• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

T Litter: Hit x Fanta

Guardian Rottweilers T LITTER
Sire: Hit Se Ungo-Rot
Dam: Fanta Von Wolf Stamm

Fanta is a gorgeous, sweet girl with a phenomenal pedigree.  Her sire, Pascal Haus of Lazic 5x CAC, CACIB, 5x BOB, BOG is a large, strong male and the direct son of ADRK-JUGENDCHAMP, VDH Hero von der Tonberger Hohe BH, VPG1,IPO 2, who is of course the son of DT.VDH-Champion, VDH Jahrhundert.Jugensieger 2006, Czech Klub jugendsieger EXEL VOM WEISSEN SCHWAN BH, Ztp, SchH/VPG II and grandson of legendary Mambo von Der Crossener Ranch!!  Fanta’s pedigree also boasts DOUBLE WORLD CHAMPION Burning des Princes d’Aragone- IFR WORLD CHAMPION 2012, IFR WORLD CHAMPION + BOB 2009, ADRK AUSLANDSJUGENDSIEGER, BELGIAN KLUBSIEGER + BOB, SCHWEIZER KLUBSIEGER + BOB, FRENCH KLUBSIEGER + BOB, HOLLAND KLUBSIEGER + BOB, ITALIAN AUSLANDSIEGER, TICINO SIEGER 2011, VOJVODINA SIEGER 2011 + BOB, STEIERMARKSIEGER 2012 + BOB, SENZA FRONTIERE SIEGER 2012 + BOB, ECRC USA WINTER SIEGER 2012, LOZNICA SIEGER 2012, ADRK BH, UFR BH, ADRK ZTP, UFR ZTP, Croatian breeding test (ZTP), CSAU Certificate, IPO I along with 2007 ADRK KLUBSIEGER Ben vom Langen Grund BH, Ztp, AD, Sch III, IPO III and IFR YOUTH WORLD CHAMPION 2007 Dack Flash Rouse VDH EUROPAJUGENDSIEGER ’07, SLOVENIA YOUTH WINNER ’07, BENELUX YUGENDSIEGER ’07, HUNGARIA YUGENDSIEGER ’07, F.C.I. EUROPA YUGENDSIEGERE ’07, ADRK KSZ`07 V2 R-Anw. Dt.Ch.VDH Auslandjugendsieger!!

Fanta has been bred to one of Europe’s up and coming super stars,  Hit Se Ungo-Rot, who is the son of LEX vom Hause Edelstein who won his first world title as a puppy!!  Lex went on to win BALKAN JUGEND SIEGER 2014, DONAUJUGENDSIEGER 2013, Vice Ö – BUNDESJUGENDSIEGER 2013, YOUTH FOREGIAN ALBA REGIA CUBWINNER 2013, YOUNG CHAMPION OF SLOVENIA, YOUNG CHAMPION OF CROATIA, YOUNG CHAMPION OF AUSTRIA, ZAGREB JUNIOR WINNER 2013, 9x BEST YOUNG MALE6x J. BEST OF BREED, Multi BOS, 5x BEST OF BREED all by the age of 2!!  Just a few of the other SUPER STARS in Hit’s pedigree- Mambo, Gringo, Ramona, Dack, Uzi, Bronko, Morro, Gonsalo, Odo, Eva, Rick, Vico, Xantos, Marsio, Nando, Boss, Matcho… really just not a single dog that is not an ambassador of the breed and highly sought after in production!!  No wonder Hit is so remarkable and this breeding will be EXTRAORDINARY!!

Guardian TUCK Von Gottschalk


Guardian TANK Von Gottschalk


TUCK and TANK- 40 days old


Tuck and Tank ONLY 18 days old!



Guardian Tank Von Gottschalk

10 week old Tank

He’s coming along pretty good. He’s got a girl friend already if you watch the video of those two. She about 4 week older than him. I just had a total shoulder replacement 4 weeks ago so I let him run in the big field next to my house he want to hunt those moles and chase them in their holes. It’s so obvious to see he’s from a excellent blood line   After watching how he’s mother hits that arm pad tank is doing that with a big bath towel wrap around my sons arm. He loves to jump and bit it. He’s walks with or without a leash  I had to get Roxie’s choker chain it’s to big but it works. I always tell him he’s got some big shoes to fill. Because Roxie’s head got to big for that chocker chain.  He’s is got that it factor. Very smart.  What’s your intention with putting him in training for Europe shows and what age is this going to help   Would like to bring him over to your place so he can be around other Rotts

Tank with his cherry tree stick.  He looks so handsome.

Here is a couple of picture of my baby boy

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