• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

F Litter: Dunjo X Gina

Guardian Rottweilers F LITTER
Sire: Dunjo Von Shambala
Dam:  “Gina” Guardian Endira Von Gottschalk


ADRK Pink Paper German Import        Guardian Endira Von Gottschalk
Dunjo Von Shambala                        “Gina”
ADRK Studbook #110433                  HD +/-; ED Normal
HD-A  ED-FREI, AKC DNA               AKC DNA
AD, BH, MAG                                         CGC; Therapy Dog
Multi-V Rated



Guardian Febea Von Gottschalk

Hi Alice,

Just an update on Febea.  She’s a wonderful and adorable little girl that makes us all melt!!!  I could thank you a thousand times & it still not be enough!!  We already love her so much!!!  I cannot explain to you how much joy this puppy brings to me, and Daron & Vanessa!!!  (I attached a couple pictures)

I took her to the vet yesterday for her 1st check up & she did great!!  I’ve attached the report.  

I asked her about giving her the 16 week booster you talked about & she normally doesn’t, but of course has no problem doing it.  I just couldn’t remember what it was you said Rotties were more prone to that made you recommend that?  Can you remind me?

Thanks again,


Hi Alice,

She’s still doing great!  Growing so fast!! Last Friday she was up to 16#!!  She was 7.7# when we got her 1 month ago!  And she is so smart!  She picked up walking on the treadmill in no time!!  Sit & Stay has been a really easy for her too!  The slowest part has been potty training – but she’s coming along there too! 

It’s finally warm enough today I think we’re going to go for our 1st “walk” outside- meaning more than just to the mailbox & back! lol

We love her so much & just wanted to say thank you again!!! 


Thanks!  And I promise to give her lots of kisses!!  She’s got 1 little spot left that I haven’t kissed the fur off of yet!!  Here some more pictures!  The 1st one is her sitting in the desk drawer.  She is irresistable!!
I’ll send you a link to my facebook page so you can see her phote album & any updates I post.
Talk to you later!




“Cash” Guardian Fonzo Von Gottschalk

Cash got a personal ride in his own airplane to his new home!  We fly our puppies all over the world, but this is only our second puppy that got a personal ride like this!  How cute is he all passed out?

Landed in greenville, pa safe & sound. Fonzo snuggled in & slept the whole trip home!
Thanks for your wonderful hospitality!

Fonzo is settling in well.  He has his “call name” now, which happens to be “Cash.”  There is a funny story as to how he ended up with that as his name.  Remember how windy it was that day we picked him up?  After we landed at Greenville, PA and began to taxi back to the hangar, the wind kicked up and caused my husband’s plane to spin around, lifted the right wing up and tipped the left wing into the asphalt causing a “ding” in the left wing. Sad smile  Although we have insurance to cover things like this and it was not a major event, the comment was made (in jest) that “This has become one expensive dog!”  Consequently my husband decided “Cash” suited him!

All is going really well.  He came through his health check with flying colors.  My older dogs are handling his invasion fairly well.  Roscoe, the one playing with the crate, “claimed” him as soon as we brought him in the house.  No one else was allowed to approach or play with him.  Now that Cash has been here a little bit, Roscoe’s interest has waned and the others may now play with him.  Duke, the Rott I rescued last March that had been so sick, has found Cash to be a wonderful playmate. Cash is absolutely fearless with these big dogs!  He charges and pounces on them like he is as big as they are.  He grabs on to their nubs like they are a perfect little handle built just for him.  He thinks nothing of trying to take a toy out of 115 lb Duke’s mouth!  And the toy he wants always belongs to someone else at that moment!

Everyone that meets him is very impressed by his manner and disposition.  Many people can not believe how “laid back” he is!  His calm manner makes him a hit.  The vet was very impressed by him.

We had a bout of diarrhea late last week and not wanting to take any chances I immediately had the little guy checked out at the vet.  They did not want to take any risks either and gave him fluids and a shot of antibiotics and anti-inflammatories as a precaution.  He bounced right back and the next day was playing with the big dogs like nothing had been wrong.  I don’t know what caused it (maybe nerves?). I have carefully watched where he goes outside so that he doesn’t get into bad or yucky things in the yard.

I’ve attached a couple pics of Cash in his new environment.  Thank-you once again for such a wonderful visit with your family and dogs and the opportunity to own one of your babies!


I hope all is well with you and your family (furry and four footed ones too! Smile).  I hope you had a wonderful trip “across the pond.”
So sorry it’s taken so long to reply.  My computer has been acting up and Best Buy has had it in their possession for a week or so, only to tell me there is nothing wrong.  It freezes up randomly; sometimes 3 times in a half hour.  I even took it in to the “Geek Squad”  in a “frozen” state, but since they can find no problems, then obviously nothing is wrong. LOL!
Anyway, little Cash is doing very well.  I can tell he has a little bit of devilment in him!  Tonight I had him outside to potty and while I was attending to one of the others, he “disappeared.”   It is not unusual to “lose” someone for a few minutes because they may wander out of sight behind the house, but they usually come running when you call them.  I called and called and called and no Cash.  I was getting close to panicked when it occurred to me to look under the porch, which is raised about 18 inches (just about cat or puppy height) above ground level.  The little monkey was standing underneath it, listening to me call his name, not making a sound, just hanging out.  I think he was waiting to see how long it would take me to find him!  When I peeked under the porch, and scolded him, he came over to the edge and peeked out at me like I was the crazy one!
He weighed about 35 lbs at his last vet visit and has completed his regular puppy shots  We are also doing canine influenza b/c he will be coming into contact with all kinds of other dogs (from who knows where) when he goes to obedience training.  Better to be safe than sorry.  A couple of bucks now is worth it to save myself from a nightmare later.  Heartworm preventative is an absolute as is flea preventative. There is no excuse in my eyes for not treating your pets with preventative. 
He is progressing well with his training.  He rings the bells on the door when he has to potty, and returns to sit at your feet when we call “here!” He knows he must sit when he comes in from outside, and not barrel through the door, knocking down anyone in his way.  He sits and “shakes” with both paws before he eats.  He’s been fetching a ball or toy and returns it to me, and drops it.  We tried the “sit-stay” today, but it was a little bit of a struggle for him to understand he could not follow me when I stepped away! 🙂   OH and of course the staples of every dog mama, “Leave it!” and “What do you have?  DROP IT!”  I swear I never knew there was so much little stuff in my house!
He’s getting out to visit too.  I took him to the hair salon on Sat – my hairdresser had really liked my older Rott, Zeus- and Cash was also a hit.  They thought he was a “friendly little guy.”  I also traveled to my hometown (near State College, home of Penn State University) this weekend.  It’s a 4 hour trip and I did not want to trust the “baby” to a dog sitter, so I took him along.  He traveled very well and at the birthday party we attended, he was a big hit with the kids!  He loved them and they loved him.  The adults all liked him too.  Everyone comments on how laid back and easy going he is.  When he returned home 14 hrs later, his “brothers” were more excited to see him than me.  Roscoe had to sniff and lick him to make sure he was ok, it was comical!
On a funny note: My husband is so happy with him, he plays and cuddles him when he comes home each weekend.  He keeps commenting on how nicely behaved he is, not a “wild child” or high strung and how easy he has been to train.  Now remember, this is the man who is gone almost every Mon – Fri and consequently doesn’t spend much time training with or cleaning up after him!  So recently, he was cuddling with Cash and he looked at me and said “Y’know, he has been such an easy puppy, he wasn’t very disruptive, I think next year we’ll get TWO of them.”  I just looked at him dumbfounded and laughed!
On a rather sad note, my oldest Rott, Zeus was diagnosed with malignant melanoma last week and has no more than 6 months to live.  We were advised we could do radical surgery, (removing his jaw bone) and chemo, but it is doubtful at his age that it would be a success.  He is about 15 years old, and I knew my time with him was short, but now it’s very, very short.  The vet removed as much of the tumor as possible with out anesthesia, but it’s already growing back and yesterday I noticed another tumor close to the area where the first was located, so I think it’s spreading fast and very little precious time remains.  It will be a blessing to have Cash to occupy me through the next few months.  Training him will keep me busy after the inevitable occurs. 
Cash sends his love!


Hopefully your Christmas was better than mine!  Max was sick w? a cold , so instead of traveling as planned, we stayed home and had a quiet Christmas together. 

I have more pics, I just need to get them on a disk and get them out to you!  Hopefully soon!

Cash does look great!  He’s around 80 lbs (+/-) and very lean and sleek  – he hasn’t really “bulked up” – as of yet!  He will fill out over the next year I’m sure – esp the way he eats!  I think he would eat almost nonstop if he was allowed!  Oh – he certainly makes sure we don’t forget to feed him!  He’s super-sensitive and sulks when scolded or corrected!  He is more than a little bit stubborn and like any 1 yr old, likes to push his luck!  After the first of the year he is going to begin a refresher obedience class so we can work on some of that stubbornness!  He still loves the BALL!  My dog-sitter is a vet-tech at my vet clinic and she said she played BALL! so much her arm was sore after the first week she stayed with him!  LOL!  He’s starting to grow into his “big dog bark” and I think he scares himself at times!  Hee hee!  He barks and looks around like “Who was that?” 

Unfortunately, MY puppy has bonded BIG TIME with Max – Max is his FAVORITE person and the only one he will cuddle with!  I can not get him to cuddle with me! 🙁 So I guess I need to get another Guardian Rottweiler!  Winking smile  Hee Hee!
I hope you and your family have a Happy New Year!



I thought you would get a kick out of your Dunjo baby – Cash – he is so obsessed w/ his BALL that he brought it to bed with him last night!  Notice it is carefully tucked under his foot/chin/cheek so it doesn’t escape.

Cash was in a TV commercial!! <3  So proud of him!!  SUPER CONGRATS to Cash and his parents!!




“Turner” Guardian Fritzie Von Gottschalk

Hi Alice:
Wanted to give you an update on Turner. He is doing amazing! We are almost completely house broken 🙂  He goes to the door and scratches everytime he has to go out. The only accidents come from us not noticing him waiting to be let outside!!
He loves doing laps around the house/furniture and then jumping on top of our other dog. It is so cute to watch. I can’t wait until it gets warm out and they can run around outside without slipping on all of this ice! Turner loved the snow, but the ice he isn’t really that sure of.
We start obedience class this weekend. I am excited to see how quickly he learns everything. He already has sit, go to bed and go outside down pat!!
I will make sure I send you some pictures after I get them uploaded to my computer. Right now, my camera cable is MIA!
Thanks again for our wonderful addition. We will keep you posted on his progress and growth 🙂
I wanted to give you and update on Turner (Fritzie). He is adjusting really well to our home and the other animals. Our dog Hooch loves to play with him but doesn’t realize that he is a little to big to lay on him! Turner is quick to let him know that he has had enough 🙂 Turner likes to follow the cat around and lick him in the face. Luckily the cat has grown up with dogs and could care less!!
Our first night was really rough. He was up pretty much throughout the night. I think that my husband and I are running on about 3 hours of sleep 🙂 I am keeping my fingers crossed that tonight is a little better. He did not have an accident in his crate last night so that was a huge plus. He has had some accidents in the house, but for the most part he starts dancing around and we can get him to the door in time.
We were wondering about his feeding schedule. How many times a day and how much did he get fed? We feed him in the morning and in the evening, but I was wanting to keep him on somewhat of the same schedule.
I am going to be contacing a local vet tomorrow so we can get an appointment set up and get him checked out. Do I need to e-mail you anything after we have been to the vet?
Thanks for allowing Turner to be a part of our family. WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE HIM!!!!!
I will make sure to send pics every once in a while.
Thanks again.


Turner is absolutely WONDERFUL!!!!  He is 10 months old and 90 lbs. We passed our obedience class with flying colors. I was even able to impress the instructor with things I had taught Turner outside of the class. He is one of the smartest dogs we have ever had in our family.
He had bonded really well with my youngest son. Everywhere he goes, Turner is right on his heels 🙂  It is really cute to see the two of them together.


We have some rough days where he forgets his manners and tries to jump up on people because he doesn’t realize how big he is, but all he wants is a hug! I just tell him down and the problem is solved. You can’t really get mad at him because he is just so sweet and loving, plus, that is something I started because I like big dog hugs and kisses 🙂 
Everytime we go out places with him, we get so many compliments because of his looks and temperament.
I am attaching a couple of recent pictures of Turner for you to share with your family. 

Guardian Francis Von Gottschalk
Hey Alice!
Thanks so much for the emails about the registration.  Very helpful!  Just wanted to let you know that Francis is doing great!  We did keep the name despite its strangeness, just thought it would be funny to call out “Francis” at the park and see jaws  drop as an awesome Rottweiler comes running!  🙂  He has the best temperament, is just so smart, and as the vet put it, is a “magnificent specimen!”  She has also had Rottweilers and is thrilled to be seeing Francis.  Thought I’d send you a couple pictures, he’s doing so well and the family is so happy with him.  We surprised the kids with him, and they were thrilled.  My daughter Mia actually cried tears of joy she was sooo excited!  It was truly a beautiful moment!  Thanks again for everything and we’ll be in touch!
Hi Alice!It’s been a bit, but wanted to update you on my Francis.  Any suggestions about a grain free food?  Have you ever used the Fromm Grain-Free, our vet seems to think Francis might need it because of loose stool issues.  If you have any suggestions that would be great!  At this time he is about 90 lbs.  BIG, but not fat at all, he’s trim and fiesty, certainly seems to be doing great!  The pictures don’t seem to do justice to his size, when people hear he’s only 10 mths, they never believe it, but his puppy sweet look and playful demeanor always convince otherwise.  Dunjo is about 110lbs?  Just curious if his growth rate seems normal, so we were curious if you had heard size on any of the other pups of his litter.  He’s such a good boy, we just adore him and are so glad we made the decision to get him from you.     Some pictures of Francis first @ 4mths, then 7 mths, and now, at 10 1/2 mths 2 of him! I see you are very busy with upcoming litters, but would love to hear back from you.
Thanks so much!Jenifer


“Kane” Guardian Fillip Von Gottschalk



(left: 6 months old)
(right: Today, 8 months old) More fun pics to come. He is just the best!!! Patrick

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