• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

2014 The Netherlands

The Netherlands December 2014 
Meeting with our trainer, Hans Schiltkamp, and our handler, Uros Golubovic.  Picked up Ice to bring home- he has successfully completely all of his training and showing in Europe!  Also picked up Ocho and Roxi from Hans in Holland and delivered them to Uros in Serbia so that they could finish training and get some show experience!  Keep an eye out for Roxi and Ocho updates!!

Having some breakfast at the Sky Club in the airport.
Amsterdam_09Dec14_03    Amsterdam_09Dec14_07
While waiting for the shuttle to the hotel, Ethan made friends with a little bird!  I think it was his favorite part of the whole trip!
Clip #434    Clip #435    Clip #436  Please click on the links for 3 short, but adorable videos of Ethan with his new friend!
Amsterdam_09Dec14_05   Amsterdam_09Dec14_04 Amsterdam_09Dec14_08   Amsterdam_09Dec14_13
We had a 2 room suite that we started with our weary travelers, Uros and Kale.  The kids had blast playing Santa- picking out and wrapping presents for Hans, Alice, Uros, Kale, Nena, Milica, Jovan, Golub and the rest of Uros’ family!
Such a great big bath tub for such a little guy! lol
My ever-so-handsome Ocho!! <3  He has finished his training with Hans and will now go on tour with Uros!!  SUPER excited for Ocho and all that I know he will accomplish!
Amsterdam_09Dec14_15 Amsterdam_09Dec14_16  Amsterdam_09Dec14_20 Amsterdam_09Dec14_19 Amsterdam_09Dec14_18 Amsterdam_09Dec14_17 Amsterdam_09Dec14_09
After we have walked Ocho up and got him settled in the room, Hans helps us bring up the rest of the supplies.  And what exactly do you do with a cart after you have unloaded it?  Why climb on it of course!  (and then giggle when you realize you were busted by mom!)
Amsterdam_09Dec14_22 Amsterdam_09Dec14_21Amsterdam_09Dec14_23 Amsterdam_09Dec14_24
The breakfast was definitely one of the highlights of this trip!  SOOOOO much yum and so little tummy room! lol
Amsterdam_09Dec14_25 Amsterdam_09Dec14_26 Amsterdam_09Dec14_35 Amsterdam_09Dec14_34 Amsterdam_09Dec14_29 Amsterdam_09Dec14_30 Amsterdam_09Dec14_31 Amsterdam_09Dec14_32 Amsterdam_09Dec14_33 Amsterdam_09Dec14_28 Amsterdam_09Dec14_27 Amsterdam_09Dec14_37 Amsterdam_09Dec14_36 Amsterdam_09Dec14_37 Amsterdam_09Dec14_38 Amsterdam_09Dec14_40 Amsterdam_09Dec14_39 Amsterdam_09Dec14_41 Amsterdam_09Dec14_42 Amsterdam_09Dec14_43 Amsterdam_09Dec14_44 Amsterdam_09Dec14_45 Amsterdam_09Dec14_46 Amsterdam_09Dec14_47 Amsterdam_09Dec14_48 Amsterdam_09Dec14_49
Kale helped us get our Rotties to the airport on a bus!  On the bright side- meanwhile we were riding the bus to the airport, this bus was the safest bus in the whole city of Amsterdam!
Amsterdam_09Dec14_50 Amsterdam_09Dec14_51
By the time we got to the airport, poor Ethan was wiped 🙁
Amsterdam_09Dec14_52 Amsterdam_09Dec14_53
Ethan thought it was HILARIOUS that they unloaded a little kitty in the middle of all these Rottweilers!! 
That poor kitty says, “if I can’t see them, then they can’t see me!  I am invisible!”
Amsterdam_09Dec14_55 Amsterdam_09Dec14_56 Amsterdam_09Dec14_01
Ice LOOVE his Ethan! <3

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