• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

K Litter: Dunjo X Whisky

Guardian Rottweilers K LITTER
Sire: Dunjo Von Shambala
Dam: Whisky Se Ungo-Rot


DUNJO Von Shambala                                                    CH. Whisky Se Ungo Rot
Like Vom Sittard X Ayka Von Shambala                  YOUNG CH of SERBIA
Born:  23 Oct. 2004                                                           ADULT CH of BULGARIA
ADRK Studbook #110433                                                IPO – I
Pink-Papered German Import                                      PARACINSIEGER – V 1
AKC # WS30316201                                                           3 x YOUGENDSIEGERINA
DNA # V570234                                                                   4 x C.A.C.
TATOO #110433
MAG test FE
Multi-V Rated


“Bama” Guardian Kanon Von Gottschalk

Hi Alice,
I just wanted to check in and let you know that Kanon is absolutely perfect! Not only is he beautiful; his personality is amazing. He is currently sleeping with my oldest daughter as some of her friends came over to meet him and tired him out. He has been wonderful with all the kids and just like you said the perfect balance of calm and confident with a silly fun side.
I stopped so he could eat and have some water on the way home (2 hour drive from the airport so I knew the baby couldn’t wait!) and he did fine. No accidents in house either! I’m so impressed 🙂
We are in love. I’ll post some pics to your FB.
Thanks so much for all you do, it’s people like you that bring out the best in such a wonderful breed.

Hi Alice,
Above is the link to pictures of Kanon on my FB page. I’m technically challenged and couldn’t figure out to load pics to your page:) Kanon – Bama to us (my husband is a Alabama football nut) is doing great. Him and our other fur baby, Jasmine, are fast friends. Jasmine is very gentle with him and he is always looking for her. He’s doing great with his food, and is fitting in perfectly with our family. Bama has done great with friends stopping by and my oldest daughters visitors. Everyone loves him. Chris is scheduled to fly in tonight, he is so envious and can’t wait to get here! Well, I’ll keep you posted. I hope the pics come through and thank you again for our wonderful new family member.


He is doing good.  He hasn’t stopped playing and giving Jas all she can handle. The girls really love him.  As much as we try and teach him not to chew on things as soon as we turn our back the 3yr old has a blanket or pillow down and she and Bama are playing tug. It’s cute though cause she’s just giggling and have a good ol time. It won’t be long though and he’ll be pulling her around. Thanks again for the info and I’ll be sure to keep you updated with pics.


Hi Alice,

Sorry I haven’t gotten to you sooner but it’s been busy around here.  Kanon has been great in the week I have been with him.  He has fit right in.  He does give Jasmine about all she can handle but she plays with him very well.  The kids have been really happy and taken a new found interest in him and puppy type chores.  He went to the vet today and got some shots and his first check up.  Teri took him and said they all seemed very excited to see him.  He was 12lbs.  He had a little bit of an upset stomach tonight but I guess that’s due to the vaccinations.  He is fearless, crazy like a 2 yr old when he is tired and a love bug when he wants to settle down and take a nap.  It’s funny how many people ask what he is because they aren’t use to seeing a Rotti with a tail or when we plan on having him docked.  He has another set of shots on June 5th or so and  the vet said we could start taking him out more to start getting him more socialization. I wanted to ask what you recommend as far as frequency of feeding?  We feed him twice a day right now.  We will continue to keep you updated and I just want to say thank you very much we are very happy and look forward to many happy years with Kanon.  We actually call him Bama after the great Alabama Crimson Tide. Roll Tide!!  Talk to you soon.


Hi Alice,

Wanted to drop you a pic.  It’s an iphone pic in the house but he looks good still.  I’ll make an attempt to get some better ones soon. He has been a delight and is doing very well.  He loves his sister and most the time would rather be playing with her.  He likes to talk to us a lot.  When he’s being rubbed and you stop he will do this whine/growl thing and grab your hand with his mouth until you start rubbing again.  It’s cute but sometimes he grabs a little hard.  As with all Rotts he thinks he’s the size of the poodle and puts his body any and everywhere.  A lamp was the latest victim.  Again, just wanted to drop a line and say hello and let you know BAMA is doing great.  Hope all is good in your life and have a Great safe and Happy Holiday season.




“Niko” Guardian Kango Von Gottschalk

        Good Day, I was wondering if you can answer a question/give my your opinion on something.  We purchased Niko (Guardian Kango Von Gottschalk from Dunjo x Whiskey) in March of 2011.  He is a “pet” puppy and we will be having him fixed.  Would you give me your opinion on what a good age for us to have this done?  We was going to hold off until he is about 1 1/2-2 years of age from the advice of our vet. to let him “fill” out.  I have heard that when you do this that the dog won’t get as big, any truth to this?
        We are very pleased with him and how smart he is.  I am going to try and post a video on Facebook of me shooting him (with my finger) and him going down to play “dead”.  My wife just loves that, although sometimes he “dies” slowly. LOL.  My wife says he can’t be too dead with his tail wagging like that.
        Thanks for your time and your opinion is greatly appreciated.
        Thank you for the information concerning the “fix” question.  We are going to hold off until he is 1 1/2-2 yrs old, however our vet did tell us that if we start having domenince issues (with my wife and little girl) to bring him in and we’ll do it sooner.
          We can’t tell you enough at how pleased we are with our purchase from you.  He is just wonderful, and I am already starting to see that protection bond.  Was wrestling around with my little girl and he didn’t like it one bit.  He wasn’t sure what to do though, you could tell he didn’t like it but you could also tell he didn’t want to disrespect the leader of the pack either. 
        Our vet loves him and everytime we took him in she comments on how beautiful he is and on his markings.  Thanks for all of you help.

“Ella” Guardian Kendra Von Gottschalk

Hi Alice wanted to update Ella is doing so well I know I need to send pictures her coat has changed from puppy to shiney black with a little wave down back.  She still has a see me arrogant strut when she is pleased so funny. She is so fast, she knows how to push pomeranians buttons to get her to play chase me game in and out over foot stools its hilarious. Do you have any resources for standing in show position which is something I know little of? I cant say enough about how much we are enjoying our new family member will send pics soon hopefully playing with her horse size booda ball.  Barb

Guardian Keegan Von Gottschalk
Teri Keegan likes watching tv with his new family. Mayah seems to like having someone to play with too. Thanks again. Keegan is going to fit in great here.






“Gunner” Guardian Kandor Von Gottschalk

The family is doing just fine this summer.  Unfortunately my female Boxer was diagnosed with cancer and has a tumor on her orbit of the eye. She and Gunnar act as if they have no problems 🙂 Both get daily training and controlled exercise. When he limps or she tires we call it a day. I thought Boxers where the best breed but my whole family has been blown away by Gunnar. Even with his aliment he is the first to always follow his command. Always by your side and can give you those dreamy eyed looks. Gunnar stands far and above all other breeds and is doing fine and will be with us for a long time.

Here are the pis’s of your baby Gunnar


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