• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

“Ox” Bronko Se Ungo-Rot

  1.  “Ox” Bronko Se Ungo-Rot
    (De Baron Se Ungo-Rot X Reni Se Ungo-Rot)
    It was a very bittersweet homecoming for us.  Obviously we were thrilled beyond measure that Ox’s family was back stateside safe and sound, but when you have a Rottie as special as this big boy as a part of your family for that long, he definitely wiggles his way into your heart.  It was indeed and blessing and an honor to you here my dear Ox, and a piece of you will be forever embedded in our hearts.  
    I also want to once again offer my deepest gratitude to all the soldiers and their families for the sacrifices they make as they choose every day to put this country and the safety of my family above the wants and needs of their own families and themselves.  You are loved, thought of often and kept in our constance prayers <3

    OxGoesHome_01 OxGoesHome_02 OxGoesHome_03 OxGoesHome_04 OxGoesHome_05 OxGoesHome_06
    Many tears were shed for our faithful friend. OxGoesHome_07
    At the airport waiting on his Marine.
    OxGoesHome_08 OxGoesHome_09 OxGoesHome_10 OxGoesHome_11 OxGoesHome_12 OxGoesHome_13 OxGoesHome_14 OxGoesHome_15 OxGoesHome_16 OxGoesHome_17
    We had some time before Ox had to fly home with his dad, so we took them both out to Sonic- nothing says welcome home like a fat, juicy hamburger! 
    OxGoesHome_18 OxGoesHome_19 OxGoesHome_20
    Leave it to my kids to find critters everywhere we go 😉 They were fascinated by a pair of itty-bitty praying mantis babies!
    OxGoesHome_21 OxGoesHome_22 OxGoesHome_23
    It was Korbin’s birthday (12!!) so he got the blessed opportunity to share a final birthday with his buddy, Ox.  

JR 719735 Rwox1020
AKC# WS34352503

CHIP# 688050000617843
HD-Frei; ED- Frei
Champion of Macedonia ’13

Lenox, also called OX is definitely built JUST like an OX!!  He is a wide, thick, powerfully built male with excellent bone and substance.  Ox has great front and rear angles and a flawless topline.  He has a very typey MARSIO headpiece with that high topskull and short, powerful muzzle.  Ox also has that rich mahogany color MARSIO is famous for imparting.  Ox is a very sweet, gentle, laid back male.  He is strong and powerfully built, but does not feel the need to throw his weight around and is quite eager to please.  He has SUPER drive, LOVES his Jolly Ball and just really enjoys working.  From is excellent conformation to his balanced, genuine disposition, Ox is unmistakably MARSIO and we are absolutely honored to have him as a guest here at Rottieopolis. 

          Ox is a bit of a special case.  I imported him for a wonderful family in New Jersey as a puppy where he was raised with love and affection.  His human “daddy” proudly serves our country in the Military and was stationed overseas in 2012.  Unable to take Ox with them, and unwilling to give up a member of their family, they asked me to try and find him a foster home.  I spent a few months exhausting my contacts, but asking someone to love and care for a Rottweiler as ox1003a member of their family for 2+ years and then give him up is a difficult thing to ask.  Because of all the uncertainty surrounding when he would go back to his family, I was unable to find him a foster that would take him 2-3 years.  Knowing first hand the difficult predicament his family was facing and knowing that if that were my DIESEL, you would have to pry him from my cold, dead hands; I knew that I could not let this family lose their baby boy.  It has truly been my honor to be able to give, in at least some small way, back to a family that is willing to travel to the other side of the world and, if need be, lay their lives on the line to keep this country safe for my kids and my family.  When Ox first came to live here, he was very depressed and missed his family very deeply.  He did not want to eat and would just sit by the door- hoping, I am sure, that they would walk back in for him.  It literally broke my heart and I Miguel and I took turns sitting with him trying to let him know that he was loved here also.  When I first started training and working Ox, it was primarily to serve as a diversion for him- something to keep his mind occupied and happy.  He took to the ring like a fish to water!  He stacked up from the beginning as though he had been doing it his whole life!  It did not take long before we really started to see the real OX!  A happy, playful, quick-witted boy that could at times be a bit naughty!  When Ox was in the ring, there was a spark in his eye- he knew he was working and it was obvious how much he needed and wanted that.   We made the decision to take him to Europe and show him internationally.  With a boy this special, I knew there was no other handler I trusted more than Breeder and Rottweiler Specialty Judge Uros Golubovic.  It took Ox all of about 5 minutes to have Uros wrapped around his paw and he continues to impress us in the ring.  We love our big OX and are so happy to have him here! 
ox1001 ox1002
Ox_bw1 ox1006 ox1007  ox1009 ox1010 ox1011 ox1012 ox1013 ox1014 ox_ink03  ox1017 ox_ink  ox1021 ox1022 Ox_ink02 ox1024

(Amber used Ox for stud to Zayta, an Embassy daughter she purchased from us and kept one of the males- who looks JUST like Ox!!)

Hi Alice.  Merry Christmas.  I have also sent a picture on one of the males from the last litter out of Ox.  He is 7 months.  I think he look a lot like his daddy.

I remembered after I had picked up Zayta that I didn’t get any postcards of Atlas.  If you have any I would love to have some for the puppies owners.  I think they are nice to give to the new owners.  

Have a Merry Christmas and a good New Year,

Amber Geiman, Zayta, and puppies!
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