• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

H Litter: Hasko X Embassy

Guardian Rottweilers H LITTER
Sire: Ch. Hasko vd Burg Weibertreu
Dam: Embassy dell’Antico Guerriero


CH. Hasko vd Burg Weibertreu      Embassy dell’Antico Guerriero
HD FREI                                                   HD FREI; ED FREI
Italian Champion                                  Multi V-Rated
ZTP                                                             AKC DNA
IPO-I                                                          (click here for Embassy’s full brother CH.
DNA deposit preserved                       Lucky dell’Antico Guerriero



“Delilah” Guardian Hera Von Gottschalk

Hi Alice

Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that Hera (she is now called Delilah) is doing just great.  I’ve gotten just tons of compliments on her personality so that is certainly a credit to your breeding program.  Nothing seems to bother her and she begins her obedience training tomorrow and I expect her to be a quick and willing student.  I’m really looking forward to competing with her at trials.

Everyone loves her tail!  And you were right……I can’t imagine her without it!

Thanks so much!

Take care     


Hi Alice

I’m so sorry to taken so long in updating you on Delilah.  She is a super girl!  I couldn’t be more pleased with her.  She graduated from her basic obedience course with flying colors and is now working in advanced obedience.  I hope to enter her in her first obedience trial next spring.  She is a fast learner and is so willing to please.  She really tries hard.

Hera_Delilah01I can’t tell you the number of people who have commented on her temperament.  She loves everyone and has decided that it is her job to personally greet anyone who comes into the training center regardless of whether they walk on four legs or two legs.  We have had people come into the training center who were initially afraid of the “big bad Rotties” but she has won them over and these people can see what selective breeding and a loving home can accomplish!  Nothing rattles her……she takes in loud noises, storms, barking dogs sirens, anything at all with a very calm demeanor. 

I took her to an obedience trial this past weekend with my Skitter so Delilah could see what it was all about.  She was fascinated!

Hera_Delilah02She set very still beside me and didn’t miss a thing.  I could feel her tail wagging as she was watching the other dogs.  She is going to be a lot of fun to compete with.  She got a little excited when Skitter and I were in the ring but settled right down when my friend Beth began talking to her about what we were doing.

Last evening I took her onto the agility course to let her run and we taught her how to go through the tunnel.  She thought that was so much fun.  We showed her one time and she understood.  She would race thru it and come back around and do it again.  Of course she got plenty of praise and treats so she thought that was swell.  I have enrolled her in puppy agility and she will learn the contact obstacles.  The obstacles will be only 6 inches off the ground and there will be no danger of her injuring herself or being frightened.  She will also become familiar with the weave poles.  I will not start her jumping until after her first birthday and then it will be at 6 inches until she understands.  We’ll start raising the jump heights at around eighteen months.  I’m taking Hera_Delilah03no chances with her!

I’ll send you some pictures of her soon. 

Take care



Hi Alice

Just want to update you on Delilah.  What a girl!  She is almost ready for her first obedience trial.  I want to wait a few more months before showing her just to let her mature a little more.  I want her first ring experience to be positive and I want her confident and happy when we compete.

She went on her first road trip last weekend when I was in Nashville for an agility trial and she did very well.  She did not compete. She was just getting exposure to all the different sights and sounds at shows.  We do need to work on our “hotel voice” and that it is perfectly all right for people to walk in the hall outside the room but other than that I was very proud of her. I have a fenced in yard at home so Delilah was a tad Hera_Delilah04concerned about having to take care of her business on a flexi-lead.  I spent quite some time telling her it was ok and that I wouldn’t watch!

At the show sight I set her up in her crate facing the aisle people were walking and close to the doors.  I did that so I could see how she reacts in a crate at shows and so we could correct her if she misbehaved.  She never made a sound.  I asked people I know to walk their dogs close to the crate and she passed with flying colors!  She lay there and watched everyone and was never once bothered by other dogs getting close to her.  She was totally fascinated by the agility and sat for at least 30 minutes with me watching the dogs on the course and never moved.  I’ve begun some flatwork with her in preparation for agility and she seems to enjoy that.  We are starting her this week over 8 inch jumps on leash.  I won‘t let her jump any higher than that until she is at least 18 months old.  Delilah on the other hand will jump over anything if I’d let her.

Hera_Delilah05I continue to get compliments about her temperament and her good looks and she is a beauty.  I’m taking her to the Indy Classic Dog Show on Feb. 11 to get her more exposed to the sights and sounds at a show.  I’d love for you to see her.  Do you ever go to that show?  I‘m hoping that if you do we could arrange a time on that Saturday for you to see her.  Please let me know.

Again Alice, thanks so much for her and the effort you have put into making our breed happy and healthy!

Take care

Hi Alice
I have just now read of the dreadful accident involving Tahlia and her ongoing recovery.  Hera_Delilah06My heart and prayers go out to Tahlia and your entire family during this recovery time.  How horrible for you to have to witness that and not be able to stop it from happening.  However…. the strength you’ve instilled in your kids will pull her through!

Hopefully this will make you smile for a moment or two.  Delilah competed in her first obedience trial this past weekend and qualified both days!  On Saturday she placed third in a class of 16 and I was so proud of her.  She really tried hard to get it right.  On Sunday she placed fourth with the same number of dogs in the class as Saturday.  Delilah was most proud of the stuffed toy she received each day for placing in the class!  I will enter her in the Columbus IN show in September and hopefully she will earn her first obedience title then.  She has now started training in open obedience and I expect her to do equally well.

Please take care and tell Tahlia to hang in there!


Hi Alice
How is Tahlia?  I hope she is continuing a good recovery.  I’m confident she will make a full recovery and be as good as new.  I think about her often.

This coming Saturday, 9-22 Delilah will compete in obedience at the Columbus, IN dog show.  This year the show is being held at the Johnson County Park/Hoosier Horse Park in Edinburgh.  If Tahlia is doing well enough I would love to see you and for you to see Delilah.  Our ring time is 8am and I know that is very early but I have some friends competing in open obedience and Rally at noon and I will stick around to cheer them on and to watch part of the breed competition.  Since this is the first time the trial has been at the Horse Park I have no idea where the obedience is being held.

If Delilah qualifies on Saturday she will earn her novice obedience title and we will not compete on Sunday.  I entered Sunday just in case.

I hope you can see your way clear to stop by for a little while. J

Take care

Guardian Hera Von Gottschalk CD,CGC


Hera_Delilah07Delilah finished her title with flying colors!  She scored a 189 and that was good enough for a second place finish.  The obedience ring was right next to the conformation rings and a grooming area.  She lost her focus a little bit on the off lead heel due to a bunch of yappy Pomeranian’s and lagged a bit.  I gave her a second heel command and then she remembered what she was doing and we finished up just fine.  I can’t wait to compete in open with her.  I had a title picture taken with her and I’ll send you a copy when I receive it.


Delilah was also tested for the CGC a few months ago and of course passed that with flying colors.  The tester said if there was any problem he could identify it was that Delilah is too friendly J.  Delilah does feel that it is her responsibility to personally meet and greet everyone person and dog in the room.  Certainly beats the alternative, huh?


Also, I have a close friend who has a co-worker with a Guardian puppy.  A female they’ve named Tessa.  I think she must be about a year younger than Delilah.  Unfortunately I can’t remember the co-worker’s name.  Anyway they are absolutely head over heels in love with that pup. I’ve seen several pictures of her and a short video of Tessa piled on the couch with one of the kids watching TV.  It’s great!

Take care!

Hi Alice

Hope you’ve had a happy new year!  I haven’t touched base with you for a while regarding Delilah and I’ve attached some pictures of her at some agility trials.  She now has her Novice Standard title and needs 1 leg each for jumpers and fast.  Once it finally clicked with her what she needed to do and our communication finally clicked she just took off.  So far her placements have all been first place!

As you can see Delilah is a hugger and people just can’t believe that a big bad Rottie can be so affectionate!  I’m trying to make her understand that she cannot give hugs unless she is invited to do so.

On the picture of her on the A Frame, she came over the top, put her feet in the second section down and then launched into space!  There was a collective gasp from all who were watching and it nearly scared me to death.  Didn’t seem to bother her because she hit the ground running and then took the next jump.  However I signaled to the judge we were done, called Delilah to me and made her do the “walk of shame” off the course.  I told her that unless she puts her feet in the safety zone like she’s been trained to do she cannot finish the course.  I know she was just excited and didn’t hurt herself…..but she could have.  She has since really improved and now stops at the end of the contact obstacles and waits for me to tell her to go on.

She absolutely loves agility and has decided that agility is way more fun than competitive obedience!  She still goes to obedience school once a week and is just drop dead perfect in class at the open and utility level.  However in the show ring she gets really nervous and doesn’t do well but we’re working on that.  She just doesn’t have a high level of confidence at an obedience trial.  I get nervous so it could be me as well.  Delilah reads my moods very well.

Hope to hear from you…..take care

Hi Alice

I have forwarded a collage done for me at our March Trial in Louisville.  This photographer is just awesome !  I also have every photo taken of Delilah of that trial and I will attach them as a jpeg and send to you so maybe some of them can go on your website.  This copy is a tad grainy but you get the picture!  Wish us luck….Delilah is entered in 5 classes this weekend at a trial here locally.

Take care


Hi Alice

Thought you might like to see Delilah’s just for fun tunnelers run at our last trial.  She also earned her Novice Fast title with a first place finish and a second place in jumpers.  She does love the tunnels!

Take care





“Zayta” Guardian Hope Von Gottschalk

Hi Alice,
Hope things are good with your family!  I took some pics of Hope and thought you might like to see them.  Let me know what you think.  I am would like to have someone’s oppinion on her.  I of course think she is gorgeous!  We love her soo much and everyone who sees her feels the same.
Hi Alice,
Just thought I would let you know that Hope (Zayta) is doing great.  She is soo smart and very outgoing.  We have a 40X100 horse barn where are other 2 dogs stay and she loves it out there.  I have been keeping her at the house because I want her to stay in the house when my husband is out of town.  Sometimes I have to encourage her to come back to the house.  She already thinks she is a super dog and that she can take on my older dalmatian and she doesn’t even flinch when the Jack Russell growls at her.  She just goes on like what is your problem.  I have to keep reminding her to play nicely.  She is scared of the horses.  I am happy bout that, hopefully she stays that way so she doesn’t get stepped on or kicked.  She has picked up on so much so quickly.  Her training is really coming along.  Sometimes you can read her mind while we are working on obedience and if she could talk she would say “this is not as much fun as playing with the pigs”  🙂  I bought her some toys but I found out today that her favorite toys are baby rattles, so I gave her one.  We really do love her and it seems as if we have had her longer than just 9 days.  She has so much love to give and I am happy that she is the one that came home with us.  Here are some pics of her.  I can’t believe how much she has grown already.  She loves to lay on the trampoline and the last pic was her being silly on the porch, she really has a lot of personality.

AmberHi Alice.  Sorry I haven’t gotten back. This is my weekend to work n horse farm has been busy.  Had r first foal born on the farm yesterday.  Hope can’t get enough of the baby.  Right after it was born she was licking  It’s ears.  N by the way she loves horses.  I will send u some pics this week.  Hope all is well with your family n dogs.

  Hope all is good with your family.  As I promised, here are some pics of Hope and the colt.  I can’t think you enough for producing such wonderful dogs (friends).

  How Amazing is mom’s level of trust with Hope to allow her to nuzzle her little baby?  What a beautiful photo!


Hi Alice, this is Amber.  I hope to be able to catch her in heat around February.  Here is an updated picture if her.  I just think she is gorgeous!  Hope all is well with you family.



Guardian Harley Von Gottschalk

Hi Alice,

I just wanted to thank you again for your kindness and warmth. Especially thank you for Harley. She has turned the house upside down in the BEST way! We considered renaming her “Jaws” since her teeth work better than any of her parts.
She has brought so much energy and life into her new home. She is a joy. She has been chasing the cat and her giant roomate, my Mastiff. He barks at her and she tries harder to play with him. The potty training is going very well…a few wet accidents because she is faster than me. She is a very smart girl and has already barked/growled a little when she is awakened by my one son coming in late. She likes bringing in a present every time we go outside, so we always have a leaf, stick or rock to return to the backyard.  Smile
That is something my Major always did, too. She sleeps even harder than she plays and totally slept through her first vet exam and visit. She had her ears cleaned, eyes looked at and her temperature taken without any reaction at all except some snoring. The vet said it was the easiest puppy exam she has ever done! She slept all through me carrying her back to the car and halfway home. I thought you and the girls would like a few pictures of her. Oh, and she really likes my slippers. Thank you again. I will keep in touch.



“Otto” Guardian Hamlet Von Gottschalk and “Lulu” Guardian Hermosa Von Gottschalk

Hi, Alice.


I just wanted to touch base and let you know that all is well with the furbabies!  We took them to a different vet yesterday, one who does a balance of holistic and traditional veterinary medicine (the receptionist told us up front that we should go somewhere else if we want tail or ear docking, so we knew that was a good sign).  The dogs relaxed right away and had a blast.  They actually enjoyed getting shots at the vet!  Both stool samples were clean, and ears looked good.  Everyone kept saying how gorgeous they both are, especially little Ham-bone with his big, beautiful head.  At 12 weeks, Otto/Hamlet weighs 21.40 lbs and Lulu/Hermosa weighs 19.00 lbs.



We also started working with our trainer last week, and both puppies are enjoying working for treats and are catching on fast.  The trainer had us start having our sons hand-feed the puppies their kibble at dinner time, and that has really helped to get the puppies and the little boys more comfortable with one another.  Otto/Hamlet is a little hand-shy and timid when first meeting people, so we are working on introducing him to as many people as possible (and arming all the new people with treats to smooth the introductions).



These are the sweetest dogs imaginable.  We are thoroughly enjoying them, and we definitely have no more worries about them not bonding with us.  I think that in the cases where people have problems raising litter mates, they probably left the dogs to their own devices too much when they were little and it’s the owners who didn’t put in the time and effort to bond with the puppies in the beginning, not the other way around – like if the owners knew they didn’t have a lot of time to spend with a puppy and got two to keep each other company, then ignored the puppies for months and were surprised when the dogs didn’t grow up to be man’s best friend.  Did I mention how much we love these doggies?!  J


Thank you, and have a great weekend!


Rebecca & Bernie 



“Heidi” Guardian Hydra Von Gottschalk

Heidi is doing great! Thriving. First puppy class is Sat. She already knows how to sit!! She has completed and complimented our family!!!

Puppy Graduation Day!!

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