• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

E Litter: Diesel X Goldi

Guardian Rottweilers E LITTER
Dam: Goldi Crni Lotos


DIESEL                                                                                  Goldi Crni Lotos




Guardian Elmo Von Gottschalk

Guardian Ella Von Gottschalk

Alice, all went well! Ella is so precious! Qalos is not sure what to think of her but is intrigued. He is following her around. She seems to think he is her safe place. He must look like all those other dogs she’s been around! Your sweet husband did a great job! Thank you both!! Debby

Hi Alice! I know I would have a hard time letting my babies go! Ella is doing wonderful. She is so fun! Qalos seems to think she is his total responsibility. He follows her everywhere. Last night she was on top of him chewing his ears and he just lay there patiently enduring! The only problem is he thinks all her new toys should be his to destroy. We had our first Vet appt yesterday and of course everyone there loved her. 

She seems to be doing fine on the ACANA, the pet store said they would have the FROMM next week, so I’m sure it will be fine. It is probably too much protein for a growing pup long term. I have learned SO much about dogfood in the past year. People are asking ME questions.

Take care!! Stay warm this week. We are even cold down here in FL.    Debby

Guardian Emma Von Gottschalk



Guardian Elite Von Gottschalk

Hi Alice!
Now that we finally made it home, 7 hours of driving ugh! I thought I would just drop a quick note to let you know that Elite is absolutely amazing. She was so wonderful in the hotel last night, and on the drive home I had a blanket and toys on the passenger seat for her and she rode there the whole way! Minus the odd stop to tromp through the snow and to grab something to eat and drink.  I hope Miguel made it back ok. Sorry I didn’t write back sooner. City driving is not my cup of tea! haha. Everything went good at the vet also. Our vet is such a rottie lover and was so happy that she still has her tail! His male passed away in October and I almost had to pry her from his arms to get out the door!
Anyways I will write again soon and send some pics of her in her new home. But I better get going now, we have a big day ahead of us tomorrow. Her first day at work!
Thanks again,

Hi Alice,
It’s been a few weeks now since we’ve been home. Everything is going great! Isis (the most respected goddess of ancient Egypt) is very smart, calm, and wonderful with our son. She learns quickly which toys are hers and which are his, and they get along great. Plus they wear each other out, which makes bedtime much better for all of us. Haha.
She loves coming for car rides and knows the passenger seat is her domain. She is good at going potty outside. Doing great at basic commands. Everyone she meets just loves her. I will send some photos as soon as possible but we have very slow internet at our house so I’ll have to wait until I am somewhere with high speed 🙂

Thanks again for such an amazing addition to our family 🙂

Hi there,
I know it’s been awhile since I wrote last, and you still haven’t gotten any photos, so I figured I better fix that tonight. They aren’t very recent unfortunately, but I will get you more soon. “Guardian’s Elite” or Isis as we have referred to her since we brought her home, is doing awesome! Her and my son get along great and she is a huge hit at work. If a day goes by that I don’t bring her in I get heck from numerous customers. She is sweet and loyal and has such a great personality. And so smart! Everyone at the vet office loves her too.
Thanks again for blessing our family with such a wonderful family member.

Photos are
#1- on the drive home from Vancouver airport the morning after her arrival
#2- feeling quite at home on our son’s little couch.
#3-Sharing some quiet reading time with our son

Like I said those are all fairly old from when we first got her home, but I will send you current ones soon. They just take so long to upload with our slow connection speed. 🙂

Hi Alice,
Just wanted to say Happy Holidays to you and your family. Isis (Registered “Elite”) is doing great here in Canada. She is so wonderful and loving. As long as she is in the same room with us she is happy. She follows my son around all over the house, and is so great with him. I can’t tell you how happy we are with her. I got a photographer to do some photos of her and thought I would attach a couple. 
All the best, 

Guardian Eileen Von Gottschalk

Hi Alice!
The last couple of months have flown by but I wanted to give you an update on our amazing Eileen…we thought about changing her name, but since we brought her home as a surprise for our son’s 5th birthday and the first words out of his mouth were “Come on Eileen!” the name stuck.  Thank you so much for all of your knowledge and advice–you definitely knew which puppy would be perfect for our family.  Eileen is so laid back, calm (most of the time) and loving…we could not ask for a better companion.  I could write for hours about all of the things we love about her, but I will try to contain it to a few of my favorite stories 🙂  
     – her “guardian” instinct came out quickly…she had been home about 2 weeks and I took her out to potty about 1am when my husband walked up (he was working 2nd shift and had pulled up to the front of the house) Eileen immediately got in front of me and into her “mean girl” stance with the cutest growl (which I told her was very menacing of course) until she recognized who was walking toward us.  Amazing.  I couldn’t believe how she was willing to protect me when she was still such a baby herself. 
     -Even though we originally got Eileen for our son, she has really bonded with our 18 month old daughter.  They cuddle together, Eileen follows Avery every time she leaves the room, and Eileen parks her rear end on the bath mat when Avery takes a bath to make sure she is safe.  She already “herds” Avery back toward the house when she thinks she is getting too close to the road.
    -She definitely has her father’s ball drive 🙂  Kaleb has gotten a lot of exercise retrieving the balls he throws.
    -We just got back from our first trip to the lake and Eileen loved everything about it…riding in the boat, chasing the ducks, splashing in the water.  She also went with us to Rock City and we got so many compliments on how well-behaved and pretty she was.
Basically, we just want to thank you for the amazing job you do.  We could not ask for a better dog.
–The Archer Family
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