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Hallu My

Hallu My
Sire: Yoders Son of Anarchey
Dam: Yoders Girl of the Foxy Roxie Three
Born: 11.03.2015
AKC: WS53183602

Hallu is a linebreed on Chris von Rott-Konig.  Chris comes from oldschool German lines- dogs like Doc von der Teufelsbrücke, Falko vom Grüntenblick, Benno von der Schwarzen Heide, Santo vom Schwaiger Wappen– back when if the Rottweiler was not built correctly inside and out, it was not bred, period.  I have, not just a lot of respect for Chris von Rott-Konig and his breeding, but a sincere love as well as he is also the grandfather of Doris King of the East, mother to my P-Linda Se Ungo-Rot and grandmother to my Queen, Guardian Isis Von Gottschalk.
Hallu, in the words of her owner, “is a great farm dog.”  She has full run of hundreds of acres.  She watches over livestock, works with horses, hangs out with the barn cats, and is absolutely fantastic with all animals and kids.  She is such a balanced girl.  Hallu walked right up to my son and I and greeted us when we pulled up with a calm confidence that reminded me so very much of my Diesel.  She knew it was her job to discern visitors, but she had the confidence to know it was not necessary to be aggressive- she was in charge and she knew it, so there was no need for a show.  Hallu is a very large female- easily 120 pounds.  She has great bone and substance and her build and type is exactly what you would expect from old school bloodlines.  I really like this girl and would have taken her home in an instant, but I think the whole family woulda come after me 😉

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