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2015 New Years in Paris!

2015 New Years in Paris!
2015NewYearsParis_001 2015NewYearsParis_002
Notre Dame de Paris!
2015NewYearsParis_006 2015NewYearsParis_005 2015NewYearsParis_004
I love the narrow streets in downtown Paris- they remind me of Italy!
2015NewYearsParis_008 2015NewYearsParis_0072015NewYearsParis_009 2015NewYearsParis_014 2015NewYearsParis_015 2015NewYearsParis_010 2015NewYearsParis_011 2015NewYearsParis_016 2015NewYearsParis_017
Korbin could not walk for more than a block or so at a time which gave us a great opportunity to get to know the bus and train system in Paris!  (And gave Korbin a chance to get his feet up in-between) 
2015NewYearsParis_012 2015NewYearsParis_013 2015NewYearsParis_018
The kids LOVED the double decker busses and trains!2015NewYearsParis_0192015NewYearsParis_023 2015NewYearsParis_022 2015NewYearsParis_020 2015NewYearsParis_021
A man from El Salvador wearing a coat from Serbia using Euros from Germany is buying a snack from a vending machine in France!  LOOOVE IT!!

2015NewYearsParis_028  2015NewYearsParis_027  2015NewYearsParis_026   2015NewYearsParis_025   2015NewYearsParis_024
Clip #455  Click here to see the Eiffel Tower twinkle!
2015NewYearsParis_029    2015NewYearsParis_035 2015NewYearsParis_034 2015NewYearsParis_033 2015NewYearsParis_031
Instead of catching a bus back to the metro station, we found these neat bicycle taxi’s!  They were SOOO MUCH fun and definitely one of the highlights of our visit in Paris!
Clip #457   Clip #460    Clip #464    Clip #465
Click on these clips to see the bicycle-cab ride as well as some of Paris from our unique vantage point!

2015NewYearsParis_037 2015NewYearsParis_038
Forgive the quality of these photos as they were taking at night from the moving bicycle taxi.  But what a neat way to see the city!!
2015NewYearsParis_039 2015NewYearsParis_044 2015NewYearsParis_049 2015NewYearsParis_048 2015NewYearsParis_043 2015NewYearsParis_042 2015NewYearsParis_047 2015NewYearsParis_046 2015NewYearsParis_041 2015NewYearsParis_040 2015NewYearsParis_045  2015NewYearsParis_050 2015NewYearsParis_051 2015NewYearsParis_052
Miguel, Liliana and Tahlia rode in one taxi and Korbin, Ethan and I rode in another one.  These were are drivers!  LOOVE THEM!  They made it so much fun and such wonderful guys!  Could not hug them both enough!
2015NewYearsParis_053 2015NewYearsParis_054
After touring Paris, the kids were wiped!  What a wonderful day!!  Memories were made that will hopefully last a lifetime!
2015NewYearsParis_055 2015NewYearsParis_056
Back at the hotel, everyone wanted to go for a swim before counting down the New Year!
2015NewYearsParis_0572015NewYearsParis_058 2015NewYearsParis_059 2015NewYearsParis_060 2015NewYearsParis_061 2015NewYearsParis_066 2015NewYearsParis_065 2015NewYearsParis_064 2015NewYearsParis_063 2015NewYearsParis_062 2015NewYearsParis_067 2015NewYearsParis_068
Liliana and Tahlia are “making it rain” quite literally! LOL
2015NewYearsParis_069 2015NewYearsParis_070 2015NewYearsParis_071 2015NewYearsParis_076 2015NewYearsParis_075 2015NewYearsParis_074 2015NewYearsParis_073 2015NewYearsParis_072 2015NewYearsParis_077 2015NewYearsParis_078 2015NewYearsParis_079 2015NewYearsParis_080 2015NewYearsParis_81 2015NewYearsParis_082
I did not know what all would be available for “non drinkers” for toasting the New Year, so I brought some plastic glasses with me and we picked up the Fanta in Paris.  Fanta from a plastic goblet at a hotel in downtown Paris might not be the most sought after New Years Eve toast, but certainly one of the most unique 😉
2015NewYearsParis_083 2015NewYearsParis_084
Willkommen 2015!!!
2015NewYearsParis_085 2015NewYearsParis_086 2015NewYearsParis_087 2015NewYearsParis_089 2015NewYearsParis_088
We might not have had a front row seat from our hotel room, but the fireworks were none-the less AMAZING!!
2015NewYearsParis_091 2015NewYearsParis_091 2015NewYearsParis_092 2015NewYearsParis_093
At the Airport in Paris!
2015NewYearsParis_094 2015NewYearsParis_095
Above- This game was the neatest an the kids loved it!  It was an interactive projection where when you stepped on the rocks, not only did the water rubble, but the fish scattered!  They had so much fun with it!
2015NewYearsParis_096 2015NewYearsParis_097 2015NewYearsParis_098

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