• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

D Litter: Goliath x Qi’ra

Guardian Rottweilers D Litter
Sire: Goliath Vom Boki’s Hause
(Hulk Crni Vitez x Candy Timit-Tor)
Dam: Guardian Qi’ra Von Gottschalk
(Doctor Timit-Tor x Guardian Illusive Von Gottschalk)
Pups born on Christmas Eve!

Qi’ra’s gorgeous girls:
Guardian Dilophosarus von Gottschalk

Guardian Deltadromeus von Gottschalk


Guardian Dubreuillosaurus von Gottschalk

Guardian Dryosaurus von Gottschalk

Qi’ra’s gorgeous guys:
Guardia Diplodocus von Gottschalk


Guardian Deinosuchus von Gottschalk


Guardian Dracorex von Gottschalk

Guardian Dromaeosaurus von Gottschalk

“Romeo” Guardian Dromaeosaurus von Gottschalk

Hi Alice, just wanted to give you a couple of newer pics of Romeo.  He is the absolute best puppy we have ever had!!  We love him so so much!! We are in our second training class & he is doing wonderful  Thank you again for blessing us with him!!


“Jade” Guardian Dryosaurus von Gottschalk

Hey Alice! Just wanted to send you updated photos of our pups. They are both lovely. Jade is incredibly smart, and is becoming quite the couch potato. Jewel is so loving and energetic. She loves to play fetch, and doesn’t allow her vision impairment to stop her from anything!
-Rachel & Kyle

You can see her using her nose to find the ball <3
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