• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

A Litter: Mauser x Hade

Guardian Rottweilers A LITTER
Sire: Mauser of Nicola’s Lion
Dam: Hade de Breogan


Here is the sire to this incredible litter!!

Champion Mauser of Nicola’s Lion

(Zews of Nicola’s Lion x Fanta of Nicolas Lion)
HD-A , ED-0
JLPP – Free
11.06.2015. World Dog show : V2 -Intermedia class ( judge: Nicola Parrini)
25.07.2015. Clubsieger Belgium : V1- Intermedia class ( judge Srdjan Knezevic )
26.7.2015. ADRK Nordseekutenshau: V1,JCAC – Young class (judge: Siegmund Trebschuh)
16.8.2015. Sremsieger show – Stara Pazova: V2- Open class (judge: Olga Grin)
28.8.2015. ADRK spec. rottw. show.: V-intermedia class (judge: Uwe Peterman)
29.8.2015. ADRK KS: V- Intermedia class (judge: Helmut Weiler)
19.9.2015. Balkansieger: V2, R.CAC -Intermedia class (judge: Zec Vladimir)
20.9.2015. Macedoniasieger: V1, CAC- Intermedia class (judge: Olga Grin)
04.10.2015 .CACIB Gradacac: V1, CAC, CACIB , BOB – Intermedia class
04.10.2015. CAC Gradacac : V1 , CAC , BOB -Intermedia class
10.10.2015. CACIB OBrenovac : V1, CAC-Intermedia class( judge Gere Tibor )
17.10.2015. CACIB Pozarevac : V1,CAC, R.CACIB -Open class ( judge Dragan Babic )
25.10.2015. CAC Debeljaca: V1-CAC-DERBY WINNER-Intermedia class (judge: Milenkovic Branko)
01.04.2016. Special.show.Senza Frontiere : V3,Open class ( judge Olga Grin)
03.04.2016.Klubsieger Italy : V1 CAC, Working class ( judge Olga Grin)
01.05.2016 .Klubsieger Serbia : V1, AUSLANDSIEGER SERBIA Working class ( judges: Stojadinovic Radisa and Siegmund Trebschuh )
20.05.2016. Klubsieger Lithuania : V2 ( judge Vinico Di Paolo )
29.05.2016 .Special show Kovin : V1 , CAC ( judge Dragan Babic )
25.06.2016 . Alten Festunf Sieger : V1 – Working class ( judge Srdjan Knezevic )
21.08.2017 . ADRK – Klubsieger Germany – V – Working class ( judge Uwe Peterman )


Guardian Apollo Von Gottschalk
Apollo is such a great pup and such an Alpha! So smart and biddable like you said. And he and Lady Nina are best buds. They wrestle a whole lot, too. Lol
Apollo also had no problem on the leash and walks right at my side

Best pup EVER!! (Don’t tell Lady Nina, though ?)

Congrats on the new litters and Happy New Year! Quick question, can you recommend a good dog food other than Origen? I know you’re doing raw now. Just wondering your past experience with other brands.

Good morning Alice. Here’s an updated picture of Apollo. He’s now 65lbs and super sweet and smart:

Sweetest guy ever ??

Here’s your big sweet boy. (75lbs this morning and very agile)

Good morning Alice,
Here’s an updated picture of Ayo from yesterday.  He’s still growing and filling out. Hard to believe.
Hi Alice,
I hope that all is well!  Here’s a picture of Ayo.  He’s now 17 months old.  Such a sweet pup still.  The picture where they are sitting down is a month old and the picture where he is standing up is from December.T. Simon Hightower

Apollo’s almost 8 months old <3 Such a great pup!! And already over 90lbs but not fat at all.

“Yana” Guardian Anya Von Gottschalk

Hi Alice!
I hope you had a great Christmas and a happy new year!! Just wanted to give you an update on our little (but getting so big) Yana, a.k.a. Anya. We’ve had quite the hectic few weeks since we got her, but we are now settled into our new home in Austin, TX. Yana has taken the changing scenery like a champ! Of course, we’ve had our share of accidents, but we’re getting the routine down and she’s taking to her new home just fine. The parks here are amazing and she gets plenty of exercise and meets lots of new friends.
I’ve attached some pictures so you can see how she’s doing! Obviously she’s a superstar down here in Austin, being such a huge dog city. We walk her through the park and EVERYONE wants to pet her. She’s getting all the socialization she can handle. She’s so friendly and so smart too. She picks up new tricks in no time. She plays great with other dogs. We’ve crate trained her well enough where she flies into her crate (typically meaning food is coming) whenever we tell her. We love the heck out of her!
We have had our share of frustrations, however. We are having difficulty with biting and aggression. She’s so friendly 99% of the time. But then in a couple of certain situations, she shows some pretty serious aggression. Most of the time we have no problem trading toys/treats with her, but with certain treats (i.e. Beef trachea) and other things she tends to find to eat, she just loses her mind and tries (with success sometimes) biting the heck out us if we get anywhere near. Also, she doesn’t enjoy being handled, (i.e. being picked up). She has gotten better as we work on it and treat her when we pick her up and she is calm. But she has lost it on my arm, growling and biting me multiple times, drawing blood in multiple places. We feel that her guarding and such has gotten worse with time, though we work on it all daily. Having said that, though we have seen one trainer (who said we were doing everything right- which obviously we are not), we just took her to a trainer who specializes in working dogs and he did an eval on her. He says she is definitely a working dog and will get better when we start her in more advanced training but also admits that she is showing signs of aggression that need to be fixed.
This email is mostly to update you on both the goods and bads! We have read your page on this issue, but if you have any additional recommendations for our beautiful pup, we would greatly appreciate it. We love her so much. And she’s honestly the most amazing, smart pup 95% of the time. I just know these are issues that need to be fixed now, or they will come with bad consequences. 

Stephen and Shelby


Thank you so much for such a thorough update!  You do not know how much I appreciate that!  I am also very glad that you are recognizing and addressing her issues now rather than ignoring them and expecting them to magically fix themselves.  Yes, she and her sister have been the most confident, capable puppers in the litter since they were old enough to walk really, and yes, she comes from strong working lines on both sides of her pedigree and is an excellent example of an amazing working prospect.  However, having said all of that, it does not mean that disrespectful and inappropriate behavior should ever be tolerated.  And yes!  Puppy needle teeth are VERY sharp and even with just a scrape can draw blood, let alone if she is really going for gold.  The first thing I would do is invest in a cheap drag line.  That is a cheap leash that will remain attached to her at all times that you do not care if she drags it around, chews on it, etc.  This is important because if she has something you need to get to or if you need to get to her, then you can safely grab the drag line and get her to you without fear of her biting.  Next, every single time she shows ANY signs of aggression, that has to be dealt with IMMEDIATELY and VERY STRONGLY.  You cannot leave any doubt in her mind that there is any room for leeway in that respect.  She is a strong, stocky Rottweiler and you will not hurt her if you grab her collar sharply, yank her right up to you and shout “NO!” to her.  If that is still not sufficient, then you pop her on the nose hard enough for her to understand that it was a serious correct to a serious action.  I have raised hundreds of working dogs/pups every bit if not more stubborn than she is 😉 and they are ALWAYS my absolute favorites! <3 <3  All of my best dogs, to date, have been strong minded what we in the dog world call “hard” dogs.  Ocho, Diesel, Crom, Plinda (Isis mom), Ulan, Serenity, Gage…  a hard dog does not have to be an ill behaved dog, and as a matter of fact, once you have earned that respect, you have it for life and that dog will take on a dragon if he/she has to!  A hard dog for me, is the easiest to train, the most balanced version of a Rottweiler, and a dog I can trust in any situation at any time, any where.  
You do not live so far from me, so you are welcome to bring her by anytime you like and I can show you as well.  I can promise you that she would bite me one time, maybe twice if she was really pushing her luck, and that would be the end of it.  The problem is, me teaching her that will not fly here (and she knew that before she left- I can promise you that she never tried that here- she just inherently knew what the pack order was, and if there was any doubt, we would have corrected that straight away!), will not do you any good as YOU have to be the ones to teach her that will not fly there.  You have to earn that respect from her.  Working with a trainer is fantastic, but finding the correct trainer is just as important as finding the correct breeder.   He/she must be a good trainer who SPECIFICALLY knows, works with, and understands working dogs.  Working dogs are smarter and stronger minded than a labrador or boxer (this is why be both love them and want to be done with them sometimes! lol)  So a trainer at PetSmart that just teaches puppies how to sit will not do anything for her.  He/she will not challenge her or be able to correctly address and redirect her.  The good news is, once you get with the correct trainer and address the breakdown in communication (because that is all it is right now- there is something that you are not effectively communicating with her that makes her think that her position in the pack is ABOVE yours and therefore gives her the right to correct you), you will see just how intelligent she truly is and you will have a dog that everyone dreams of owning!
Please follow up with me in, let me know what the trainer has recommended, and let me know if you need anything else.  We are here for you and for her <3
Best Regards,

Guardian Arrow Von Gottschalk
He already loves the baby. Just sits beside him all the time lol oh and licks his feet a lot

They love each other so much! Hope all is well


“Buddy” Guardian Arkade Von Gottschalk
Hello again Alice

Buddy (Arkade) is doing great! He is still intact. He recently spent 15 days training and boarding locally. He has proven to be extremely sharp and driven as I’m sure you’re aware. He gets compliments from the trainers and in general from almost everyone he meets! People say very often they can’t believe how cute he is or what a great looking dog! He is overwhelmingly happy and positive! He just loves meeting new people and other dogs too! Its his level of excitement that has to be kept in check. I’m learning to keep him focused on using a command to keep him occupied. He has shown a tremendous amount of improvement from the training and more potential than I imagined. I’m sure you already know that too?

“Brie” Guardian Alibi Von Gottschalk
I was a little slow grabbing my phone to video but I caught some of the first kisses her new mom (Karen) gave her.

Miguel didn’t say anything about her but my mom said to me on the ride home that the best part of “this experience” was seeing how Miguel was cradling her so close to him as he walked up to us…she loved the personal contact and it was quite obvious how much he cared about the precious puppy he was bringing to us :).  And can I just say how adorably sweet Ethan was!!!! He thanked me for Coco…it was just the sweetest moment ever!  You and Miguel have really truly been wonderful parents and the love & care Miguel took while transporting Alibi (who I think is going to be called “Brie”….my aunt has a thing for “B” names for the dogs) just shows how terrific a “team” you both are!
Btw….when you get back from Europe there should be a box of Godiva waiting for you…it was my plan to fix you a “care package” on Monday but things happened a little too quickly last night for me to go shopping for you (I called my local pet supply store and asked the owner to keep the doors open as I was on my way to grab some toys and Stella&Chewy dehydrated raw!)
Love to you!!! (I told Miguel to give you a big hug from me)
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