• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

Guardian Geneva Von Gottschalk

Guardian Geneva Von Gottschalk is the daughter of none other than Dunjo von Shambala and is one of the most exceptional females I have ever trained.  Such a multi-talented female.  After a brief tour in Europe on show- where she took the highest honor possible earning us #1 breeder in the world at the ADRK KS in Rottweil, Germany, she then went on to successfully complete Service Dog training with her handler.  She is missed so dearly, but I could not be more proud of her.



Guardian Geneva Von Gottschalk

Sire: Dunjo Von Shambala
Maxy Se Ungo-Rot

05 Dec 2010
AKC# WS36062806
Heart Certified

HD – frei ; ED – frei
Certified Service Dog #1426789675 


3 x V 1
3 x C.A.C.
The Best Female
The Best Opposite Sex
The Best of Breed
11.08.2012. – C.A.C. Bozevac – night show –  open class – V 1 ; C.A.C.
25.08.2012. – C.A.C.REKOVAC – open class – V 1 ; C.A.C. – judge : Mr. Ljubisa Nikolic
26.08.2012. – C.A.C. NEGOTIN – open class – V 1 ; C.A.C. ; THE BEST FEMALE ; THE BEST OF BREED – judge : Mr. Nebojsa Nedeljkovic

ADRK KS 2013- Geneva and Progeny- 1st Place Zuchtgruppen Klasse!!!

We cannot be more proud of our Geneva!!  What a PERFECT mix of DUNJO and MAXY!  She has the heavy bone and thick stocky build from Maxy’s line- (Can. for International Champion Marschall Se Ungo-Rot and Champion Brando v. Keleman!) and sharp, clear mind that his line is known for as well as Dunjo’s well muscled incredibly athletic conformation and sweet, affectionate nature and NEVER STOP WORKING attitude!  She is PHENOMENAL and I am SOOO PROUD to have produced her!!  Her handler in Europe, UROS GOLUBOVIC did a remarkable job with her and surely deserves credit for bringing her to her absolute best!  I am SOOOO excited to have this EXCEPTIONAL Dunjo daughter back in my home and CAN NOT wait to get her in the ring!!  With a female this incredible, we will have to find the correct males to breed her with that are able to not only be up to her standard, but can also try to somehow improve on perfection in her offspring!  Watch for some spectacular breedings and expect equally great things from her offspring!!

One of my favorite videos ever <3  Geneva getting in some play time with her father, the one and only Dunjo <3  Was SOOOOO incredible to have both of these exceptional Rottweilers hit the sleeve at the same time- speaks volumes to their character and temperaments.  I love both of these babies with all my heart.

Gorgeous GENEVA and her kids take FIRST PLACE KENNEL CLASS at 2013 ADRK KLUBSIEGER in Rottweil, Germany!!!!
ADRKKS_2013_443 ADRKKS_2013_442 ADRKKS_2013_441 ADRKKS_2013_438 ADRKKS_2013_437 ADRKKS_2013_436 ADRKKS_2013_435 ADRKKS_2013_434 ADRKKS_2013_430 ADRKKS_2013_429 ADRKKS_2013_426 ADRKKS_2013_425 ADRKKS_2013_424 ADRKKS_2013_421 ADRKKS_2013_422 ADRKKS_2013_420 ADRKKS_2013_419 ADRKKS_2013_418 ADRKKS_2013_417 ADRKKS_2013_396 ADRKKS_2013_395 ADRKKS_2013_394 ADRKKS_2013_393 ADRKKS_2013_397 ADRKKS_2013_390 ADRKKS_2013_389 ADRKKS_2013_354 ADRKKS_2013_353 ADRKKS_2013_350 ADRKKS_2013_342 ADRKKS_2013_341 ADRKKS_2013_340 ADRKKS_2013_339 ADRKKS_2013_338 ADRKKS_2013_325 ADRKKS_2013_314 ADRKKS_2013_313 ADRKKS_2013_312 ADRKKS_2013_311 ADRKKS_2013_310 ADRKKS_2013_299 ADRKKS_2013_298 ADRKKS_2013_297 ADRKKS_2013_073 ADRKKS_2013_071 ADRKKS_2013_070 ADRKKS_2013_064 ADRKKS_2013_055 ADRKKS_2013_056 ADRKKS_2013_054 ADRKKS_2013_050 ADRKKS_2013_048 ADRKKS_2013_044 ADRKKS_2013_043 ADRKKS_2013_039 ADRKKS_2013_040 ADRKKS_2013_041 ADRKKS_2013_042 ADRKKS_2013_038 ADRKKS_2013_012

geneva002 geneva005 geneva009 geneva011 geneva013 geneva014 geneva015 geneva018 geneva020 geneva025

Here is young Geneva in Serbia at 17 months old and already such a gorgeous girl!


dunjo01  X  maxy1-1

Dunjo Von Shambala
(Like Vom Sittard Ayka Von Shambala)

Born:  23 Oct. 2004
ADRK Studbook #110433
Pink-Papered German Import
AKC # WS30316201
DNA # V570234
TATOO #110433
CHIP #956000002523287
Heart Cert.# RO-CA5094/76M/P-VPI
MAG test FE
Multi-V Rated
CH. Maxy Se Ungo-Rot
(Marschall Se Ungo-Rot X Hana Von V.D.O.)
Born:  31 Mar 2007

JR 715771 Rw
AKC #WS34077601
CHIP # 688006000210956
HD +/- (good);  ED +/- (good)  (FCI)
5 x C.A.C.
Pedigree of Guardian Geneva von Gottschalk
I. parents II. grandparents III. great-grandparents IV. great-great-grandparents


Guardian Geneva Von Gottschalk’s Breedings, click for more information

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