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Daisy Vom Nettetaler Land

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Daisy Vom Nettetaler Land
Pink Paper German Import
Orka vom Hause Enzian
Dam: Cindy vom Borner See
Born:  May 16, 2006
ADRK No: 112802
AKC #  WS29219701
AKC DNA #  V557414
Heart # RO-CA5088/66F/P-VPI
Hips: HD-
SchH/VPG 1
Multi V Rated

Daisy is a pink paper German girl with some of Germany’s strongest, most well known working lines!  Her sire,ORKA VOM HAUSE ENZIAN, SchH II, BH, AD, ZtP (03.04),DOB: 7/1/02, ADRK 106949, HD-, ED+/-is a very impressive, large working male!  It can be very difficult for a larger male to be as agile and athletic as some of the lighter ones, but Orka was “strong, powerful, quick, intense… just such a beautiful dog to see working.”



This smile TOTALLY sums up Daisy’s personality!!  She LOVES life!  She has high drive, loves to work and LOVES to play!  Daisy can play ball all day and never grow tired of the game!  Her favorite toy is her water bucket- she loves to run up and down the kennel with it banging it around and making as much noise as possible!  When she is not playing with her water bucket, she enjoys Jolly Balls and Air Kong Squeaker Footballs.  When no one wants to play with Daisy, she is GREAT at entertaining herself!  She will toss the ball for herself, and the BEST PART is when she catches it!!  She gets so tickled with herself that she will dance and roll around on the ground!!  My daughter described her best, “she is like a little kid eating ice cream for the first time.”

Daisy LOVES to play ball!!  And she is such an incredible athlete!!  Powerful and majestic and still so graceful!  Happy and playful!  LOVE miss Daisy!!  CLICK for a short video of Daisy!  http://youtu.be/droB9VtZkp0

Daisy is so much fun to be around and she is so sweet and sincere.  She loves with all her heart.  Like a typical Rottweiler, Daisy has no concept of her size and still firmly believes she is a lap dog.  She loves to snuggle up and is super quick to go belly up for tummy rubs. 




Daisy’s sire: ORKA

Orka’s sire, DT.VDH-CH. BS ’01, KS ’01, DONNER VOM HERRENGARTEN, BH, ZtP (09.00), SchH III, AD, geb. 23.11.1997 ADRK 098063, HD-, ED- ,was also a very powerful working male and very strong in type.


Daisy’s dam, Cindy Vom Boner See, was also a strong working female with high drive and a compact frame.  With such an amazing pedigree, it is easy to see why our Daisy has such a great frame, substance and exceptional character!

Pedigree of Daisy vom Nettetaler Land
I. parents II. grandparents III. great-grandparents IV. great-great-grandparents


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