• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

Import: Marsio X Arisha Litter

International Ch. Marsio X Ch. Arisha Se Ungo-Rot

That AMAZING male on the right is Akino, a Marsio son we imported last year.  He is not even one year old here and look how deep his chest is and what a POWERFUL head!  Marsio never disappoints!!  And of course, the most important aspect-so large and powerful, yet so gentle and loyal.  I have said it a 1000 times–there is nothing in the world like a rottie.

Akino Se Ungo-Rot

Happy New Year,
      Sorry this has arrived so late.  I have been trying to fix pictures to send to you.  Thank you so much for the Christmas Card.  We all loved it.  I did not get cards sent this year.  Here is a picture of the kids with Akino and Jag taken December 23, 2008.  Look at the beautiful baby.  We cannot believe he is so big.  He is pushing 100 pounds. Akino is a wonderful dog with a great personality. He does not like to go outside when it is cold. He loves to grab kitchen towels and carry them around the house.  We are trying to break that habit.  We are in process of looking for someone to work with us so we can show him. Hopefully we can find someone soon.  Well I better be going to get dinner going.  I will be sending a picture with a long letter for the brag board soon.

Take Care,
Todd, Karie, Kaity, and Andrew Tyler


“Kyra” Ann Se Ungo-Rot
This is “Kyra” Ann Se Ungo Rot.  She was my pick female from a litter I imported from Europe and sired by International Champion Marsio Ri Mobby Dick (most of you probably already know him).  He is a GORGEOUS male and one of the hottest studs in Europe.  Kyra was bought by a wonderful family in Michigan.  I can not wait to see this beautiful female in another year or two!!

I just wanted to let you know that I can’t get enough of your website! I have been on it all day, shhh don’t tell my boss 😉

I wanted to tell you that Kyra is a blessing to our family! We love her death & she’s such a good girl. I think she likes her new home… she’s a very easy dog (we have gotten MANY compliments on how well she behaves & of course her beautiful looks). We have taken her swimming (I will email you pics as soon as we get our home computer back, or we buy a new one) or I can mail you pics if you would like. She went we us to the beach & walked on the pier with us while our annual Jazz Festival was going on (hundreds of people all around) & she did so well. We were so proud of her!!! I don’t believe she’ll ever stop amazing me. We are a pretty busy/active family & when she gets home she goes right into her crate (we call it her place) & she stretches out on her back w/her tongue hanging out of her mouth & snoring because she’s tired… of course that doesn’t last long ;-)’  after her nap she’s ready to play again! she’s met a lot of our neighbors & they just think she’s perfect (she is perfect!).

I enjoyed meet you & your children & hopefully we will have the pleasure of meeting your husband some day too. Will you tell your kids hello for me? I miss them!!!

Well, I can’t thank you enough for our new edition to our family! I appreciate you, your family & your love for the Rottweiler breed!!!!

You Rott!!! (Like you Rock, but only better)

Take care & God bless…
Elizabeth, MI


Hope all is well down in “Rottie-apolis.”  Things are great here.  Still working with Kyra everyday and wanted to send you some pictures and give you an update.

Well… Kyra’s 8 months old and I just had her in at the vet to get weighed.  Shee’s coming in at 81lbs right now.  And… with our workout routine, she’s a very solid girl that everyone calls “a boy.”  Every other day, she gets to go on about a 1.5 to 2 mile “jog.”  She enjoys these and her endurance has quickly surpassed what I’m able to give her.  Regardless to whether she runs or not, she always puts in about 1.5 miles a day in walking and sniffing.  The “walks” are normally done by the kids as they have quickly learned that if they want her to listen to them, they have to be “active” participants in her daily life.  This is very good for us all because Kyra gets a good workout everyday.

Around the house, Kyra is a blast.  If you’re laying on the floor, expect her to come and lay right on top of you and bury her nose into the side of your neck as if she’s tickling you.  She’s able to stay out her crate all night without any accidents.  Of course, I dont do this often because once she starts chewing on her bones, anything that is in the vicinity is “fair game” to her.  Let’s just say that she’s chewed up some drywall as well as my wife’s coffee table.  Nothing major as she simply “over-bites.”  One of her other favorite things to do is “bug hunt.”  We became VERY nervous as we would see her go into our rock garden and move rocks around.  We really didnt know what she was doing.  Then, one day, we call her into the house.  She lays down on the floor and spits something out when she thought we were not looking.  She then covers it up with her paw.  We quickly move in to inspect and it’s a SPYDER!!!  Yes… she’s digging through rocks looking for spiders to eat!  And… she’s constantly sniffing and scratching in the back yard trying to find any type of bug to play with.

As far as her training… Kyra is very, very, very smart.  She has everything down right now.  All of her commands are pretty good.  And… I can now walk her around the block without a leash.  As soon as I call her, she immediately comes running!  I wanted to test her a couple of weeks ago… so… we went over to the shopping center here in town and I stayed out in the truck with her while Liz went inside.  As soon as the coast was clear, we sprung into action!  I took Kyra and placed her by the front door and gave her a down/stay.  Cars drove through about 10 feet from where she laid and not even a peep.  People walked in and out that store and she just stayed and didnt move.  After I got to about 10 minutes, then she finally sat.  I then went back to her, put her back into another down/stay and this time I went across the street from her.  Once again, she just laid there just as calm and confident.  When Liz comes out, she’s all animated like “I know you didnt leave her there like that.”  And… I was like … “Just for a few.”  But, it was more like 20 minutes total time.  We left there, went to the pet store and got some fat juicy bones after that!!!

Anyway… her are a few pictures of her.  She’s really coming along nicely!!!  Let me know what you think!!!

Orlando, MI

As I predicted Kyra has done exceptionally greatly because if the excellent training and dedication of her “dad”, Orlando.  He just sent us this great video of Kyra training.  He puts her into a down stay and walks several blocks away to where she is nothing more than a black speck in the camera.  The he goes into his house to get something to eat!!  He comes back out, and of course, she is still patiently waiting until released for her position!  THIS is exactly why I love these dogs!!  (Now if only I could train my kids so well…. 😛 )  (CLICK HERE FOR KYRA’S VIDEO)

“Kiffin” Se Ungo-Rot


Things are going great!  Yesterday we were outside most of the day, we came in for a quick nap or two.  Today, he was really wanting to check out his new home, every square inch of it.  I have 8 1/2 acres so, he was busy!  He would stay within 50 feet of us, then he was off checking something else out.  We really got a good work out staying with him.  He seems to really like the barn and the garage.  He sleeps in the house but doesn’t seem to like to go in his kennel.  Once in there he is fine, no problems.  He has kept his crate dry and he really enjoyed todays bath.  Tomorrow we go to the vet!  He has taken to my other dog just fine and vise versa.  There like two peas in a pod.  I sent a couple of pictures and included pictures of my other dog, he is 4 1/2.  Everyone stops to check out the new puppy and he loves the attention.  Thanks again!!


Hello Alice,
    Hope all is well with you and your family.  I was just looking at your website and saw your De Baron pups.  Are the four males all spoken for?  I have one of your Marsio/Arisha pups that is 2 yrs 3 months old and was thinking about getting another one.  If you do have one available or even a Marsio/Mona pup let me know.  If so, what are you asking for them?  I will include a couple pictures of Kiffin, One is from this past winter, I had gone down to the farm and Kiffin climbed the snow pile and watched & waited for me to come back.


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