tall and staring across the street.  It was my Uncle Howard leaving Mom’s house – He lives in an upstairs apartment next to Mom – Belle took a couple steps forward and barked at Howard.  (Just a Rott protecting her territory)
She is sleeping behind my chair right now.  She doesn’t let me get too far away from her.  Once agin, thank you for such a beautiful puppy, Alice.  I hope you can forward my email to the other people who got Belle’s sister and brother.  I would like to share email and photos with them.
Right now I am going to lay down and try to get a nap before she is up and ready to play.

Alice and Family,
For some reason pictures I have taken of Belle outside did not show up on the digital card.  I did not get any today because it was cool and raining and, little Belle doesn’t like to get her feet wet!
Today Belle took her first trip to the pet store.  I had been at Petsmart earlier in the day and purchased a very large kennel.  When I got home it was missing all the hardware and door – I returned the kennel and took Belle in for everyone to meet.  It was unanimous – Belle is beautiful!
One of the young ladies there is a dog trainer and she gave me some information regarding getting Belle into a training class and, then looking into therapy training.  I told her Belle had a real strong bite and needed something to chew on that would be good for her teeth and gums.  I got a few more ‘sturdy’ toys and, a black extreme Kong.  The young lady told me to fill the Kong with plain yogurt and some of her treats – then put it in the freezer.  I put the frozen Kong into the kennel and Belle went right in and chewed and licked that thing for a half hour.  She loved it.
I was in the living room watching T.V. earlier and Belle – well, she broke wind – twice.  I looked over at my wife, Susan, and told her to make sure I was notified the second Belle stood up from her nap.  A little while later she stood and, I grabbed her and headed out the door into the yard.  Within 30 seconds she was going poop.  The stool was a little firm and, I just told her what a good dog she was and picked her up to go back inside.  At the stairs, as usual, I put Belle down at the first step and I went to the door.  She came up to the second step and stopped – would not come to me.  She put her head under the railing and jumped to the ground below.  When I went down the stairs to check on her she was going to the bathroom, again.  This time it was loose – God bless little Belle for not making me clean up after her.  She has never been yelled at for going potty in the house.  I placed a bunch on towels on the floor where she had made a mess and, sure enough she went back to the same place.  All I had to do was hose of the towel outside and put it in the wash with all Belle’s towels and blankets.
One more question – Once Belle was done with her yogurt treat she went pretty crazy trying to get out of the kennel.  I was afraid she might hurt herself so, I let her out.  But, I need for her to be in the kennel when she is sleeping so she is safe at night.  What advice do you have?
My wife said she hasn’t seen me smile and laugh so much in months like I do everyday with Belle.  The little pup is smart and she looks you right in the eye when your speaking to her.
Now that I have the computer set up for pictures I will be sending you some – often.  I want you to be able to see her as she grows.
Have a great week and, a safe and happy move to your new home.

Alice and family,
I know everyone is busy but, I had to let you know how Belle is doing.
The past two mornings when she has woken Belle has whined until I came out of my bedroom.  She just stares up at me from my lounge chair (more of that later)  When I pick her up she gets so excited and gives me puppy kisses.  I take her out to the back field and she goes potty within a minute.  She knows her yard and home very well.  When I start to walk back to the stairs she runs past me and, races up the stairs, turns around and waits for me to open the door.
About the lounge chair – The family that built this house was a very good Christian family and, at 19 years old, I worked with Mr. Spork out at the Atlantic Richfield Refinery in Whiting, IN.  After he and his wife passed the house was put up for sale and I bought it because it is across the street from my Mother’s house.  The house had several items left in it – including two lounge chairs.  I told my wife we were keeping the chairs in the family room out of respect for Mr. & Mrs. Spork.  Anyway, one morning shortly after I brought Belle home, I found her sleeping in the chair.  I could not figure out how she got up there.  The next day I came out of my bedroom and saw how she was doing it.  The chair has 3 wooden spindles supporting the arm.  Belle stood up on her hind legs and then stepped up on the wooden lever that raises the footrest and crawled through the spindles to get to her new bed.  I imagine all of her litter mates must be pretty smart because she just amazes me.
It is going to be interesting when I finally take Belle to the basement and she sees she has another ‘house’ to play in.  I sent the kids a picture of my electric guitars – I wonder how Belle will react when I play them.
Belle spent most of yesterday with her new ‘Mom’.  Susie, my wife, called everyone in her family – 5 sisters and two brothers, to tell them she hasn’t seen me so happy in years.  She said her only regret is that we didn’t get a puppy sooner.  Susie has never let any of our dogs lick her face – well, Belle has pushed her way through Sue’s arms and got to her ear lobe…What a bundle of energy and joy.
She had her first vet visit and did not like having her temperature taken.  (101+)  She weighed 7.1 lbs. and her stool sample was good.  She is on the calendar for her rabies shot and has a vacination set up for next week – I think – I will have to look at her calendar.  While I was filling out the paper work for Belle’s file there was a woman holding Belle and just loving on her.  She told me Belle was the cutest Rott puppy she had ever seen.  When I was taken back to the exam room I learned that the lady with Belle was the vet – She checked Belle’s ears and commented that they were the cleanest puppy ears she had seen.  She also checked about every inch of Belle’s skin – same thing – cleanest puppy she had seen.
The only black mark on the day was when I placed Belle on the front counter to pay the bill.  Belle saw the doggie treats in a container and dove in.  One of the assistants pulled Belle back and when she tried to pick up some of the treats Belle had knocked out of the bowl Belle growled.  I have placed Belle on her back and cradled her head in my hands and held her until she quit fighting me before letting her up.  Then, I pick her up and give her kisses.  She makes me so happy.


I haven’t written to you in a while because I knew you would be so busy with your move.  My wife and I are simply amazed at how fast Belle has grown.  Susan even mentioned how muscular Belle is at her shoulders and rear end when she was standing up by the tub.  She is very good when getting a bath and, thinks it is a game when I dry her off.

Last night was the first night Belle did not wake me up during the night.  I actually was waiting for her to whimper a little as she usually does which means she has to go outside to go potty.  She was just sitting in her kennel waiting for me and, it was one of the few times she just wanted to be held and petted without biting.  The little girls that come over to see Belle never have been ‘chewed on’.  Belle is very gentle with the children but, when it comes to ‘Daddy’ she likes to go full speed ahead!

I think the long walks and running in the field have definitely made a difference in her strength.  She is just a bundle of muscle and energy.  She spent all day with me in the yard last weekend while I was trimming trees and bushes.  Of course, she wants to grab whatever I have in my hand so, the yard work doesn’t get done as quickly.  She has found her bark.  I was ignoring Belle the other night because she was so wound up and was playing too rough.  She got in her ‘stance’ and lowered her head and then started barking at me.  IT is amazing how many different sounds she can make.

Well, gotta get busy here at work.  Tell your family Belle is wonderful – so big and strong – everyone is amazed at how much she has grown and, her face and markings are beautiful.  We will be having family over this weekend and I will have pictures to send to you.

Thank you so much for my wonderful Rott!


Here is Belle on June 20, 2010 (my birthday).  She is 17 pounds at 3 months old and, she has been wonderful with all the company.  She has never had any ‘people’ food and does not bother anyone when they are eating.  She ran around and greeted everyone at my party and my only problem is making sure no one trys to ‘steal’ her.

When I came home from work today I took Belle out to go potty and run in the field.  The first thing she saw was two little girls and their mom walking down the alley.  She walked over to the girls and layed down on her back to get her belly rubbed.  She was so gentle with the kids – not rough like she is with me.  Her coloring is absolutely perfect – just what I hoped for.  

Her tummy is warm and she likes to lay on the ceramic tile in the bath room.  Is it normal for their tummies to be warm?

I have seen every dog you have on the internet and, it seems all your ‘clients’ feel the same about their puppy.  I couldn’t part with Belle for anything.  She helps me start my day off with kisses and love and helps take the days stress away when I come home from the office.  Even Susan gets down on the floor and plays with Belle and, she has never done that with any dog we have owned.

I hope you and your family are doing well with the move and, I do want to come see you next year with Belle.

One last thing, Alice, a favor.  I want some good pictures of Diesel, Chigra and Belle’s grandsire and dam.  Can you send me some via email?  I want to print them out and place around a picture of Belle.  I would really appreciate it.

Best Wishes,
Jerry and Belle

Alice and Family,

I hope the move is long over for you and things are getting a little less hectic for everyone.  Looking forward to seeing some pictures on the internet.

I have attached a few pictures of Belle.  She had a visit to the vet’s this morning for her rabies vaccine and, the whole staff just loved her.  I took her into the exam room and placed her on the table, which also weighs her.  She is a solid 24 lbs.  Belle just loved on the young assistant never doing any biting but, when the vet came in she wanted to play more aggressively.  He said she should be losing her baby teeth soon and, I told him she had lost two from the bottom front.  He asked me how she was at home when someone came over.  I told him she give s a warning bark when she hears someone outside the door.  And, if I ignore her when she wants to play she will bark at me.  I let him know that when we walk around the block she is so gentle with children – the smaller the child the more gentle she is.  She will lick the kids hands and roll on her back to have her belly rubbed.

Anyway, as we talked the vet kept petting and examining Belle.  Then, he bent over and got right in front of her and let Belle give him a puppy kiss.  Then he hugged her and said I should give her one more parvo shot – he recommends this for Rotts.  Can you let me know the name of the medication so I can call the local tractor supply to see if they have it?

Have you received pictures of Belle’s sisters or brother?  I would love to see them and add to Belle’s photo album.  She looks a lot like Chigra but, her markings are dark (just the way I love it) like Diesel.  She is, in my opinion, very strong for only 16 weeks old.  She has started to be more independent outside.  If she sees the neighbor across the alley while we are out by the garage she will run over there and act like she doesn’t even hear me calling her back.  But, I don’t want to do anything to change her personality and desire to greet her ‘friends’.

My wife is simply amazed at how attached Belle has become to me.  She tells me that Belle will stand at the door and whimper when I leave for work. Belle then goes to her spot at the fireplace and lays down and and ‘sulks’.  When I come in the door she is all over me.  She gets so excited that she sometime piddles.

Hope all is well at your new home.  And, Liliana (Bella) can you take some pictures of Diesel and send to me?  I love looking at the pictures you take of the puppies.

Jerry and Belle

Alice and Family,

Just a quick update on Belle…At 18 weeks she weighed 30 lbs and has an absolutely beautiful coat.  I took her to my Mom’s house yesterday afternoon and five kids from next door came out to meet her.  She was so gentle with them and they gave her some treats that I had with me.  I did tell one of the girls to be careful because sometimes Belle gets a little excited and jumps on people.  The little girl said, “That’s O.K., she isn’t very big anyway.  Well, I thought Belle was pretty good size but, then the girls mom brought out their male Rott, Bubba.  He is one year old and is massive.  I didn’t have my camera with me but, I will get a picture of Belle and Bubba this week.

Last week I was sick and had to go to the emergency room at the local hospital.  Belle stayed in my room with me and, if I got out of bed she followed.  She can be such a sweet and loving little girl.  She also more energy than any pup I have ever seen.  We go out to the field every morning at 5 AM and she is off and running.

I can’t thank you enough for such a wonderful addition to our family.


Dear Velasquez Family,

One of my neighbors was petting Belle the other day and commented on how big and strong she was getting.  And, everyone comments on her color and markings.  The neighbor just loves Belle – says she is the best young dog he has ever been around.  Then, he asked me what made  me choose Belle.  I simply smiled and told him I had the fourth pick for a female pet.  When the pictures of the litter came out  I made a list of of the puppies in the order I would want them.  Tristan was my first choice and, to be honest, Belle was my fourth choice.  He asked why I had Belle as my fourth choice.  I told him all the puppies in the litter looked very much alike but, in Belle’s picture there was something about her eyes that made me thing she was headstrong.  Anyway, Belle ended up being my choice because the families in front of me took took my first three choices.  (I have wondered if Belle was one of the dominant pups)  The neighbor said , “I think you were lucky to get Belle”.  And, I can only say I look forward to everyday to play with her.

When I took Belle to the vet the assistant petted her back and said, “Looks like we have a little perm going on here”.  Belle’s coat has some wave down the middle of her back.  I absolutely love her coat.  It is so silky and shinny.  Almost everyone that meets her comments about how beautiful her coat is. Some ask what kind of dog food I feed her.  A quick little story – Two days ago my mom, uncle Howard, sister Roberta and my mom’s neighbor all had a yard sale across the street from me.  I had to go to the store so Uncle Howard tied Belle’s leash to a small tree near my mom’s porch.  A lot of people stopped and, there were several kids.  My uncle told me Belle never barked once – she just sat in the shade and watched everyone.  And, a couple families asked what we wanted for the dog!  I told Howard no one has enough money to buy Belle from me.  Anyway, when I got back from the store I sat down on the lawn next to Belle and a small boy about 5 years old walked up to me and asked, “Does your dog bite?”  I told him she loves little boys and he knelt down in front of her and petted her.  Belle licked his hand and I told the boy she only does that to people she likes.  He put his hand back down in front of Belle and she licked it some more.  Uncle Howard (he is the one that came with me to pick up Belle) came over to me and said the boys grandmother didn’t want him by Belle.  Before I knew what to do the woman was walking towards me and Belle.  She said she had a Rott / Doberman mix and she has a tendency to snap at the kids, so she preferred I didn’t let her grandson pet Belle.  I explained that I understood her feelings but, I assured her Belle was very gentle with children.  I told her about Diesel and your children and she looked down at Belle and said, “What a beautiful coat she has.  Can I touch her?”  The little boy’s grandmother bent down and started petting Belle.  She was amazed at the texture of Belle’s coat.  She let her grandson stay by Belle until she was finished looking at the yard sale items.

Uncle Howard has had major medical problems for several years.  He has suffered greatly from depression and, the entire family has had concerns about his well being.  Howard has gained a couple pounds and has come out of his apartment to socialize once again.  He seems to be doing much better health wise and, the difference in his life has been Belle.  He comes over several times a week to take her for walks and play with her.  Next to me Belle loves Howard the most of all my family.  I believe she has given him new hope and energy.

My last story – My wife said. “I’ve never seen a Rottweiler that had a wave in it’s coat.”  I told her only a chosen few Rott’s had this trait. She asked me where Belle got it from and I told her, “Belle just happens to be one of the chosen one’s.  She rolled her eyes and said, “Well, I just hope it stays this way.  She said Belle’s coat just glistens out in the sun.  So, I rolled my eyes…

I hope all is well for everyone and wish Diesel could meet Belle.  She has gotten so big and, she now knows I cannot catch her in the yard any more.  She will have something in her mouth and I will walk towards her to see what it is – she will let me get about 5 feet from her and she ‘turns & burns’.  The little lady can run!


Alice & Family,

Today is my wife, Susan’s birthday and, she is with her five sisters on their yearly vacation.  She will be disappointed that she wasn’t hear today because both of the needle sharp lower (front) canine teeth came out.  And, today Belle is 5 months old.
I started an email to you about an hour ago to inquire about Belle’s lower canine teeth.  She hasn’t  wanted her hard treats when we go outside and, when she did take one she had difficulty chewing it.  She wasn’t as playful.  I sat down on my lounge chair and picked this 43 lb. miniture Rott up and craddeled her against my chest and left arm like I did when she came home with me.  She always shows her teeth and makes high pitched squeals (or barks) because I usually have a chew toy she pulls on.  I saw that her adult canines were about 1/8″ long on the inside of her baby teeth.  The last time I checked her I didn’t notice the teeth being loose.  I felt the right one and it was loose so, I took a small cloth and pulled on the tooth.  Belle just sat there.  I couldn’t get a good grip so I got a pair of needle nose pliers and sat Belle down again.  But, I did have my brother come over from my mother’s house (across the street)  to hold her collar.  The tooth took a little bit of a strong pull because I wanted to take it straight out – didn’t want to twist or bend over.  The tooth came out and Belle wanted to play with my brother.

I took Belle to my mom’s house to see my sister, Robin, and her two daughters and my brother’s granddaughter (Whew).  My sister, Robin, wanted to see where the tooth had been but Belle was too excited to sit still.  I went to lower her lip on the left side to show Robin the other baby tooth and Belle turned her head into my hand to chew on my finger.  When I said, “no bite” she turned her head away from me and my finger was on the canine.  It bent all the way over and was loose in her gums.  There was a little blood and because she was trying to get my fingers out of her mouth I lost the tooth.  We all figured she had swallowed it but, I wasn’t going to just give up.  I told Robin to look around her on the carpet and, there it was!  I have both of them!  And, Belle, well let’s just say her ‘drive’ is back!  I had to put her out in the front yard because she kept jumping up on my arm to play.  I may have to put one of the teeth back in so she will settle down.

This Belle story is one of my favorites so far.  I had Belle out in the field at 6 AM Tuesday morning for our regular walk before going to the office.  After a half hour I called Belle and turned back towards the house.  Belle was still in the field about 150 feet away.  When I was about 6 feet from the basement door I turned and saw Belle was trotting home.  Suddenly she stopped, lowered her head and widened her stance as she stared at me.  She then came running in ‘attack’ mode.  When she about 20 feet away her whole rear end started wagging.

You see John, my late sister Tina’s husband, had slept in the basement bedroom.  He had just come out the basement door and had crouched down to use a soda can on the ground as an ashtray.  I guess all Belle could see was someone moving behind my back.  She was charging at John.  I truly believe she thought I was in danger.  But, when she realized he was a friend she went into ‘love puppy’ mode.  I’ll never forget the moment.

The last thing – I had to retire the collar I got from you when I brought Belle home.  It opens big enough for her but, she is so strong she pulls on her tether in the front yard and it opens all the way.  I got her a new red and black one and, a new pocket digital camera.  I was missing too many great shots of my little girl.  I tried to send you some videos but, the email returned – I have to read the owner’s manual to see how to email the movies from the camera.

We will always have a connection because everything you have ever said about your love for Diesel I feel for Belle.  I would send you a movie of her on my lap and making her little barks but, I am making sounds at her and, that isn’t a pretty sight!

Thanks Again!

Dear Alice and Family,

Attached pictures.  Belle on the back porch (2) – Look at what she does to the couch and love seat!  She runs and jumps on one then jumps down and up on the other.  I have to fix the sheets and blankets t few times a day.

I have not been able to write more due to my work schedule and the fact that when I come home Belle acts like she hasn’t seen me for ages.  She gets so excited that it take several minutes before she calms down and lets me just hold her.  She greets Uncle Howard the same way Tuesday Through Friday when he comes over to ‘baby sit’.  Remember, in some of my earliest stories about Belle, I said that Howard was getting out more and looking stronger?  Well, Belle and I were out for our evening walk when we saw our neighbor, Tony, outside in his front yard.  Belle saw Tony and began pulling me towards him.  Howard came out of my Mom’s house to join us as Tony knelt down to pet Belle and rub her tummy.  Tony commented on how strong Belle was and Howard said, “I feel stronger than  have in years from taking Belle for walks and playing tug-of-war”.  I feel the same way – most days I walk a couple miles with Belle.  My neighbors still say ‘Hi Belle’ when they see us walking down the sidewalk.

There are numerous stories I want to share with you but, —- I just had to let belle in from the back yard and, once in the door, she took off running full speed into the living room where she grabbed a toy and jumped up on the and waited for me to come play.  I can’t get too much done because she always wants to play.  In the evening, if I ignore her she will actually give a little bark to get me attention.  Then the game is on…I’ll look at her and ask, “Are you barking at me?”  She gets more excited and will actually jump on my lap to force me to wrestle with her.

But, this letter is about an incident from last night.  –   I was preparing dinner, a simple meal of pork chops and macaroni and cheese.  I plugged in my George Foreman grill and put a pot of water on to boil.  I knew I had several minutes before the water would start to boil so, I went into the guest bedroom, which is now set up with my computer and guitars.  I started to practice a new blue’s lick on my Telecaster and then decided to try it on my Stratocaster.  I completely forgot about the kitchen and, pulled out my favorite guitar, the Peavey HP Special — (Oh, boy – Belle just came in here and jumped up on my lap to play.  It is difficult, at times, to get any computer work done with her awake.)

Anyway, last night as I was playing the Peavey guitar Belle started barking from the living room.  I figured someone must be walking by outside but, she kept barking until I finally came out of the room to see what was going on.  She was standing in the living room looking into the kitchen.  As I got to her I could smell the smoke!  When I plugged in the grill to heat it up I had forgotten that there was a breakfast steak still on the grill from the morning.  I prefer my steaks medium rare but, this one was pretty much a ‘crispy critter’ and, the water was boiling away.  

After turning on the exhaust fan and getting the steak off the grill I bent down to hug my precious little girl.  If she hadn’t got my attention I’m sure the whole house would have filled with smoke.  She was my little hero.  (when I call her my little girl it should be noted that she weighs a very solid 65 pounds.

Well, dear family, I have got to get back to Belle.  She is on the couch pouting because I am not paying attention to her.  I need to take her outside for a walk.  The only thing I would do differently about getting Belle  –  I would have gotten a second puppy so they could wear each other out!  

Best wishes and love,

Jerry, Susan, Howard & Belle

Dear Alice and Family,

It has been a while since I last wrote to you and shared stories and pictures of Belle.  Well, she is still beautiful and, still the best decision I have made in years.  She has added so much joy to our home and, the neighbors sill say, “Hi, Belle” when they see me out walking her.  We have new neighbors with children and when I cam home from work one day last week I was informed that Belle say the new children playing in their back yard and she went over to the fence.  The neighbor has a chain link fence between our properties and the kids were sticking their hands through to touch Belle.  She was licking away!  The mother had had met Belle earlier and felt safe letting the kids reach for Belle.

With Belle’s growing size and appetite for play she requires a lot of my attention.  And, I love it.  She knows my routine now when I leave for the day (work).  More times than not I find her sitting on the porch waiting for me to return home.  Her greetings are still as though she had not seen me for ages – takes a few minutes before she settles down.  But, I wouldn’t want it any other way.  I have raised her to be “herself”.  I didn’t want her to be the dog I thought she should be but, instead, the dog she was born to be.  And, everyone that meets her absolutely loves her.  

Door bell is ringing – Trick-or-treaters have arrived.  Gotta run – Belle and I are passing out the candy.

See attached photos.

Jerry & Sue  


To the Entire Velasquez Household,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  I had to write to tell you that I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have Belle.  We just came in from a walk out back in the field and Belle is now lying by my chair napping.  Last evening she and I went to my Mom’s house for dinner and opening some presents.  Belle is such a big baby – she had her face into every bag of presents that were brought in by family and placed by the Christmas tree.  She had a great time and got several gifts.
Anyway, I just wanted to tell everyone Belle is doing wonderful and rarely lets me out of her sight when I am home.  When I was sick a couple of weeks ago she refused to leave me while I slept.  I love her so much!

Best Wishes,

Jerry & Belle

Alice & Family,

I took another five containers of worms and a package of strawberries to Carol Baskas to help with Miracle’s feeding.  I was pleasantly surprised when Carol told me Miracle was an amazing little Robin.  She said Miracle would be let loose soon.
As for the other animal in my life, Belle – well, let’s just say I never tire from telling her ‘I love you’.  She is at my side when I am home.  Wants to be in the same room.  She was napping on the fireplace hearth while I was watching TV and resting from earlier yard work.  When I came in here to use the computer she came in and is lying down under my desk with her head on my left foot.  
Last night when I got home from work she greeted me as usual – her little stub wagging away and wanting a hug form me.  I took a shower and got dressed to go out and she got up on the couch and began to sulk because she knew I was leaving.  The owner of Broadway Music and a personal friend of mine, Nelson Winn, had his band, (The original) Hazard County Band, playing at the Schererville Town Festival.  I left home at 8 PM and enjoyed some great live country music, but I kept thinking about Belle.  After and hour of music I got back in my car and drove home to be with Belle.  We went out in the field and shared a chicken breast sandwich.  
Can you tell me what is going on here?  I think I belong to this precious Rottweiler instead of the other way around.  She may not – wait a minute – she is now sitting next to my left leg with her left paw on my knee and her head resting on my thigh.  She wants to be as close to me as possible and I wouldn’t want it any other way.
As I was saying, she may not be a show dog, but I would put her up against any other Rottweiler for personality.  She is a fantastic example of what a Rottweiler is – Loyal, loving and intelligent.  Everyone that meets her is impressed.  The neighbor now has a new small dog.  When it is in their back yard Belle goes out to the fence and they run up and down the fence line together.  She is friendly with every animal she sees, but a few times a dog has charged at her as we walked past their fenced yard.  Belle usually just looks at them and doesn’t bark back. When she has been close to the fence and a dog has become aggressive Diesel has come out of Belle!  She will not back down if threatened.
I guess what I am trying to say – once again – Thank you for producing the perfect dog for me.  And, my family feels the same way.  I have not mentioned this to you before, but Susan moved down to Bedford last July.  The stress of watching me go through 49 weeks of treatment to try to kill the Chronic Hepatitis C virus was too much for her. My doctor sent me to the University of Chicago to see a specialist.  The bottom line was, I had the most aggressive form of the virus she had seen.  If I did not respond to treatment I would not be around to see Belle grow up.  I lost more than 35 lbs and there were times when Sue found me passed out on the floor.  Belle, as young as she was, sensed something was wrong and spent a great deal of time lying near me when I couldn’t get out of bed.  She would lay outside the bathroom door and cry to come in when I was sick and couldn’t keep any food down. Anyway, Susan and I have a good long distant relationship, now, and she comes up every 5 or 6 weeks to visit.  She, too, loves Belle.  She called me this morning and asked me to look for a cabin to rent for a week that will accept dogs.  She wants a short vacation and she wants Belle to be there.  I truly know how you feel about Diesel and it makes  me proud that you say Belle is a lot like her daddy.
As for my condition – If the results of my next blood work comes back the same as the one a few months ago my doctor from the University of Chicago says the virus has been beaten.  Belle just may have to put up with me for several more years.
Sincerest thanks,

Dear Alice and Family,

Tomorrow my little Belle will be one year old!  My goodness,  time passes by so quickly.  I just wanted to give you a short update on my Little Diesel girl.  She is about 85 lbs and 22″ at the shoulder.  Still absolutely beautiful and a joy to have in my life.  I am off on Fridays and the weekend and believe me when I say Belle is my constant companion.  At the moment she is enjoying a treat on the floor next to my chair.  She has to be in the same room as me all the time.  Even when I try to get some time away to play my guitar she will come into the room and lay down under the table I use for working on guitars.  She still sleeps with me and, I know that some people say, ‘never let your dog on your bed’, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I love her so much.
A couple of days ago the weather was warm and a lot of the neighborhood people were outside.  Belle and I always end our trips out in the field with a walk down the sidewalk past our neighbor’s houses.  On this day, Noah, a small boy, who had a birthday today, ( 2 years old) saw Belle and started walking towards us with his little arms outstretched.  He met Belle last summer and always wants to pet her.  When Belle got close to Noah she sat down and this precious little child placed his hands on both sides of Belle’s face and just smiled.  When Belle turned to give his mom some attention Noah reached out and grabbed her ‘stub’.  He couldn’t figure out where her tail was!  I will definitely start carrying my camera with me again so I can send you pictures of Belle as she meets her ‘friends’. Today Belle and I walked down to Noah’s house and placed a birthday bag with a small basket ball and stuffed dog on his porch.  We even had a helium filled ‘birthday’ balloon tied to the handles on the bag.  I’m sure Belle will get a visit from Noah and his Mom tomorrow.
Belle is the most people loving dog I have ever owned.  This afternoon I took her with me for a trip to the hardware store.  She loves going for rides!  As I drove down the rode I saw that the Ice cream parlor was open, so I pulled in and ordered two small cones.  Belle stood up with her paws on the window shelf and the three girls inside all came to the window to see her.  They watched as Belle and I sat on the nearby bench and had our first ice cream cone of the year.  A group of teenagers came by and Belle’s ‘stub’ was wagging away – she wants to meet everyone.
Looking back to the day I got Belle – I am so glad I waited the 3 1/2 hours for you to get home.  Belle is everything, and more, than I hoped for.  She is my Diesel – my Serenity – my precious little girl.


Last night as I sat watching the television Belle walked into my bedroom and was soon out of sight.  It was late and I figured she had climbed on the bed to sleep.  About a minute after she entered the room and made a right turn, towards the head of the bed, she reappeared and very ‘stealthily’ made 
her way around the foot of the bed with something in her mouth.  I got up to investigate and saw that she had found her birthday bag and took out her stuffed puppy.  I grabbed a small treat I keep in my room and gave to Belle to take her attention off her new found treasure and took her ‘baby’ to the kitchen to cut off the cloth collar and tags.  She went behind my lounge chair and thoroughly investigated her birthday gift.  She is such a big baby when it comes to ‘presents’.  She got nine new tennis balls, a fancy frisbee, a new rope pull toy from Howard and, when I looked in the mail box there was a birthday bag with a card and gifts fr Belle.  It was from Noah!  the card is so beautiful I am going to frame it.  She got a large chew bone and a neat little light that hangs on her collar for visibility at night.
Uncle Howard was over today and he made Belle peanut butter biscuits from a recipe I found on the internet.   She loved them.  Actually, I went to the store and bought $68.00 worth of ingredients for several recipes we printed out.  
I will send a video to Guardian Rottweilers, soon.
Hope all is well for everyone.
Best Regards,
Jerry & Belle


First of all – congratulations on all you and your family have accomplished at your new home.  How beautiful it is.  Belle will surely want to visit – and, upon seeing so many playmates your children may have to catch her for me when it is time to leave.

My information was a little incorrect – Adrian, from the pet food store, breeds Boxers.  He has had two people ask him about Rottweiler breeders and both have been given your information.  And, if someone has any interest at all in a puppy from you all they have to do is meet Belle!  She is such a joy in my life but, a little spoiled.  I absolutely cannot go into any room in the house without her following me (and, I love it).  The other day I was across the alley standing outside the fence talking to my neighbor’s male friend.  He was up on the porch and I let Belle into the yard to play with Buddy – a very large dog – Belle ran up the stairs to get her lovin’ from Larry then she stood on her hind legs with her front paws on the guardrail and kept nudging Larry for more hugs and pets.  She makes me so proud of her.
Belle is used to a harness – I purchased one several months back for traveling in the car – which is one of her favorite things to do.  Sh has watched me work on the stroller and, I am betting she will take to it very quickly.  She is very intelligent.  And, I have never had a dog that wants to be with kids as much as she does.   Last week I did have a little scare.  I went out to my garage – which is detached from the house- and, as always Belle is with me.  I walked to the back of the garage and turned on my workbench light, turned around and, Belle was gone.  I ran out of the garage to find her across the street where two twelve year old girls were playing catch (they are in a softball league).  When I went to fetch Belle she ran around one girl then raced to the other girl – determined not to be caught. I chased her back and forth a few times before, thankfully, Amanda reached out to Belle and grabbed her collar.  How about that?  A neighbor’s daughter had to help me catch my dog!   I truly wish I had the energy I once had to keep up with her.
At this moment Belle is lying on her back taking a nap as I type this.  As far as Belle’s ‘DNA’  – I think she got the best of both parents.  The only problem I wish I could correct is her stubbornness regarding her dog food.  She won’t eat it.  I have purchased every top brand there is from Hungry Hound and Canine Affinity and when you put the food in front of her she will sniff it and immediately turn her head away.  I purchased a new collar for her today at Canine Affinity and brought home some samples of dog food.  I opened one bag (Taste of the Wild) and gave her one piece – she turned her head from me and dropped it on the floor.  She will go hungry waiting to see what I am going to fix for dinner.  I have started eating only after putting her outside but, she can smell the food when she comes back in the house and she has actually walked over to her kennel (the door is off) and gone inside and laid down and pouted.  She will not come out at first when I call her.  She will wait a few minutes, then appear.  Her way of showing me she was not happy, I guess.  Due to her poor eating she has dropped a few pounds – she is at 78 lbs, now.  At one time I thought I wanted her to get as big as Tasha, my daughter’s female Rott.  She is 26″+ tall – bigger than males I have seen but, she is has started slowing down considerably and I think it is due to her hips.  I think Belle is at the perfect size because I can still hold her on my lap and chest (we do this every night).  But, I still  wish she could have remained 4 months old and 43 pounds.  I couldn’t catch her then but, she was much easier to pick up and hold.
I guess you can see this dog has taken over my life.  She has now positioned herself under my desk with her tummy pressed against my left foot.  I need to get down on the floor and tell her how much I love her – another nightly routine.  Always know that Diesel’s little girl has a very good home with many family members that love seeing her.
Jerry & Belle


Have not had an opportunity to sit and write to you about my wonderful girl, Belle.  Just wanted to let you know that she is healthy, strong and full of energy!  I just couldn’t imagine my life without her.  I saw the pictures of Ethan napping with Diesel – and, there was one with you holding on to a paw as everyone was trying to nap.  Belle has to be in whatever room I am in at all times.  And, if she doesn’t have my attention, (cause I’m watching TV) she will stand in front of the TV and give a little shake of her head, hop to one side and bark at me.  If I continue to ignore her she will actually jump up on top of me.
Alice, everyone still comments about how pretty she is.  And, we have neighbors with three kids that Belle just has to visit every time they are in their back yard.  I put a pet door in for Belle in the kitchen so I don’t have to let her out when she hears the kids.  Belle runs up to the chain link fence between our yards and licks the kids hands and, then waits…Sooner or later Belle knows that one of the kid’s balls will come over the fence, and she will grab it and bring it into the house.  If you try to get it from her she will run back outside and bury it for safe keeping.  She is so funny.
Well, gotta get back to work.
Jerry Ashcraft & Belle

Last Thursday afternoon I found a very small baby robin lying on the ground.  It was 55 degrees and wet from an earlier rain and the little bird did not have feathers on her tummy or back.  She was almost dead, but I decided to bring her in and I held her in my hands and was breathing warm air on her.  Her eyes would’t open and she didn’t move as I placed her in a small towel.  I then put her in an Easter basket and covered it with another towel.  When I checked on her in the middle of the night she was alive and hungry.  I fed her pieces of red worms I had gotten from a nearby bait shop – just in case she survived.  

She has been with me for seven days, now, and is growing rapidly, though she still cannot fly.  She has a great appetite and has actually jumped out of her cage onto the table and came over to me for feeding time.  I have placed her outside on the grass and came back in to see if the parents would come to her, but no luck.  I fear that once she can fly she may get into a tree and I will not be able to get her back.  She certainly will not know how to find food and survive.  Can you help me find a place to take her to so she will have a good chance at living?  I am already very fond of her, as is my Uncle Howard who spends the day taking care of her while I am at work.  Belle likes little Miracle, too.


Wednesday evening my friend, Nelson, who owns Broadway Music, had his band playing an outdoor concert at Griffith Park.  I drove over there at 7 PM and spoke to Nelson when I noticed a couple with a poodle.  I looked back at Nelson and said, “I have to go home, but I will be back.”  
I live less than 10 minutes from the park and was soon getting out of the car in the drive by the back door of my house.  With the sound of my car door closing Belle came out her pet door onto the porch and sat down.  She was upset with me for leaving home without her, and did not come to the gate to greet me like she usually does.  As I opened the gate I asked, “You want to go for a ride?”  Suddenly, this sulking Rottweiler was wagging her stub and jumping up on me.
I drove back to the park and enjoyed 2 hours of great country music – made even better by the company of my little girl, Belle.  She was so good and got to meet the entire band after the concert.  I even bought her a hot dog.  One group of people, related to a singer that did a couple songs with the band, stopped to pet Belle and invited us both to another outside concert in the park next week that their relative’s band will be performing at.
I enjoy taking Belle everywhere with me.  And, when you say the “ride” word, Belle will beat you to the car every time.  I just love her so much – wouldn’t know what to do without her company.


It has been a while since I last wrote to you about Belle.  I just haven’t had the time to sit and write all the things I have to tell you about my little girl, but I needed to let you know one important thing – I love her more each day.  She is such a happy, friendly dog, but quite the watch dog over her ‘back yard’ at night.
I can’t imagine having a better dog in my life.  She follows me into every room – even if she is just napping – she must be in the same room.  When my radio alarm softly announces ‘5 AM’ she knows I will hit the snooze button and she will lay down firmly against my back.  For some reason she has to be touching me (usually with her back or rear end).  
At this moment she is taunting me with her rubber tire I brought in from the yard.  She now has a Bridgestone Taranza tire from Susie’s Camry hanging from the apple tree.
When I do have the time I will share the story of my sister’s birthday party at my Mom’s house.  I had Belle across the street in her house while everyone ate because we simply were hurting for room.  Anyway, several minutes later Belle was on my Mom’s porch looking in the front door.  You will not believe what this Rottweiler did…
Best Regards,




Where is our nice spring weather?  Belle insists on her morning walk no matter what the weather is so, I have had to put on jeans and boots every morning to take her out – then, get back in the house and get dressed for work.  And, now I am starting at 7 AM so our 5 AM walk is taking a toll on this old body.

I have to share this with you.  Last Thursday, when I returned home from work, I was startled by the fact Belle was not waiting for me as I opened the door.  She is always there and, she still acts like she hasn’t seen me for days.  I actually make a run for the living room and get down on the carpet to hold her and calm her down.  But, this day – no Belle.  I called out for her – still, no Belle.  I went into the living room and could not find her and, as I kept calling her name, I began to, as the younger folk say, “FREAK OUT”!  I continued my search and found her on my bed with her head on my pillow.  As I sat down and began to pet her I touched her tummy and it was very hot.

You must remember, this is my ‘child’.  I called Uncle Howard, Belle’s baby sitter, and asked him if something happened that day.  He told me she was fine that morning but, started slowing down as the day progressed and, had vomited some liquid.  I’m still not sure what the cause was – I do know that when I left for work that morning I had two large tulip bulbs and one small bulb just inside the fence line.  When I got home both large bulbs were gone.  And, there was a hole dug up next to the tulips.  Howard said she came to the back door and scratched the screen door to come in and had a dirt covered ham hock in her mouth.  It appears she has been hoarding food in the yard.  She was still able to go for a walk with me but, was plainly sick to her stomach.

My goodness, Alice, I would rather be sick than have her sick.  The longer I have Belle the more I love her.  And, that goes for my entire family.  When the weather is better we are planning a trip down to Bedford, IN. to visit family.  We would love to stop and say ‘Hello’ if that would be alright with you.  My only concern is once Belle sees some other Rotts to play with she may not want to leave with me.  She may not qualify as a show dog but, she is the best dog I have ever owned – and, I have had a few wonderful dogs.

Well, I have to get back to work…






Get your children around the computer and click on the link above to see a short video of Miracle.  If you can get into my facebook videos you can see Belle with the baby bird.


Alice and family,

I absolutely have the greatest Rottweilers in North-West Indiana!  I wish you could have seen Belle and Jake help me greet the Trick or Treaters tonight.  Belle was her usual self – just had to greet all the kids and then walk down to the sidewalk and greet the parents.  She was so in her element – being among kids and having her stub of a tail just wagging away.  Actually, if she had a tail she would probably be dangerous to be around because she loves have company so much.  And, Jake…Well, let me tell you, I couldn’t be more proud of my boy.  He would stand in the doorway and watch Belle as she made her way among all the kids and he would wait until I called him.  Then he joined Belle and walked among everyone to get his hugs.  It was amazing how almost all the kids welcomed Belle and loved on her.  One small child screamed as Belle ran down the porch steps straight towards him.  But, as soon as she was next to him and his mother they both could see how her whole body was wagging and they reached out to pet her.
A few of the parents commented on how beautiful Belle and Jake are.  There were numerous comments about how shiny their coats are.  I am so lucky to have them.  They are both sleeping on the floor near me, and I can tell you Belle just broke wind.  It wasn’t Jake because I did not hear anything.  The ‘wind’ from Belle just sort of sneaks up on you.
Wishing the Velasquez family a Happy Halloween.
Rott’s Rock!

Jerry, Belle and Jake 

Hello Velasquez Family!
Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.  Please give Diesel and Serenity a hug for me.
Belle and Jake are patiently waiting for breakfast.  We just returned from our morning walk in the field and both dogs got a little surprise.  The two small children that used to live next door moved about 1 1/2 years ago due to the parents getting divorced.  While we were walking in the field I noticed that Belle had stopped and was totally focused on two small kids walking towards the field.  It was the kids who used to live next door.  I told Belle, ‘No’, because I knew she was ready to bolt in their direction.  Belle turned her head to look at me for a second, then turned back to the approaching kids.  Keep in mind they were half a football field away from us, but as I told you before, Belle loves kids.  
Suddenly Belle was like a runner in the 100 yard dash…racing towards Bobby and his little sister.  When she reached Bobby, Belle started smelling him all over.  Then she went to great the little girl and, she also greeted Jim, their father, who lives two doors down from me in his grandfather’s house.  Jake will mimic whatever Belle does whenever he sees her getting love and attention.  He ran over to Bobby, whom he never met before, and simply leaned against him and rubbed his muzzle against Bobby’s tummy.  I was so proud of my boy.  
When we left them to continue our walk, Jake was like a young puppy.  He was so excited  from meeting the kids and getting all the new attention that he started jumping up and down and talking to me.  Yes, he talks to me.  Well, the first time Jake talked to my sister, Roberta, she thought he was growling at her.  I had to laugh because Jake makes his ‘growl’ as a way of saying, ‘here I am, play with me’.  He is so wonderful.
The only problem I have with Jake ——He may have to loose some weight!  He is huge.  And, he loves to eat.  After what he had been through before you rescued him how could I deny him any food or treats?  
Have a great holiday and weekend.
Jerry, Jake & Belle



Guardian Titus Von Gottschalk
Hello Alice,

Wanted to send you both a couple resent pictures of Harry (Titus).  I am having an absolute ball with him.  He does require much attention until he conks out for a nap.  He is growing fast – sometimes Dave is sure he has grown while he was at work.

The house looks like I have a couple of toddlers again as his toys are scattered about.  He loves the water, pawing at the water in the bowl then dumping it and bringing me the bowl.  And this rain – doesn’t bother him at all – he goes right out in it.
My nephew has some of Cesar Millan’s DVDs I am anxious to get ahold of.  Harry is a smart boy, he sits for a reward and is getting to know/understand the house rules quickly.
Alice, have you gotten moved into your new digs?  I see on your website that you have quite a few new litters too.  Busy, busy!
Hope you are both having a wonderful summer!
Take care, Sandy Booker  

PS. I love his markings – in the evening light the mahogany color is so brilliant on him.

Hello Alice,

Thought I’d say hi and send you some recent pics of  “Dirty Harry.”  He’s really starting to muscle up and his head is beginning to have that Rottie look about him. Dave loves the deep bark that he has now too.  I have had him to some conformation classes as I await his turn to be in the S.T.A.R. Puppy class.  He is full of energy and loves going on his walks. That is why I am looking forward to getting him enrolled into this class.  He is bigger now than our boxer and they are getting along quite well.  His personality is unique, unlike any dog I have ever had.  He appears not to be concerned about things yet he is very watchful of where we are and what is going on.  My grandson, also 7 months, pulls up on him, falls on him and I think he actually likes it.  He goes with me downtown and lays by the chair as I get my hair cut.  This is after greeting everyone first of course, getting a couple dog biscuits in the process.  Needless to say we think he is gorgeous and are enjoying him.

I see Diesel fathered another litter.  Congrats! Was this with the same Hulda that delivered with Chigra down in Georgia?  If so, it was good to see she was nursing her puppies as I remember Chigra helping with her last litter.

Well, I hope all is well with you, your family, and your new location.  I get on your website and facebook to keep updated on your successes and new litters.  We have had many comments on how beautiful Dirty Harry looks and how well behaved he is.  Thanks again for your continued commitment to produce the best!

Blessings, Sandy Booker :o)

Hi Alice,

Wanted to fwd a few pictures of Harry and my grandson who have become buddies.  Both now 18 months old, and they are best friends!

Harry is always good to put himself between Johnovan and others.  He does that with Dave and I too. – Sometimes it’s because he is jealous. lol :o)

This is my favorite.   Johnovan just got up from a nap and it was raining out.

Hi Alice!
Well, guess who turned 1 year old yesterday?  Thought you’d like to see Harry and hear how one of Diesel’s boys is doing.  
Last week he passed his test for his S.T.A.R. Puppy title. Basically, a good manners class.  I really wanted to get him in the class earlier 
but the waiting list was long.  Anyway, he’s got a good foundation now for getting his CGC.  
I must say, I’ve never had a dog with a temperament like his. He is unique.  I will forever be a Rottie lover.
I thought of your story the other day about when you discovered one of your kids chewing on Diesel’s ears and how
he just took it. My grandson, Johnovan, had our TV remote and walked over and whopped Harry twice on the head. Harry just looked at him then at me to see if I would help.  He loves our one year old grandson and is good to put himself between Johnovan and any other dog or person that is around him.  He likes that Johnovan has so many fun toys too – this is not always good as he likes taking them all outside.
Harry is getting to know the folks around town as he goes with me to my hairdresser’s, the Big R store, etc…  He’s learned to raise up on the counters and give high fives.  Of course he gets a treat for it.  
We found a diet that is doing very well for Harry.  Taste of the Wild has a salmon and sweet potato blend that has made Harry’s skin and coat look terrific!  If any of your pups are having skin issues or possible allergies, I’d recommend it.   
He had his “surgery” right after Christmas and did quite well though I was a bit nervous, glad it’s over.  Anyway, it has been a fun and interesting first year with Harry.  I am looking forward to the summer so I have more time to work with him.
I occasionally get on your website and on FB to see how your new kennel is doing.  You appear busy as always and I enjoy seeing the progress and all the pups. 
Well, take care Alice. I’ll send a picture and update every now and then.  By the way, I think Harry resembles his dad in this picture.  I really wish I wasn’t in it though.  Thanks for your dedication in breeding great temperaments in your Rotties.
Sandy and Harry (S.T.A.R. Puppy)
Titus on his 4th birthday <3



Guardian Teagan Von Gottschalk

Hi Alice

I hope all is going well.  Here are some updated pics of Teagan.  She sure is the love of our lives!!  I can’t believe how much she’s grown!  
Take care,


Everyone is doing very well.  Teagan is just the most amazing dog.  She really is a human, and such a sweetheart.  She loves watching T.V., and will sometimes watch an entire movie with us.  Balou is doing good.  Unfortunately, he’s pretty aloof, not really showing a care for us or people.  He’s also very goofy/clumsy.  He can do stairs, but it’s just not his thing.  He has to leap up several steps at a time up, and go down quick.  I worry that his goofiness will hurt his hips someday as even just coming into our house he can often miss or slip a bit with his lunge up the the two steps from the backyard.  Any chance he ever straightens this out?  Otherwise, he is a VERY beautiful dog, and is very sweet.  While aloof, he does have his moments of cuddling.  He’s a great friend to Teagan, and she would be lost without him.    

Thanks for the suggestion with the food.  Might be tough to do that consistently, but it sounds like that would be the solution for sure.  
My wife Tesa is due with our first child now in 18 days.  So, I might have some challenges with the newborn to go over with you 🙂  Glad to hear you and your family are doing well.  We check in here and there to see all the fun you are having with your dogs.  Your love and passion comes through, and you do a great thing for the breed.  You should be very proud of yourself and your family for what you do for these dogs and the love they give their owners.  
Take care,


They are already sleeping by one another :).  Threw in a single of Teagan so how she is doing.


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