• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

Import: Pikol Se Ungo-Rot

Ch. Marschall Se Ungo-Rot X Xola od Scremcica

“Clyde” Pikol Se Ungo-Rot

 Hi Alice. We are enjoying Pikol very much. We decided to name him Clyde. We took him to Meridian Vetrinary clinic on Tuesday.  It is Dr Haviland.  He took one look inside his mouth and said, “Oh that’s a GOOD-LOOKING dog!”   He asked where we got him. I told him Guardian Rottweilers!  We are starting training tomorrow. Greg said he trained a dog of yours named Luca? I am looking forward to working with Clyde. He already sits on command. I think he’ll do well.  He is current on his shots, and checked out very good. You were right, after a couple of days he perked up and is very happy and playful guy. He is fitting in nicely and the kids love him! He seems to really like the kids too. Thank you so much. He is quickly becoming a beloved member of the family.
Thanks again,
Jeff, Jennifer, Abby, Katie, Grace, Ava, and Clyde
Oh, and hope your toe feels better!
 Just wanted to let you know that Clyde is growing up nicely. He endears himself more to us every day. I forgot what a handful a puppy is, but his behavior is improving steadily. Everyone who meets him just loves him. I do have a couple of questions.
 We think Clyde is such a beautiful dog, we are reconsidering our position on breeding him. What would we be getting ourselves into? What is the proper way to go about it? His conformation and temperment are traits we want to pass on. What age should he be? What x-rays and health certs? Are there behavioral issues with leaving him “in tact”? .                               Thanks so much,   Jeff and Jennifer

 We are wanting to stud Clyde eventually. We’re not ready for another dog (yet). How do we go about finding a suitable female? How old should Clyde be? And about how much should a 5 month old be eating? We’re still feeding him fromm large breed puppy. If it was up to him, I think he’d eat the whole bag in one setting. He’s growing well though. He sits while I get his food, and when I tell him to stay, won’t move toward the food until I tell him “ok”. His self control and obedience is getting better all the time, but he still loves going after our socks! He’ll get there though. Hope all is well,                 Jeff and Jennifer

Here are some pictures of Clyde.  We will bring him by soon to visit and get his papers! Thanks!—Jennifer

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