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Import: Dandy and Duff

Dandy Se Ungo-Rot

Hi there, we have the BEST PUPPY IN THE WORLD 🙂 I bet you hear that all the time. I’ve been taking pictures of me and him each week to see how fast he is growing, I sent you a then (9 weeks) and now 15 weeks. Thanks for all you do, Stacey

Hi Alice, I’ve been meaning to send this puppy update for a while now, but I can see that yall are dealing with a lot right now so I kept putting it off then I thought that maybe some good feedback might be a welcome affirmation that you are on the right track with both your personal and business philosophies. First I bet you get lots of high praise from your clients about your puppies because I sure love mine. I think he’s the best one ever and I feel sorry for all those other people who didn’t get him (LOL) but I’m sure every one of your clients feels the same way about their own puppy. Another reason I’ve been meaning to write to you is because I still look around to see what kind of Rottweilers are being offered : what do they look like, prices, pedigree etc… just the quality of the dogs in general, and what does the breeder know? what do their ads say? most do not make any claims at all about the health( orthopedic or other wise ) and temperament of their dogs, just that they are “big boned”. When I see the junk being offered and the prices they are asking I always want to send you a THANK YOU note.

   Now, about Mustaffa (aka Dandy) – about 2 weeks ago he showed me that he knows the meaning of the word “ball”. We played fetch for a few minutes before I went in the barn to feed the rest of my animals, when I finished and it was time to go inside the house, I asked him “where’s your ball?” Well he went and found it and brought it on back to me. I should let you know that he had several toys to pick from, the ball was not the only toy in the yard. Then a day or so later he showed me he has a sense of humor. When I asked him to find the ball, he found it but instead of bringing it to me, he put it down and went over and picked up the remnants of one he had previously destroyed and brought the flattened one to me. I laughed, told him yeah it used to be a ball.
   He’s also getting good at a long down stay, he can stay put in the barn while I do my feeding chores. It can’t be easy with a kitty and a bunch of chickens moving around. 
    I’ve included a link to the website of Magnolias Bed and Biscuit, please check it out, it just opened in N.Carolina, it’s owned by one of my sisters, if you like what you see maybe you will add it to your links page,
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Hi Alice,I thought you might like to have this picture of Liliana and an up-date on

 Dandy (who we are calling Mustaffa for now – or sometimes Big Head).
     In the first pic he’s fast asleep in his crate in his favorite sleeping position. It’s dark in there, so the camera is set for low light conditions, that means that the flash will pulse about 5 times before actually taking the picture. It took me 4 tries to get a good clear picture, he slept through it all. Then I wanted to get a good shot of his profile so you can see how much he looks like his dad and granddad. I am trying to take pics at least once a week to track his growth.
     We can’t believe how much he reminds us of our much beloved “Stinky”, just in a younger faster package. He loves to steal stuff and put it right at the tip of his nose for safe keeping while he naps. Stinky used to bury his stolen treasures around the property, and now Mustaffa is locating them and digging them up.
     I took him to Tractor Supply a couple of weeks ago and he got tired before I could finish shopping. When he was done, he just laid down and that was that. I had to carry him the rest of the way. I couldn’t put him in a shopping cart because the spaces between the wires were to wide.
     Needless to say, he is keeping us all on our toes, and he is really giving Junk Yard a
 taste of her own medicine. I included that last pic because it shows “everybody” – our two horses and my sheep in the background, Taffa and Junk Yard giving each other the business with Mr. Henry watching.

Duff Se Ungo-Rot

     This is one of my Fav pics ever!!! Look at Duffy’s beautiful teeth! We brush & floss every night!! This is one of my Fav pics ever!!!



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