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B Litter: Diesel X Alexis

Guardian Rottweilers B LITTER
Dam: Alexis V. Jenoak


DIESEL Von Gottschalk                                  Alexis V. Jenoak          


First off we want to thank you and your family for an AWESOME friend. Rogue was born on thanksgiving of 06 and her first year has been a great one. She is well behaved, mild tempered and has a personality all her own. We just celebrated her 1st birthday complete with “doggy bags” for all her friends, “frosty paws” and slide show on the big screen all for her. We love her so much, probably to much because she thinks she’s human. The one thing that she is continually persistent on is getting in bed with us. We’ve tried to break this habit, but every night, like clockwork, around 4am she’ll jump into our bed ever so gently (as an 84lb. rotty can). Anyways, we hope to get another family member from you soon and look forward to the memories to come. Thanks, Jordan/Stephanie & Rogue




It’s me Lexis Von Haisley. My daddy is Diesel and my mom is Alexis.
I am now 17 months old. (I was born on my new brothers B-day Nov. 23rd) 06 I just love my new parents.
I went to puppy school and everyone there thought that I was really smart and beautiful, which I know that I am. (Just take a look at my parents)
My new mom and dad really spoil me. I get to go on walks and get to sleep with them. Not as much as I did when I was smaller.
Mom and dad bought me a therapeutic memory foam that goes on a bed in a twin size. They folded it in half and put it in my own
bedding, so I have a nice and comfortable bed just like theirs. I’ll let you in on a little secret, don’t tell them though.
I get up every morning around 2:00 in the morning and my dad lets me out to potty and after I come back in, I jump up in their bed. Now
I am really comfortable. (I like to be close to them)

Thank You so MUCH for our loving BIG girl! We wouldn’t trade her in for NOTHING. She is SO loving and special.
She lets us know when it is time to go to bed every night. If I am on my laptop in the front room, she will come up to it and try to shut it by
using her nose. She is so silly.

Everyone thinks that she is so PRETTY and lovable.

We will have to come and visit you ALL some day. Maybe in May when I take a vacation the week of the 26th.

Here is a pic of her. You would be so PROUD of this girl.

Talk to you later and love them dogs.
Take care and tell everyone Hi for us.

Patty and Scott
and don’t forget LEXIS.

Lexis (Diesel X Alexis) now full grown–what a gorgeous representative of the breed!

Thought you would enjoy a couple of photos of Lexis.
She is such a BLAST!!!!  We LOVE her soooooo much. Just another BIG baby.
She loves playing in the snow and knows what it means when we say “want to go play in the snow”











We love all our puppies and are always so excited to watch them grow, but one little boy (I say this because they are always my babies even when they are over 100 pounds!) has really made us proud.  Kathy purchased Luke from us for her teenage daughter, Tori, as a birthday present 2 years ago.  Soon after, Tori was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  Because of how attached Tori was to her little puppy, Kathy got special permission from Riley Children’s Hospital for Luke to come and visit Tori.  We are happy to report that Tori is doing fine, and that the staff took so well to Luke that he continues to make visits as a therapy dog to other children at Riley’s.

I just wanted to give you an update on Luke.  Tori and I could never thank you enough.  I know that having Luke with her everyday made all the difference in her recovery after surgery.  He has become such an important member of our family and we could not imagine life without him.  He follows Tori everywhere and is her constant guardian.  When she gets one of her headaches, he lies beside her with his head gently against hers until she feels better.  Luke has earned his Canine Good Citizen and we continue to take him to the hospital.  The kids really seem to respond well to him.
Thank you again and again.



T.J, sends me e-mails frequently.  He now lives with Greg and Jen.  I have included a few exerpts from “his” e-mails:
Dear  family,
I just want to thank you for taking such good care of me while I was little. Mom said I should let you know how I am doing. We stopped at the Vet on our way home and she said I was a good looking pup and checked out just fine…I ring a bell when I have to potty. Sometimes I do it on my own, and sometimes Mommy and Daddy remind me, but, I haven’t had an accident all week. Mommy does this thing where I have to “stay.” I try and I can do it for a few seconds, but I get anxious. Mommy says I am a good boy!…Mom has taught me to sit, stay, lay down, and turn a circle. She gets very excited when I do these simple tricks. I can’t wait for more challenging stuff to show her how smart I really am…I love to sit on things, the step, the coffee table, I don’t think just because I have four legs, that I should have to sit on the floor. Next, Mom says I am growing up to be a handsome thing. (I think my tongue is too big) Also, I can catch a ball really good. I got sent ahead at school from Puppy to Novice Clicker and I have only been for three weeks. I really impressed Sue (my teacher) and Mom and Dad with my performance, I even went through the tunnel, walked the see-saw and did a few small jumps. I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day! Thanks for being such a good Mommy to me and all my brothers and sisters. I miss you and I promise that I will come and see you sometime. Love, T.J…It’s been awhile since I wrote and sent pictures. Here are some current pictures of me that Mommy took. I am doing great. I love that it is cooler now so we can go out and play more. I still behave very good for Mommy and Daddy. Not a lot of new tricks, but I remember all the ones that I have been taught. I saw the new litter of puppies on your website. We check it a lot to keep up on you guys. I hope all the new puppies are as loved as I am. Hugs and sloppy puppy kisses to you all. Love, T.J

Hey all,
I just wanted to check in with you since it has been awhile. All is good here. I have been swimming in the pond a lot this year. I love to slap the water and bite at it. It is a a lot of fun, but Mom says I look funny doing it. Dad is retired now and we spend lots of time together. I hope you are all doing well and are going to enjoy the 4th this weekend. Thanks again for doing so much to make so many happy homes with me and all my brothers and sisters. Love and sloppy kisses.
T. J.

You may use us a reference at any time. TJ is the most awesome friend, companion, and guardian that we could hope for. We waited 6 years knowing that we could never have another “Thor,” little did we know that we could have another Rottie that would be smarter, more beautiful, and more devoted than we could have hoped for. You could not ask for a more perfect companion than a family member from Guardian Rottweilers. Please have a blessed Christmas and a prosperous New Year shedding your great puppy love on many families!

Hope everyone is enjoying the winter. Your new place looks great! Can you believe how much snow and ice we had this winter? I finally got a full release from my surgeon and went yesterday to my family doctor. He said he could tell I was “happy.” I didn’t know it showed so much! Also, through the recovery time and lack of exercise (I did do my therapy every day with Daddy’s help) I gained 15 pounds, that makes me 116. Doc said I should not worry, that I look great. I sent some new pictures: Me trying to get some lovin from Mom, and then Mom caught me waiting at the door for Daddy. I heard Mom say we were all going for a walk so I have to go help them get ready. I hold Mom’s gloves while she gets all her gear on. She can’t do a thing without me. Take care and luv to all!!

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