• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

Dunjo Von Shambala

Dunjo, you have left an impressive legacy and you will forever be in our hearts…

Dunjo Von Shambala

(Like Vom Sittard Ayka Von Shambala)

Born:  23 Oct. 2004
ADRK Studbook #110433
Pink-Papered German Import
AKC # WS30316201
DNA # V570234
TATOO #110433
CHIP # 956000002523287
Heart Cert. # RO-CA5094/76M/P-VPI
MAG test FE
Multi-V Rated
V3 ARV National Sieger

Dunjo is the grandson of both Mambo von der Teufelsbrucke and Balou!!  I could not ask for a better pedigree or a more beautiful dog!  He is amazingly powerful and built like a tank.  He has a ton of ball drive and yet is incredibly affectionate.  When we went to Europe to see this amazing dog in person, we fell in love.  I am sure you will too!


        Mambo von der Teufelsbrucke                                               Balou Vom Silberblick


What an AMAZING dog!!  Dunjo is absolutely gorgeous!  His photos do not even do him justice.  He is so powerfully built with that typey German head.  Dunjo has a very deep, broad chest, strong back and heavy, powerful fore and hind quarters with excellent rear angles.  His head is MASSIVE with a very well defined stop, broad top skull and thick muzzle.

Dunjo is sired by LIKE VOM SITTARD,
SchH III, AD, BH, IPO III, ZtP (12.00) ADRK 100132, HD-, ED- who is out of O-BJS ’95 MAMBO VON DER TEUFELSBRUCKE SchH III, AD, BH, IPO III, GEKORT bis EzA, ZtP (04.96),
DOB: 4/22/94, ADRK 86919, HD+/-!! Dunjo’s dam is just as impressive! AYKA VON SHAMBALA is the sister and littermate the WORLD FAMOUS DT.VDH, Multi V-1, AMBASSADOR VON SHAMBALA, SchH/VPG I, BH, ZtP (06.02), DOB: 4/3/00, ADRK 103713,
HD-, ED-, who is sired by one of my most favorite Rottweilers of ALL TIME, DT-VDH Champion, BALOU VOM SILBERBLICK,
AD, BH, SchH III, FH, Gekort bis 14.05.02, ZtP ADRK 93552, HD-, ED-

As my grandmother always said, it is what is inside that determines true beauty.  And Dunjo is certainly the complete package.  He has a surpurb temperament.  He is very affectionate and attentive, incredibly protective and high in courage, and very biddable and eager to please.  When I went to meet Dunjo for the first time, his owner, Harald, walked up to his kennel and opened it up.  I was about 20 yards away and Dunjo came charging at me like a Mac truck!  Although I am very comfortable around dogs, the speed and power that Dunjo had definitely made me catch my breath.  Dunjo got about halfway to me, stopped dead in his tracks, did a 180, ran back into his kennel and then sprinted back towards me again, this time with a hamburger squeaky toy hanging half out of his mouth squeaking away on it.  He ran up to me and shoved it into my hand inviting me to play.  I was hooked immediately!  I will never forget how he went from breath takingly massive, powerful and slightly intimidating to absolutely adorable and goofy all in less than 2 minutes!  The sight of him bounding at me squeaking away on his hamburger was priceless!!  I am madly in love with my Dunjo!!  His physique is unmatched!  He is PURE muscle!  His character is phenomenal!  Insane ball drive and still heart of gold!  Really, he is like a kid- wants to play all day and nothing makes him happier than some praise and affection.  He has his BH and AD as well as his M.A.G. which is Hollands equivalent of the German ZtP temperament and breed suitability test (Determines whether or not the dog is high enough quality physically and mentally for breeding).  This perfect Rottweiler specimen is not lacking in anything, and we could never thank Harald of Vom Dunvanhof Rottweilers enough.  It is evident that Dunjo was raised with love and affection and was a valued member of the family just as he will be with Guardian Rotweilers.  Fabulous genetics can only do so much for the temperament of an adult Rottweiler, the rest is in the hands of the owner and handler.  Our gratitude and love to Harald and his family.  We are deeply indebted.

Dunjo Video’s: 

This one is Dunjo playing ball at Ethan’s Birthday party.  My brother played ball with him for awhile and then decided to sit and visit.  Well, Dunjo was not done playing ball!  He sat with the ball in his mouth by the pool deck for some time with the most pitiful look.  And when the puppy dog eyes did not work, he started rolling the ball to us on the deck 😉  Dunjo LOVES to play ball!

Dunjo showing off at the ARV National Sieger Show in Caryville, TN

Whoever said “it’s not every day that you see a flying Rottweiler” does not live at Guardian Rottweilers!

If you’re not covered in mud, then you’re not having any fun!

Dunjo is pure rock solid muscle!  He has so much power in everything he does!!  Even turning to catch a ball is so amazing to watch!  All his muscles engage and his reflexes are incredible!  I could watch Dunjo all day long!

He digs in so hard when he runs, jumps and turns that his nails are constantly worn down to almost nothing!  He just EXUDES power!


Ok, after that slightly intimidating photo of my Dunjo working, here are some way too cute puppy pics of him.

The first is of young Dunjo at about a year and the second is when he was a little guy of only 7 weeks!  Not cute enough?  Well, this is him at just a few days old!




24 Juli 2005 CAC ADRK Kranenburg Youthclass J. Wulff G
27 May 2006 NRC Clubmatch  Made Intermediate L.Quartel ZG
4 February 2007 CAC-CACIB show Eindhoven Open W. Eikeseth (Norway) 3 V
5 March 2007 CAC-CACIB show Groningen Open F. Beiboer 3 V
3 Mei 2007 NRC Clubmatch  Emmen Open ZG
24 November 2007 Winner Amsterdam Open W.J.M. Peters ZG
9 Februari 2007 CAC-CACIB show Eindhoven Open ZG



18-11-06 BH – Examen (Germany) BG Schaumburger Land W.Gaa Passed
18-11-06 AD Examen (=UV)  (Germany) BG Schaumburger Land W.Gaa Passed



Pedigree of Dunjo von Shambala
I. parents II. grandparents III. great-grandparents IV. great-great-grandparents


 Dunjo’s Siblings!

Danjo is proudly owned and handled by Nicke Sundberg of Rottis.net in Sweeden!  Nick has done an AMAZING job with Danjo!  BIG CONGRATS Nick!




Dizzy von Shambala ZB-Nr. 110435 – HD-FREI, ED-FREI. BH AD


Dunjo vom Shambala’s breedings, click thumbnails for more information

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