• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

I Litter: Kafu X Plinda

Guardian Rottweilers I LITTER
Sire: Kafu Vom Beni
Dam: P-Linda Se Ungo-Rot


CH. Kafu Vom Beni                               Candidate for International Champion
HD A ED 0                                                 P-Linda Se Ungo-Rot
High: 66cm                                               HD +/- (good); ED+/- (good) FCI
IPO 1                                                            JR 715942 Rw
Young Champion of Serbia                CHIP #688050000031202
Champion of Serbia                              IPO-1
3xV1 (Young class)                                ADULT CHAMPION of SERBIA
3xV1 (CAC, Intermedia class)           ADULT CHAMPION of BULGARIA
3xCAC, 3xBOB, BOG II, BOG III      C.A.C.I.B.; 5 x C.A.C.
                                                                      multi V-1

“Spartan” Guardian Isador Von Gottschalk


I have decided to attach some pics of Spartee, he is so cute and smart, the trainer is very pleased with him and so are we:-)


Thanks a lot Alice,

I just wanted you to see how handsome he is. In fact, I couldn’t hold myself from sending you this picture. it is just way to cute.
Best wishes,


Alice ,thank you so, so much. I was already worried that I might have scared you. You have to know one thing with me is that I am European and I was taught to not cause problems for people. US was another World where I have learned to watch what I say, what my actions are, etc. Ukraine was more forgiving to the society and I do not want you to ever feel any kind of discomfort with me. I always say exactly what I mean. I just needed your advice and I got it. For instance, I did not know that you had to take the dog away from food and not the food. Today I spent all day with Spartee by-myself, he was following me everywhere and every 15 minutes we would hug, kiss, lick 🙂  Natasha trains him with me, so does Steven. But like you said he only challenges them when they are alone, without me or if I am away. I’ll do all the things you told me. Thanks you very, very much. My husband, Matt, told me to call you and apologize for writing the e-mail that in his opinion does not sound good. Me being Russian, I express myself as I would in my language, and if it sounds strict I apologize for that. I already love Spartee very much, he is like my little child, first month I would wake up at night multiple times to take him out, I feed him, wash him, train, play, etc. If I am not home for some time, as soon as I come inside of the house he brings me his treats, for instance yesterday he brought me his bone and put it on my knees. He did the same for Matt today while he was taking his shoes off. We always spend a minute with him hugging when we come home. He is so wonderful. People at the day-care miss him. One time, the dog almost bit him at the training classes and he just turned away and left without doing anything.
This actions of his all makes sense to me now. By the way, the trainer asked me how many champions he has in his blood-line, she thinks he is way to smart for an average dog!;-) I decided not to train him with treats, but with affection instead, and he was responding to commands just like if I would give him a treat at the end of each action.
Thank you very, very much and I will not be bothering you again with stupid complaints.

<3  I really wanted to reach through the computer and hug you!!  You are too cute and too sweet!!  Yes, I have many friends in Europe and you are correct, it is another world!!  Here in the US, everyone wants to sue everyone and everyone wants to act helpless and let everyone else fix their problems- you would not believe some of the questions/calls/e-mails I get!!  But you had a very legitimate concern and I am always happy to help!  I firmly believe when you buy a Guardian Rottweiler, you are not just buying an excellent quality dog, you are buying lifetime support from the breeder as well.  Do not ever worry about asking me anything hun!  I am glad he is such a good boy, and yes, probably too smart for his own good 😉  Just remember he is still just a kid, and still learning.  I think you are doing a wonderful job with him and I know once you get him to adulthood, you will have the bestest friend you could ever have!!!  Families call and e-mail me all the time to thank me for such a wonderful dog, but I tell everyone breeding can only do so much, it can give you a good, biddable, smart, stable dog, but if you do not raise it correctly, it does not matter how well bred it is.  So if you have a wonderful dog, that means you did a wonderful job with him!!  Loads of love to you all!!!


Hi Alice,

This is Tanya Burr. We bought a puppy from you in 2011, you called him Isador. I am writing to let you know that I am sending a few clients your way. There are people who have been looking into buying a rottweiler for a few months now and were not able to find a good breeder and some people are form the street, asking for your website. 


I am attaching the pics of our doggy. He is such a great dog, we love him so much. Everyone’s in love with him

Isador01 Isador02



Guardian Isis Von Gottschalk


Guardian Inigo Von Gottschalk

Hi Alice,

I just wanted to drop you a note on Inigo.  He is fantastic, very social with everyone and everything and very confident. He’s got the Rottie swagger, he’ll pad down the hallway to see who’s in the laundry room, then do his little dance when he finds out its me. I am completely head over heels, and he is completely a mamma’s boy.  He’s also very full of himself.
We just came back from vacation, and even though he’d finished up his shots before we went, I did not want to board him.  My dog trainer, who’s been a good friend for the last 15 years, took him in to live in his house with his family.  When I picked him up, Drew said “He was great, but I thought you always crate trained your dogs…”  LOL!!  He’s been crate trained from day one!  That’s my boy…
On another note, we had been feeding him Fromms until the store forgot to keep my order going – which turned out to be a good thing.  I ended up giving him Solid Gold Wolf Cub and within a week noticed that some of his minor skin itching completely cleared up and his coat really gleamed. I guess there was something in Fromms that was irritating him.
At the last weigh in – about 2 weeks ago – he was about 36 lbs (16 weeks).  I keep running into people who tell me he’ll be small (I guess they don’t see his humongous paws) and I finally gave up explaining and just agree with them.  My vet is very, very happy with his weight and health and I trust her completely.  
So there you go – he’s been wonderful.  He finished up puppy kindergarten and we’re going though the intermediate class, even though he’s already there.  I just like regularly keeping him out and about with other dogs and people.  
I’ll send pictures soon.

Thank you for Inigo,


Dozer01Just wanted to share this pic of my Dozer.
We never had leaves where we used to live & we moved this past summer. When they began to fall  I realized it was their first fall with leaves in their yard. Doz was going around the yard gathering leaves with his snout & pushing them into piles, so we got the rake & made a couple piles for Doz, Joz & Hogan to play in. Dozer got busy playing by running & jumping into the piles & then taking his favorite ball (his cuz) & dropping it into the pile & then diving in & digging to find it…LOL! He decided to rest for a little bit so he dug a hole in the pile & buried himself 🙂
He had another seizure this morning 🙁 
I’m so glad we will be going for a second opinion next Saturday. 
Have a good Sunday…Jodie




“Sierra” Guardian Inari Von Gottschalk

Just wanted to share a couple pictures with you….Sierra is doing great! She has mastered the leave it command as you will see in these pictures. I can’t believe how smart she is.

The only thing we are having problems with is she jumps up on anyone that comes close to her…I know she wants lovin’ but we are still working on this because it won’t be long before she will knock someone over with her size! Any suggestions you can give on training in this area would be greatly appreciated!
Love the new puppy pictures on your site! They are just adorable.

Take care,
Carol and Kyle


“Simba” Guardian India Von Gottschalk

Hi!  Not sure if you remember us, but we bought Simba from you last May.  We have been meaning to give you an update for the past couple of months!  Simba has been such a fun addition to the family.  She loves to play with her squeaky toys, chase the cats and run around the yard.  She has gone through obedience school and the trainers loved her!  We are so glad we got her from you all!


The Jarrows
















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