• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

M Litter: Ecco x Vlinder

Guardian Rottweilers M LITTER
Sire: Ecco Se Ungo-Rot
Dam: Guardian Vlinder Von Gottschalk

This is the sire to our M LITTER!

Vlinder’s ultrasound- our first peek at the little angels <3 

Welcome to the world my 3 little Musketeers!

MLitterVlinderBorn_04 MLitterVlinderBorn_03 MLitterVlinderBorn_02 MLitterVlinderBorn_01

Our Three Musketeers 28 days old!

Musketeers28days_34 Musketeers28days_33 Musketeers28days_32 Musketeers28days_31
Musketeers28days_30 Musketeers28days_29 Musketeers28days_23 Musketeers28days_24
Musketeers28days_28 Musketeers28days_27 Musketeers28days_26 Musketeers28days_25
Musketeers28days_22 Musketeers28days_21 Musketeers28days_20 Musketeers28days_19
Musketeers28days_16 Musketeers28days_15 Musketeers28days_14 Musketeers28days_13 Musketeers28days_18 Musketeers28days_17 Musketeers28days_11 Musketeers28days_12 Musketeers28days_10 Musketeers28days_09 Musketeers28days_08 Musketeers28days_07 Musketeers28days_06 Musketeers28days_04 Musketeers28days_03 Musketeers28days_02 Musketeers28days_01

Vlinder’s parents:
Boda TGI Se Ungo-Rot X Guardian Pantera Von Gottschalk
VLitter BodaXPantera_edited-1


Guardian D’Artagnan Von Gottschalk

Good morning Alice! Just a brief note to let you know everything is going Great with Bronco! He is PERFECT! We are totally inLove! Our dogs are doing good with him, just adjusting. I bet in a couple days, they’ll all be playing. 

He went right to bed (8:30)in his crate last night (NO crying!), woke up at 12:30/ went out to pee, came in for kisses & hugs, back in crate/cried about 20minutes, then slept till 6:30(WOW!!!!)! Here’s a couple pics for you! 
God Bless, Jenny
DArtagnan1 DArtagnan2  
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