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Eliza Vom Dunvanhof

*This Rottweiler is not owned by GR, but we may have worked with his/her owner, handler or breeder, incorporated him/her in our breeding program, trained or handled him/her or simply respect their contribution to a breed we love.*


“Belle” Eliza Vom Dunvanhof
Sire: Quanto v. Wilden westen
Caro Vom Blauen Stahl
Born: 26 September 2010
NHSB #  2811120



What a beautiful female!  Eliza has excellent bone and substance and a strong head type.  She has great angles and a solid topline.  Eliza has dark mahogany markings that are well defined.  She has an exceptional pedigree with some of Germany’s strongest working dogs!  


I just returned home from work and took a photo as I walked up to the gate – see attachment.  Then, I got into the house and Bella went over to the couch at the front window, climbed up and looked out at the front yard and road, just as Belle used to do.  Finally, I was changing clothes with Jake laying on my bed and Bella in the living room.  all of the sudden I hear this squeaking sound – she had found one of Belle’s large tennis balls that squeaks when you squeeze it.  She was walking around the living room biting down on it to make it squeak!  Belle used to drive me crazy with it.  When the noise stopped I walked into the living room – just a minute, there is something going on in the living room I need to check.  Belle was, once again, trying to hide the soup bone under the desk and was rubbing it against the wall.  I thought she was messing with something on the desk.  I grabbed the bone and placed it in the middle of the floor – she picked it up and went outside.  
Now, back to checking out why the squeaking had stopped,,,She had taken the ball outside and when I looked out the back door I could see her back as she was next to the porch and, she was burying the ball!  Now, you can guess what she did with the soup bone.
I had her in the field yesterday afternoon and stopped on the path we were on to give them a treat.  I was down on my knees hugging her and Jake as my neighbor, John, drove up to his garage.  He saw I had another dog and waved and Bella was in a sitting position with her paws on my shoulders and her face pressed against my neck.  I simply hugged her tight and then stroked her back as she then gave me kisses.  I know John was happy for me as he knew how sad and depressed I am over the loss of 
So, today I placed her in the kennel at 6:30 am and mom let her out at 9 am to 9:30 am.  Then, mom came back at noon and let her out again.  But, this time she shut the door leading from the dinning room to the kitchen and I had blocked of the use of it’s pet door.  So both dogs were together and could be in the end of the house or go outside as they pleased.  It made me feel so much better that she was not cooped up while Jake was free.  And, Jake did something unusual – he peed in the house.  He actually marked the kennel.  I guess he thought he needed to make sure other dogs knew that this was hos property – female dog included.
She is exactly you you said she would be in your email, Alice.  No one will ever replace Belle but, this one sure makes you love her with her sweet disposition.  And, she knows the routine of me cleaning her ears.  She lays down and doesn’t move.  I am very gentle with her and I was surprised that she didn’t complain when I was removing some scabs.  Her left ear had some bad spots that had to hurt.  I believe the lotion I got when Belle had an ear infection helps soothe the pain.  Now, for the funny part – after cleaning Bella’s ears this morning Jake move over to me for attention.  I took the soft, dry wash cloth I used to wipe Bella’s eyes and dry her ears with and gently went through the routine of cleaning Jake’s ears.  He never liked for me to do that before, but now I guess it made him feel he wasn’t being forgotten and left out.
One last item.  During our walk last night Jake grabbed Bella’s lease and was walking with it in his mouth.  I stopped and placed his lease I keep around my shoulders on him and he walked side by side with Bella.  I tell you he needed her.  His depression from Belle being gone made him bond with Bella very quickly.
Jerry, Jake and Bella

 Eliza01 Eliza02


Today was cleaning day at my house for my mother and youngest sister, Roberta.  They had finished before I returned home so I called my mom to let her know I had their money and to come over.  They both came and Roberta, who is a cat person, had Belle reaching up and placing her paws on on Roberta’s front so she could give her some kisses.  It surprised me that my sister lowered her face so Belle could lick her.  And, Roberta thought Belle is a puppy.  When I told her Belle was 4 years old last week she couldn’t believe it.  Not to be left out, Jake stood next to Roberta and leaned his body against her for attention.  He had her pressed against the wall with his weight and was staring at me.  I told her to give him some lovin’ and he would let her free.  Again, I could not believe she bent down and let him lick her face.  I can tell you Roberta has never been comfortable letting a dog get close to her, let alone close to her face.
I also stopped at the specialty food store and got a bag or Orijen Adult food and 6 cans of Trippet.  I will have to go to Walmart to purchase a few large bags of the meaty treats – she absolutely loves them and it is very easy to get her to do what you want using them.  
I reread your email that you wrote to me about considering her, rather than a puppy, and how loving she was and, as with Jake, you were absolutely correct.  She has fit into our home and lives already. 
One last thing, Alice, if you get the opportunity to get a good deal on Jolly balls let me know.  This little girl will need to have fresh ones on hand the way she loves playing with them.  The one I brought home looks like it has been through a war – and lost.
Jerry, Jake and Belle ll
Eliza03 Eliza04 Eliza05 Eliza06

Alice and Family,
I wondered how long it would take before Bella felt at home with me and Jake.  Last night I went out for dinner and both dogs were able to only come into the back dining room (future references will call this the ‘Rott Room’.  I had the pet door leading into the rest of the house closed. So, when I got home Bella was laying on the Rott couch and Jake was on the floor.  We all went into the house and I gave them some treats before turning on my X-Men DVD.  As I sat in my lounge chair I watched as Bella walked around the living room and finally settled on the floor by one of the couches.  I remembered mom saying she had put clothes in the dryer earlier in the day (when she and my sister were over for cleaning) so, I went to the basement to check on the clothes.
When I came back up stairs Bella was no longer laying on the living room floor and I didn’t see Jake, either.  I thought it strange that the two of them would go outside as it was raining, but it is their choice to stay in or go outside.  I went over to my chair and sat down to watch the movie and looked to my left – into my bedroom – and guess what??? See the attachments….Do not open ‘Bella on Rott Couch’  until later…..
So, both dogs have taken up residence on my queen size bed and Jake knows to leave me room – but, my new little girl likes to stretch out and try different positions.  After the movie both dogs were laying cross ways on the bed so I got in the middle and turned on my left side to hug Jake, first.  Bella moved closer to my back and suddenly the earlier bath I had taken was negated by her licking my back!  I turned over to hug her and she is like a baby – she actually ‘cuddles’ as close as she can get.  I gave her some kisses ans suddenly realized I had mad a huge mistake with her.  Before going out for dinner, I fed both Rotts some Orijen dog food with a can of tripe.  I add a small amount of hot water to the tripe and stir it up then mix it with the kibble.  They both like it.  So, now, here I am hugging this precious little girl, giving her kisses and she is giving them back and my face is covered with the smell of tripe!  She is breathing right in my face and I am wondering if they make a dog mouthwash!
After I finally made some room to get under the covers Bella placed herself against me and laid peacefully as I hugged and petted her.  Once I stopped the petting she would move her face closer to mine and lick me so I would continue petting.  Then, Jake left the room.  After a few minutes I had to get up to see where he was – on the couch, all alone.  I knelt down to hug him and he tried to move away from me.  He was definitely sulking.   He actually gave a low growl at which I stood up and pointed a finger at him and firmly said, ‘NO!”
With mixed emotions I went to the other end of the house to the guest bedroom and climbed into bed.  Within 5 minutes Jake was standing in the room staring at me.  When I patted the mattress he jumped up and settled at the foot of the bed using my leg as a pillow.  He was letting me know he was sorry. He needs to know that he is number 1 in this house.  I love him for that.  At 3 AM I told both dogs to go outside.  When they were in the yard I took repossession of my bed.  A little while latter Jake was next to the bed waiting for me to give him the OK to jump on.  After some time I went to see where Bella was – see the attachment “Bella on Rott Couch” – that is where I found her and she stayed there a the rest of the night.
So, today is cold, a little rain and cloudy.  Not what I waned as I had plans to  spend a lot of time playing with them in the field so I could train Bella to come when called. Jake just walked into  the room and placed his head on my thigh – he needed a hug.  I will let you know how today goes – keep your fingers crossed that Bella learns the carpet is not for peeing on.  The times she has her only punishment has been, “no Bella’.
wishing you a good weekend…

Jerry, Jake & Belle ll

To the Velasquez Family,
This is a short email to let you all know that in the short time since I last saw you the precious female Rottweiler you entrusted to me has made her way into my heart and home.  She and Jake have become extremely close – with Jake keeping a close eye on her whenever someone else is around.  My neighbor’s poor husky has been run into, knocked onto the ground and pinned by Jake’s body simply because he started to wrestle with Belle.  I am so thankful that Jake is not naturally aggressive. 
Belle’s ear infection is all cleared up, now.  She still lays quietly on her side as I check her for skin irritations and, she likes to be stroked and hugged.  Her coat, as I am sure you remember, is unbelievably soft – makes you want to hold her close.  She appears to like the name, Belle, as she responds to it when called.  I certainly don’t know as much as you children do about Rottweilers but, I do think Belle could use a little weight.  Diesel’s daughter was broad across the chest and this little girl is narrow and slim at the hips.  She seems more like a puppy than a dog that has had her own puppies.
The kennel was placed in the basement just a few days after she got here.  It is so wonderful to see her ‘stretched out’ on one of the couches or on the comforter I have on the floor in the living room.  It only took four days of getting into her daily routine with me and Jake before she no longer had any ‘incidents’ in the house.  I was such a proud Daddy the first time I watched her get off the couch and go out through the pet doors while Jake stayed on the other couch.  I followed her and watched as she picked a spot near my tomato plant to pee.  She then ran over and grabbed her Jolly ball and ran around her yard shaking it.  I do believe she is a happy little girl….
My sincerest thanks for helping me find the perfect Rottweiler to make mine and Jake’s home complete.  
Jerry, Jake and Belle

P.S.  she may be half Jake’s size but she out eats him – everyday!  She weighed 77 lbs when I took her to the vet, though I have my doubts about the accuracy of the old scale they used.  It will be interesting to see if you notice any change in her when the next time we meet.

Wanted to share with you my welcome home last night….
I walked up to the back gate with both dogs standing against it eagerly waiting for me to give them their head rub.  As I reached over to pet Belle a very foul order struck me like a ton of bricks! Surely, she hadn’t rolled around in her own poop!!!  Man, did she stink.  I immediately got undressed and took her into the bathroom and placed her in the tub.  Had to turn on the exhaust fan, too. Once I had her wet and started rubbing the shampoo in, she wanted to press her head against my chest.  The top of her head smelled.  I was thankful I had taken my shirt off but, knew I would need a bath after her.
I got all done shampooing her and had been telling her what a good girl she was as I rinsed her coat when she ‘shook’…Now, I really needed a bath and so did the bathroom walls.  When finished I decided to put off my bath until I had gone into the back yard and cleaned up poop so I wouldn’t have to go through this again.  As I was taking the shovel around the yard I saw Jake by the back fence but, no Belle.  I dropped the shovel and walked back around the garage and, there she was.  Rolling on her back under the pine tree.  I went up to her and the odor hit me in the face again! You see, on the branch that my little girl Belle’s tire used to hang from I had a fly catcher.  You add water to it and the attractant inside sets off a foul odor to attract flies.  The trap was literally filed with a few thousand dead flies – it was loaded.  Miss Belle must have jumped up and pulled it down where upon it broke open on the ground.  Then, she simply rolled all over it.  Now, here she was doing it again, right after her bath!
I took the shovel and tried to clean up as much of the mess as I could and then took her back into the bathroom for a second bath.  Again, I went outside and decided I needed to hose down the area where the dead flies had fallen with the liquid attractant.  I had just gotten the hose out to the tree when one of my neighbors came down the alley to ask if I had some silicone sealer.  I did.  So, I went into the house to get it for her and returned to the back yard to find – you know who, rolling on the remainder of the dead flies!!!  A third bath!!!
It surprised me that I was smiling and shaking my head and telling her, “You are a bad girl, Belle”, as, once again, we headed to the bathroom.  Staring down into her dark brown eyes I  loved her more because my little girl Belle, Diesel’s daughter, did the same thing when she came upon a dead animal or pile of strange poop in the field.  Remember me telling you of her ‘shoulder dive’ into the ground?  Well, we got past the odor and I finally got the opportunity to flood the area with the hose.  My only regret is that there is another trap hanging from the same tree – I just hope she leaves it alone today.
This morning at 4:30 AM, as my alarm went off, Jake climbed back on the bed with me and I called Belle.  She came in and was laying on my left, using my arm for a pillow and pressing her face against mine.  Jake was on the right and wanted his head scratched.  We remained like this for twenty minutes (the alarm came back on twice from snooze).  She is my baby and Jake has already proved to be her protector in the field – that is another story.
Jerry, Jake & Belle

P.S.  Save me two black reflective leashes – I found some chewed up plastic when I got into the house and couldn’t figure out where it came from until I took them for their walk.  Where the loop in the handle of the leash comes together there is a plastic part that secures the connection.  Jake’s leash no longer had one…

Good morning everyone.  Hope you have a great day planned and plenty food to share with Diesel and Serenity.  I tried to sleep in this morning, but ‘cry baby’ Belle is not easily deterred by a partially closed pocket door.  She stood with her head poking into my room and started ‘crying’ because she wanted her morning hug and treat.  Jake came up next to her and finally got Belle to move a little so he could use his head to open the door.  Oh, no,,,the two of them just walked into the computer room and want my attention.  I will have to hurry so I can take them for their first walk of the day.  
After cleaning up the mess with the garbage bags the other day, I opted to rearrange the dining room for Jake and Belle.  I placed the kennel in one corner and placed a brown couch cover in it as a mattress.  I then placed some lap blankets over the top to cover the vented sides from cold air.  I placed the cushions close by with an Indianapolis Colts blanket on top.  You can now check out the attachment to see what it looked like when I got home from work.  Keep in mind, there are rope toys, frisbees and stuffed animals hidden under the blankets – but, Belle always seems to want to mess with whatever is new or different in a room.
The second attachment shows the two of them on ‘my’ couch.  I purchased the other couch just for them, but the brown one is more comfortable.  The room was very dark when I took the photo with my phone, so it is not a very good one of them.  I will try to get some good photos  to post on Facebook, soon.
For my ‘alone’ time today I think I may have an X-Men marathon.  I have four of their movies, and I really enjoy them.  There is an old movie about a Cheetah that I think all of you would enjoy.  I believe the name was ‘Duma’.  Have you seen it?  If not, see if you can find a copy.  
Alice – I am excited to learn more about the male Rott you mentioned in the last email.  As I have stated in the past, I do not want to raise puppies – I get too attached.  But, I want you to be able to recoup your loses on Eliza Belle.  The puppies can pay for all the vet bills and pay off Mike’s debt to you, and hopefully, have an extra puppy or two so I can get a male puppy whenever the time comes that Jake leaves to join Belle.  I just can’t imagine not having two Rottweilers in my life.  I would hope, by then, Eliza Belle will have grown up and would be a good role model for a puppy.  It is hard to say who would have the more difficult time, me or Jake, while Belle away from home.
Have a great day!

Alice & Bella,
Good morning!  Do not look at the attachments until I tell you to in this email… I am at work – this was supposed to be a vacation day for me, but two projects popped up that require my presence at work, so I won’t be able to take care of personal business today as I had planned.  Had a wonderful walk in the field with the Rott’s this morning at 6 AM.  At times it is difficult leaving home because I enjoy being with Jake & Belle so much.  Last night I laid down on the floor and hugged Belle against me.  She is so soft and cuddly, but still has a difficult time being still for more than a minute or two.  Then, I made my way over to Jake, who was on one of the couches.  He likes it when I place my face against his and whisper in his ear.  He has started to softly growl when I hug him – more of a dog ‘purr’ than a growl.  Something he certainly picked up from Belle #1.
A few days ago I was watching some of the videos I have of Belle #1 on Facebook and totally lost it for several minutes.  
Remember in an earlier email I said I was writing down names of chapters for a book about Belle #2?  One of the chapters was: “A Gift From Above..but, She’s No Angel”  –  Check out the attached photos.  The first three will show you what I saw when I got home from work two days ago.  The first photo is me coming in the back door into the dining room I use as the Rott’s Room during the winter.  The white plastic bags all over the floor were in the kitchen – in a sealed box, when I left for work.  Evidently, Belle was not satisfied with the multitude of toys on the floor, so she proceeded to tear open the new box of scented trash bags and take some from the kitchen to the Rott Room.  Both rooms smelled like someone had sprayed air freshener all over the place.  
When I asked, “Who did this?”, Jake simply looked from me to Belle.  Belle turned and headed into the other room.  I called Belle back and held one of the torn bags up and told her, “This is a ‘NO”.  As she stood there staring at me with those beautiful dark eyes I simply shook my head and knelt down to give her a big hug.  She is a lot like Belle #1 – when she was 6 months old.  So, how long will this Belle act like a puppy?  
The fourth attachment is Belle looking out the front door, waiting for Trick or Treaters. We didn’t have a lot of visitors due to the cold, but those that did come were welcomed into the living room for candy and to meet Jake and Belle.  Kids and dogs, both, had a great time.
If it is O.K. with the family, I would like to bring Jake and Belle down on Friday to spend the night.  As I stated earlier, I had to come in to work today and won’t be able to get everything ready to come down on Thursday.  I will have dinner with my Mom.  She turns 84 in January, and her once over crowded home on holidays now has just a few visitors as the siblings each have families of their own and have dinner at their respective homes.
If you are going to be home Friday I can bring Belle and Jake and perhaps keep them in a kennel Friday night so I can make a trip down to Bedford to take Susie some items I have boxed up for her.  Please let me know what your plans are so I don’t interfere with them.
Wishing a Happy Thanksgiving to the Velasquez Family – Give Diesel and Serenity a hug from me.
Jerry, Jake and Belle
unnamed-32 unnamed-33


Eliza’s Parents:

Eliza’s dam:
Caro Vom Blauen Stahl
NHSB: 2804495 Import Germany
Date of Birth 10. 12. 2005

HD-Frei   ED-Frei

MAG test

Eliza’s Sire:
Quanto v. Wilden westen
HD & ED-Free
BH, SchH/VPG 3, IPO3
Multi V-rated
(Hoss v. Hause Enzian x Jinny v. Wilden westen)

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