• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

F Litter: Atlas x Blondie

Guardian Rottweilers F LITTER
Sire: Guardian Atlas Von Gottschalk
Dam: Blondie Ri Moby Dick

F litter Atlas x Blondie

Ch. Guardian Atlas Von Gottschalk    x    Ch. Blondie Ri Mobby Dick

This will be Atlas’ first litter and I am so very excited!  This breeding brings all of my favorite bloodlines together!  Mambo, Marsio, Tosca- I am expecting EXTREME head type, EXTRAORDINARY character and EXCEPTIONAL conformation!  This year has been remarkable for us thus far and this incredible litter is sure to keep that going!! 

This is ultrasound of Blondie at about 35 days pregnant.  I LOVE to watch these amazing little puppies wiggle around inside there!!  Enjoy!

 Below is a video of the pups birth.  Such a loving, nurturing mom and big thanks to my big helper, Ethan <3


“Ruby” Guardian Fire Von Gottschalk

My girl is tired!
Fire ruby 01 Fire ruby

Hi Alice , just want to show you my girl Ruby she is doing great and she is quite attraction in the dog park because of her well behaving and the way she look she is so beautiful . I love her with all my hearth but we also set the boundaries for her. She is my everything , just want to say thank you again for this miracle girl.


fire ruby03This is my Dachshund , Ruby’s buddy they sleep together in Cooper’s bed…Lol … not that Ruby doesn’t have her own….. hahaha , she sleep in bed with cooling gel ,she is always to hot


“Tanker” Guardian Fantasy Von Gottschalk

Hey Alice, I never would have guessed Miguel would have missed that flight. We did everything pretty quick and I thought he had plenty of time but I was so very wrong. Poor guy. 
Puppies are doing Awesome! Making a bit of noise at the moment. Lol. There eating habits are excellent! After a few days I ended up calling Fantasy “Tanker”. She is such a little tank. She has a perfect balance of play and rest. I hate picking favorites but i would have to say she is mine. 🙂 Ebony “Mya” I swear rarely gets tired. I wish i had that dogs energy. Both those pups play very well together. 
Hope all is well and i will keep in touch!

Guardian Fang Von Gottschalk

Fang is taking a nap on my lap haha he is tuckered out.  Oh, Alice,    he is just gorgeous and I am in love with him already.  He has been    so very good.  He whimpered a lil bit on the drive home but my mom    just put her hand on him in the carrier and he fell right asleep    haha.  So glad she went with me to pick him up.   He’s met several    of my family members already and they all just love him 😉  My mom    commented that he’s met several new people today, but it is so    obvious he knows who of all these new people he belongs to.  He    follows me around and if I get out of sight he looks for me. hahha      He is just too sweet. 

     He isn’t use to wearing a collar or else this  particular one irks    him, he spends a lot of time scratching at it. hahha I loosened it    out all the way and it seemed to help.  He tickles me that  he    doesn’t want to go outside, when I take him out, he sits at the door    to get back in.   Now, if we can just get that reversed so that he    sits at the door when he needs out. hahha  He had a lil accident at    mom’s house, and I was watching him every move, he was just too fast    for me.  But at home, we have a perfect record so far.  😉   He ate    and drank quite a bit, I was even amused watching him eat    hhahah……he is so messy, but it bothers him that he spills it, he    tries to eat what he spilled first.   Then he dropped some in his    water bowl and went bobbing for Fromm.

    I put him in the crate a few minutes and he only whined while i was    still in the room, but I went out to unload the pickup and he was    howling by the time I got back,  I waited til he calmed down as I    talked to him before letting him out.  Haven’t tried that again yet.    🙂

    I’ve only glimpsed one of the cats once since we got home.  hhahha

    I’ve had a wonderful day and you have too. 😉  My, all those    puppies.  Fun, fun and work work hhahah.   I’ll go see if you’ve    posted pics yet. hhahha

    I love him Alice, and he’s gorgeous to boot!! 🙂
    Love to you and all the new babes 🙂


random thoughts from one who has not been around puppies much in a very long time……this morning we went pottie, ate a good breakfast, played hard, went pottie again, then Fang lay down at my feet for a nap.  He’d been asleep a good 10 minutes.  As I watched him I was thinking how he knows he is a baby, he looks to me for protection.  Outside, pottie training goes much better if he is not on a leash, he seems to feel freer to pick his spot, but he never ventures more than a few feet from me, with frequent glances at me to make sure ‘I’ve’ not ventured. 😉

So, as I was watching him sleep, I was thinking and musing on the fact he hasn’t barked, I’ve not heard him bark yet, he’s caught glimpses of the cats, no bark, that’s good.  And, once last night we went out to potty and came face to face with a big opossum who came looking for the meal I usually leave him, and no bark.   As I had these thoughts,  he growled in his sleep, jumped up fast, turned around and barked three or four times, at nothing.  He then looked up at me like ‘Did you see that?’  I said, ‘What?’  He looked like, ‘Oh never mind,”  and went right back to sleep. 😉  So now, I am thinking, “wow, a puppy having a ‘big dog’ dream.  How does that happen? hahhah   And the timing was perfect. 🙂

I know you are extremely busy right now.  You probably crashed first opportunity after the whelping and are still not caught up with rest.  Just sharing some thoughts while they were fresh, and feeling guilty for taking this much of your time. 🙂  Fang is doing awesome, he’s such a good boy. 😉  He keeps licking the puppy in the mirror though 🙂  He misses them.

He’s doing great, Alice.  We’ve had some much nicer weather, and    yes, Fang is teaching me how to know when he needs go potty    hahhah.   He suddenly started telling me with a bark, but now he    just whines and places a paw on my leg, life just got a lil easier,    haha. I still can’t give him full run of the house, so he stays    tethered to me for awhile longer.  🙂  He sleeps next to me and from    the first night the lil guy holds it all night long.  In the    mornings we make a dash for the door. 🙂

He has a sore bum tonight, we visited the vet today and got his    shots and heartworm medication, and a fecal exam just to be sure.     All in the vet office fell in love with him and laughed and    applauded as he performed flawlessly his ‘sit’ and ‘lay down’ for    them. 😉  He was such a good boy and yes, I was so proud of him.

My vet suggested and gave me many medical reasons he be neutered if    I’ve no plans to breed him.  I don’t have plans to do so, but what    if I changed my mind?  And, somehow I’ve always felt nature is the    best way.  What are your feelings, Alice?  Does neutering  really    serve to keep them healthier?   Right now, I just don’t want to.

Hoping you and all yours are well, hugs from me and Fang 🙂

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