• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

Promising Youth

Our goal in every litter we produce it to make each generation better than the generation before it.  A breeder is not someone who simply takes a bitch in season and places her with a male willing to mount- dogs have been doing that by themselves for thousands of years.  A breeder must be able to critically evaluate their dog and decide what characteristics they want to promote and what could be improved on.  A knowledge of the pedigree is essential as well.  Just because a dog or bitch presents with an attribute, it does not guarantee they will be able to produce that in their ptogeny.  I.E.- If you want to improve on your head type, and you breed to a male with a strong head, but his siblings are lacing in head type, or his parents or grandparents are lacking, then that male will likely not be able to carry the desired trait dominantly and produce it with consistency in his offspring.  More importantly, a knowledge of faults in conformation, health and character is also essential.  Breeding two bloodlines that carry the same fault will result in an exponential expression of that fault in the offspring.  Every litter that Guardian Rottweilers produces is bred with a specific goal in mind.  We are extremely proud of the consistent quality of our offspring and excited with our next generation!  These are some of our best youth!  If we have met our breeding goals, each pup will not only be the best their parents had to offer, but a strong representative of Guardian Rottweilers.  


kashi_01  Guardian Kashi Von Gottschalk
(Guardian Mango Von Gottschalk X Guardian Zarabi Von Gottschalk)
Born: 09 July 2014
AKC# WS44945602
Chip# 956000003241102







Bronx15m08 VonHausshun Bronx
(Nora Se Ungo-Rot X Burns Elite Motley)
Canadian Import 
Born: 16 Dec 2012
AKC: WS4529001
CHIP: 956000008332632






Puck9m_01 Guardian Puck Von Gottschalk
(Ch. Crom di Alaricus Rex X Ch. Guardian Isis Von Gottschalk)
Born: 12 December 2013
AKC#  WS45811001
Chip# 956000009317189





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