• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

O Litter: Ecco x Pantera

Guardian Rottweilers O LITTER
Sire: Ecco Se Ungo-Rot
Dam: Guardian Pantera Von Gottschalk


WHAT A BREEDING!!  Ecco has been very quickly climbing the ladder and dominating- not only in the ring, but in what he is producing!!  Yogi, Cochise, Kochiz, Fausto, Arlos, Lacky, Tito, Rex, Ramona, Gonzzo, Amigo, Kendy, Arzadon Tayson, Joy- AND THAT IS JUST THE FIRST 4 GENERATIONS!!!  It is absolutely no wonder why he produces what he produces!!  Ecco is literally the definition of perfection physically and mentally and with the genetics to continue producing!  So how exactly do you find a female that can compete with a male like Ecco??  Well, you start with the granddaughter of one of the most influential studs to the Rottweiler breed in the entire history of the breed, LEGENDARY MAMBO VON DER CROSSENER RANCH, and add in International Champion “KING” Marsio Ri Mobby Dick!!  Pantera is one of our best producing females with multiple home runs in every litter, and paired with Ecco– I am literally drooling!  If you think you are seeing something familiar in the pedigree of this litter, Grand Champion Guardian Vlinder Von Gottschalk is Pantera’s daughter!!  With Vlinder’s litter, you have an Arlos line breed; with Pantera’s litter, you have Marsio and Mambo more up front in the pedigree.  Who will produce the next Auslandsieger??  Pantera or Vlinder??  What an impossible decision!!




Guardian Ontari Von Gottschalk
More recent photos. She rode nicely on or trip to Michigan. I did run into a rather rude “breeder” at a craft show there that questioned her breeding and why her tail was not docked. At the end of the conversation she said something about it being a waste her tail wasn’t docked. Like really?! My puppy is a waste?! I’d have punched her but she was a rather large manly gay woman who obviously didn’t have enough intelligence or class to refrain from voicing her opinions about my baby. So I smiled and blessed her heart as us south folks do.
Ontari1 Ontari2 Ontari3 Ontari4 Ontari5 Ontari6
Ontari10 Ontari9 Ontari8 Ontari7
unnamed-17unnamed-16unnamed-14 unnamed-12  unnamed-10
The ride down was peaceful. The last one is morning coffee with me. She didn’t whine at all when I put her to bed last night and when I got up this morning there’s was no mess just lots of puppy kisses. She has got the total adoration of the entire 10 family members on this trip so there is no lack of attention.

I just wanted to share with you how much we enjoy Ontari. She is such a great pup.

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thought I sent these but didn’t see them in my sent box. We got Ontari a new bed for our camping trip. It is enjoyed by Ontari and Madison.

Guardian Ontari Von Gottschalk with her BFF, Guardian Whisky Von Gottschalk


Guardian Oracle Von Gottschalk
Hi Alice our little girl is now 11 pounds and a ball of energy. She has been dry for 3 nights in a row. She also does everything outside. She just does not understand yet to ask to go out. Her pool experience iis going well I her a life jacket.
Oracle1 Oracle2 Oracle3

Lulu one year old as of may 2nd. With her favorite toy a ball. Can run after a ball all day long. She is so very sweet. We love her. Hope all is well Alice at your home. Sincerely Josie and Renzo

Lulu 6yearsold & Rocco now 5months. He is such a great dog. Lulu is very happy with her new step brother. Hope you all are doing well. Thanks again josie


“Kylo” Guardian Oak Von Gottschalk


There is one picture I took on here where it looks like he is battling a Pokemon from the Pokemon Go App (Kylo Oak VS Horsea file). I had to share this one because yes I am a dork and I love Pokemon. lol. Hope you enjoy the photos and sorry again I had to send them in multiple emails!
Oak1 Oak2 Oak3 Oak4 Oak5 Oak6 Oak7 Oak8 Oak9 Oak10 Oak11 Oak12 Oak13  Oak15 Oak16 Oak17 Oak18 Oak19 Oak20 Oak21 Oak22 Oak23 Oak24 


Oh my gosh!! I feel so terrible! How I forgot to send you an update is beyond me!! Kylo is fine and all is well!! Test results came back with him having an allergic reaction to something he ate. The vet concluded that he has food allergies, so he has him on a dog food that is for dogs with sensitive stomachs. We’ve been slowly trying to figure out what all he can and can’t eat, so far we know peanut butter doesn’t seem to agree with him. All in all he is doing great! Couldn’t ask for a better dog. Still has his puppy behaviors as to be expected. 

Kylo is too smart for his own good! He loves to terrorize Nellie, our terrier mix. She tends to go into hiding behind our couch to get a break from him but he’s learned how to lure her out! He knows that if he starts trying to play with us and barks at us, that it makes her come out of hiding to see what is going on. The moment he barks at us, he quickly goes to the end of the couch and waits for her to come out of hiding.  

He loves watching other dogs on TV as well. He often goes up to screen to try and sniff their butts. We’re working hard on getting him a playmate who can go toe to toe with his weight and size. Poor guy tries to play with other dogs, but they just don’t know how to handle him.

Kylo is definitely getting big. Last we had him weighed, he was at 80 pounds and that was back in December. His eating habits are changing to where he doesn’t eat that much throughout the day. When he goes a little too long without any food he tends to throw up his bile. So we always have to make him eat in the morning and then he really chows down in the evenings. When it comes to these food allergies, I have often wondered if it is just growing pains, but I know its pretty common for dogs to be allergic to certain food…it doesn’t help that he still likes to eat whatever kind of vegetation there is outside for his mouth to get a hold of (leaves, weeds, grass). When we had harvested our pumpkins for the season, I cooked some up and fed it to him and he loved them!!

Right now we are trying to introduce him to a big crate for him to lay in while we are at work or sleeping. The first night in the big crate, he peed all over in it. This surprised us because we haven’t had issues with him going in the house since at least September. So right now we are trying to leave him in there for short periods of time so he can get used to it and still know that its not okay to pee in there. Eventually we’d like to have it to where we don’t need to put him in a crate at all.

He’s definitely our big baby. He still thinks he can lay in our laps, all 80+ pounds of him. LOL. And every morning he has to get his “lovins” from us. I have attached some recent pics of him for you to enjoy. Sometimes we see a lot of his momma in him and other times we see all daddy. One of the pictures is of him sitting in MY chair at the kitchen table. I don’t know why, but he really likes to just sit in that chair and chill out. Even when he knows there’s no food on the table, he just plops up there. Its very comical to hear him walking around the kitchen and then hear him pushing the chair out and climbing up onto it.

Again, I am so sorry I didn’t give you an update on his health. I was…and still….working 7 days a week and going to school on top of that at the time, so I must’ve thought that I did send you an E-Mail or something. We had the entire family waiting to hear what the results came back with and we were very excited and relieved!!

Thank you, Alice, for wanting to see that everything was still okay. If it had been really bad, I would have for sure been E-mailing you more and calling you. I hope all is well with you and your family and fur babies! Love seeing all the new litters posted on YouTube. It makes me want another one…if the wife would let me. LOL.

God Bless You!!!


“Flash” Guardian Otter Von Gottschalk
quick check in
he is doing fantastic, all vet visits complete, 27 lbs and looks skin and bones, cant feed him enough,,,, he is too busy being him

he is very happy, hard to find specific time for training with my schedule, learns fast, very well behaved, have been seeing people, other dogs, and new places, did well on leash at farm store saturday, he is working on being worlds best rottweiler!

what about registration, does it go to you then you forward?

thank Alice and family for a wonderful best friend! i am doing my best to meet his expectations

Thank you,

long time no check in, just letting you know how much i love my Flash, he is on gaurd at front porch, shepard is barking, she is the alarm, he is just watching, all is well, he is at 90 lbs, seems a bit small but his features are perfect, he does not have interaction with other dogs, yesterday he did with a old golden, perfect behavior, thats our dog, thank you, hope all is well, god bless

hello miss, checking in, looking for a couple pics i wanted to send you, struggling, making sure you know i love flash, tell him couple times a day, he goes everywhere i go, always, he is treated very well, he is happy, he is loved, alot! again, thank you for my best friend?

hello miss alice, quick note, flash doing well, friendliest dog i have ever had, loves everbody on his turf or not, not alot of rottweiler vocals yet, remains the biggest shadow rott you have ever seen, i move he moves, he is with me all day, most of it in truck, i open door in am he is in!,,,, all positive words no bitching, my very best friend and no dought im am his,,, thank you ! hope all is well with your life! God bless you, and yours!

hello miss, merry christmas, dianes puppy Serenity is doing well,” Naughty Nellie” goes to work with her every day, “Otter”  , Flash, goes with me everywhere, only left house 2x without him last two years,,, he is awesome with everything and everybody, thank you!

“Dean” Guardian Oskar Von Gottschalk
Hi Alice,

I hope you and your family are doing great. Dean is doing fantastic. He now weighs a whopping 15 lbs and he knows sit and down. I am so attached to him already. I took him to the vet last Monday and I have attached the vet paperwork for his records. The vet told me that is the most gorgeous Rottweiler that he has ever seen.


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