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Lava & Legend

Legend and Lava were not imported, but rather 2 pick puppies from a litter I co-owned with their breeder.


Hi, Alice. This is Brandi Miller. I know you’re really really busy but I just wanted to let you know Lady Lava was Perfect on the trip home! She’s exactly how you describe her on your website, playful, spunky, loveable, very alert, and so well-behaved. You do a great job with your dogs. We adore her. And I would swear my male, Alaric knows she’s a Rottweiler. He’s EXCITED about her. He acts like he’s ecstatic. Tried to get a picture of her jumping all over him but it’s impossible. We rescued a little female mixed breed from the pound this spring and he acted completely different when we brought her home. Thanks for being such a great breeder. I knew I was right when I wouldn’t get a puppy anywhere else. I just had a feeling!

Thank you,


Hi! So nice to hear from you. I have to tell you, we LOVE her. She is the sweetest, funniest and most loveable little thing. She’s definitely our baby. The “no couch policy” has become null and void now. My boy Alaric is totally excited about that, LOL.  And you’re right, she’s definitely gonna love the pool. She’s been in on the steps a few times while it was still warm but even though it’s getting too cool, if we’re in there, she’s gonna be in there unless we put her in the house. I could definitely sit here forever and write pages about how adorable she is. She’s decided her partner in crime is my 14 month old Rott Alaric. If she can be around him, she’s gonna be. They’ve really bonded. It was pretty much an instant thing which surprised me because he’s such a bullheaded “alpha type”. He lets her crawl all over him and use his ears as chew toys. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to make her one of our family. I promise you, she will always be loved! And I’ve attached some pictures, not the perfect quality because I never have time to get my digital camera when she’s being adorable but it still shows a small part of her life here. Thank you for getting in contact with us and I’ll send updates as she gets older. I won’t be able to help it anyway, I force everyone I work with to look at the newest pictures I’ve taken of both my doggies:-)



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