• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

Alexis V. Jenoak

*This Rottweiler is not owned by GR, but we may have worked with his/her owner, handler or breeder, incorporated him/her in our breeding program, trained or handled him/her or simply respect their contribution to a breed we love.*
Alexis is a large, heavy boned and well muscled female weighing 102 pounds standing 24 inches at the withers.  (Click here for German standards.)  She has dark mahogany markings, dark eyes and gums and correct set ears.  She has a wonderful disposition and is very eager to please.  Alexis is a decedent of world famous Jeneck lineage  (after following the link to Pawvillege, continue clicking on the “Sire” and “Dam” to follow Alexis’ German pedigree back to the early 1900’s).  Alexis is the great-grand daughter of both Jeneck’s Wotan  (sire’s side) and Jeneck’s Uno (dam’s side)!Alexis is one of our best producing females, producing consistently and giving great bone and substance to her pups.  She is an excellent mom with extra milk.  She is very affectionate to her pups, yet trusting enough to allow human intervention.  She gets her broad chest and heavy frame from her impressive Jeneck lineage shared also by our female, Serenity.
Look how small these 2 giants make that King size bed appear!
I have said over and over again that a beautiful dog is nothing with out a beautiful temperament.  Our dogs not only “tolerate” our children, they love them.  They will look for the kids if they are gone and greet them always as long lost friends.  My Alexis has so much trust, confidence, and affection for my children, that she allows my 6 year old daughter to hold her pup only hours after it was born. 
I am holding Alexis favorite toy to get her attention, yet she will not leap for it while my daughter is holding onto her.  It is funny to go for a walk and have my 4-yr old holding Diesel’s leash and one of my daughters holding another leash of a 100+ pound dog, and me just pushing the baby stroller–especially when a grown adult will walk past with a 10 pound dog that they have absolutely no control over!  ;-)’
Alexis’ Pedigree:





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