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Import: Turner

Turner- Crom x Briska

Turner is absolutely WONDERFUL!!!!  He is 10 months old and 90 lbs. We passed our obedience class with flying colors. I was even able to impress the instructor with things I had taught Turner outside of the class. He is one of the smartest dogs we have ever had in our family.

He had bonded really well with my youngest son. Everywhere he goes, Turner is right on his heels 🙂  It is really cute to see the two of them together.
We have some rough days where he forgets his manners and tries to jump up on people because he doesn’t realize how big he is, but all he wants is a hug! I just tell him down and the problem is solved. You can’t really get mad at him because he is just so sweet and loving, plus, that is something I started because I like big dog hugs and kisses 🙂
Everytime we go out places with him, we get so many compliments because of his looks and temperment.
I am attaching a couple of recent pictures of Turner for you to share with your family.
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