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Christmas 2014

Christmas Morning at Rottieopolis.  First, we open all the 2-legged kids gifts and then we open all the 4 legged’s gifts.  Then, dinner 😉

ChristmasMorning_2014_01 ChristmasMorning_2014_02 ChristmasMorning_2014_03
The expressions on my babies faces are PRICELESS!  Nothing melts my heart faster! 
ChristmasMorning_2014_04 ChristmasMorning_2014_05
My superhero now has a belt fit for his superhero status! 
These are little mini-flashlight things in the theme of all the kids’ favorite shows/movies!  
For those that do not know Liliana, she LOOOOVES kitties!  She is to kitties what I am to Rotties 😉 lol
ChristmasMorning_2014_08 ChristmasMorning_2014_13
Serenity picked out her favorite ones!
ChristmasMorning_2014_12 ChristmasMorning_2014_11
Kinder eggs are quite possibly my kids favorite thing from Germany/Europe!  It is a little chocolate egg with a toy/surprise inside!
ChristmasMorning_2014_10 ChristmasMorning_2014_09
Diesel gets in on some loving’ before time to open presents!  (we do stockings first, then the gifts under the tree)
ChristmasMorning_2014_14 ChristmasMorning_2014_15 ChristmasMorning_2014_16 ChristmasMorning_2014_17
I do not know who the bigger ham is, Tahlia or Serenity! LOL
ChristmasMorning_2014_18 ChristmasMorning_2014_23
The boys are CRAZY into Skylanders!  The individual character can join the video games via a “portal”.  The boys were just starting their collection and had LOADS of Skylanders they hoped to get for Christmas.  At $10-$20 each, there is no way I would have been able to get them all they wanted without eBay!!  Purchased a few “lots” and instantly became the best mom ever! lol
ChristmasMorning_2014_22 ChristmasMorning_2014_21
Diesel’s turn to be the ham! lol
ChristmasMorning_2014_20 ChristmasMorning_2014_19
Korbin’s grin is amazing, but that “YES!” from Ethan in the background is PRICELESS!ChristmasMorning_2014_24 ChristmasMorning_2014_25
Serenity was getting some tummy rubs when Diesel plowed his big fat head in to make sure he got some snuggles too!
 ChristmasMorning_2014_26 ChristmasMorning_2014_27
Ok, so I have been wanting a “GoPro” camera FOREVER!  Every Birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, etc. I drop hints.  This year, Miguel dropped loads of his own hints.  He said that we were not in the financial position to spend $500 on another camera and that it was not a priority, etc. He had secretly been squirting away money! I TOTALLY did not expect to see this AT ALL!!  EPIC Victory for Miguel!!  You did AWESOME!!  And you TOTALLY GOT ME!!!  I CANNOT WAIT to get one of the dogs coming at the sleeve with this on!  Or doing arial acrobatics after a ball with the GoPro attached to them!  I am SOOOOO STOKED to start using this camera!  (as soon as I figure out how it works…)
So, we were supposed to be buying a toy for a friend’s child for Christmas and Miguel found this little Dragon that when you squeeze the handle, he extends his head and tries to ‘bite’ someone/something.  Miguel insisted on getting this for our friend’s child and then spend the rest of the time at the mall walking around “attacking” random strangers 😉  He had so much fun with it that I had to go back and buy another one!  As soon as the boys opened it, Miguel was on his feet happy to “demonstrate” the dragon for them! LOL  Love my great big grown up baby boy!
The Lego Movie was, without a doubt, Miguel and the kids favorite Movie this year.  They have watched it OVER and OVER and Miguel LOVES to walk around the house going, “Honey, where are my pants?” (not such a funny quote if you have not seen the movie! LOL but have no fear, he has his pants on when he asks the question!) So I found these online for the boys and I think Ethan approved!
ChristmasMorning_2014_30 ChristmasMorning_2014_31
Besides being cat obsessed, Liliana also LOOOOOOVES comics with Harley Quin, Gambit and Rogue as her favorites!
ChristmasMorning_2014_32 ChristmasMorning_2014_33 ChristmasMorning_2014_38 ChristmasMorning_2014_37 ChristmasMorning_2014_36 ChristmasMorning_2014_35 ChristmasMorning_2014_34 ChristmasMorning_2014_39
Every time Tahlia got excited, Serenity responded with kisses! LOL
Most teenagers are hounding their parents for electronics, buy my kids all wanted books for Christmas! Found this one SIGNED by her FAVORITE author!!
ChristmasMorning_2014_41 ChristmasMorning_2014_42
UNDEROOS!!!  CANNOT believe I found these!!  I TOTALLY had underoos when I was a kid!  “The underwear that is fun to wear!”  AND!!!  I had Heman!  (I also had My Little Pony!
ChristmasMorning_2014_43 ChristmasMorning_2014_44 ChristmasMorning_2014_45 ChristmasMorning_2014_46 ChristmasMorning_2014_47 ChristmasMorning_2014_48 ChristmasMorning_2014_53 ChristmasMorning_2014_52 ChristmasMorning_2014_51 ChristmasMorning_2014_50 ChristmasMorning_2014_49 ChristmasMorning_2014_54 ChristmasMorning_2014_55
Unwrapping presents is apparently hard work! LOL
ChristmasMorning_2014_56 ChristmasMorning_2014_57
ChristmasMorning_2014_58ChristmasMorning_2014_62ChristmasMorning_2014_61ChristmasMorning_2014_60ChristmasMorning_2014_59 ChristmasMorning_2014_63 ChristmasMorning_2014_64
What is better than leopard onsie PJ’s??  Leopard onsie PJ’s AND a Harley Quin belt!ChristmasMorning_2014_65 ChristmasMorning_2014_67 ChristmasMorning_2014_68
Vera asked me if it was strange that her dogs had their own gift bags.  I told her she was asking the WRONG person! LOL  Our pets have their OWN TREE (in the nursery!) and get their own present unwrapping session as soon as the hairless 2-legged kids finished theirs!
ChristmasMorning_2014_69 ChristmasMorning_2014_70
I think Pyro’s little love nuzzles means he approves!
ChristmasMorning_2014_71 ChristmasMorning_2014_72 ChristmasMorning_2014_73
Leopard (the kitty) is helping herself without waiting her turn!
ChristmasMorning_2014_75 ChristmasMorning_2014_76 ChristmasMorning_2014_77 ChristmasMorning_2014_78 ChristmasMorning_2014_79 ChristmasMorning_2014_78 ChristmasMorning_2014_74 ChristmasMorning_2014_80 ChristmasMorning_2014_82 ChristmasMorning_2014_83 ChristmasMorning_2014_85 ChristmasMorning_2014_86 ChristmasMorning_2014_87 ChristmasMorning_2014_88 ChristmasMorning_2014_89 ChristmasMorning_2014_90
Pixel and Pickles (ferrets) got loads of new toys and some yummy treats!
ChristmasMorning_2014_91 ChristmasMorning_2014_92       ChristmasMorning_2014_93 ChristmasMorning_2014_94 ChristmasMorning_2014_95 ChristmasMorning_2014_96 ChristmasMorning_2014_97 ChristmasMorning_2014_98 ChristmasMorning_2014_99 ChristmasMorning_2014_9900 ChristmasMorning_2014_9912 ChristmasMorning_2014_9911 ChristmasMorning_2014_9910 ChristmasMorning_2014_9909 ChristmasMorning_2014_9908 ChristmasMorning_2014_9903
Clip #450 Please click on link for a short, but adorable video of Pixel and Pickles
ChristmasMorning_2014_9904 ChristmasMorning_2014_9905 ChristmasMorning_2014_9906 ChristmasMorning_2014_9907 ChristmasMorning_2014_9902 ChristmasMorning_2014_9901 ChristmasMorning_2014_9909 ChristmasMorning_2014_9910 ChristmasMorning_2014_9911
The ones that REALLY tore into the gifts the way they were meant to be were the puppies!!  Geneva and Ava’s pups had a BLAST!!  I do not know who had more fun- the puppies or us watching them!
ChristmasMorning_2014_9916 ChristmasMorning_2014_9915 ChristmasMorning_2014_9914 ChristmasMorning_2014_9913      ChristmasMorning_2014_9904 ChristmasMorning_2014_9903 ChristmasMorning_2014_9923
The kitties got 2 new cat condo tree houses (we got to Custom order them JUST how we wanted at the pet expo we went to this summer!!  The kids had so much fun deciding exactly what they wanted!!  Everything is made right here in the USA and is made out of strong, solid, hard wood!  The gentleman that was the representative for the products climbed all over them to demonstrate how strong they were and how much weight they would support! We were obviously very impressed!  And since my kids and my Rotties CLEARLY missed the memo that these were for the cats 😉 lol  I am very glad to know how well made they are!
ChristmasMorning_2014_9924 ChristmasMorning_2014_9925
Clip #452   Clip #453 Click here for naughty puppies that are more interested in the wrapping than the gifts 😉  (and more interested in what the kitties got for Christmas than what they got for Christmas! lol 
ChristmasMorning_2014_9926 ChristmasMorning_2014_9917 ChristmasMorning_2014_9927 ChristmasMorning_2014_9928 ChristmasMorning_2014_9929
LOVE this photo!  One of my new favorite photos!!  KUDOS to Liliana, my photographer for nearly ALL of our puppy/pet photos!!  She has MANY talents!
ChristmasMorning_2014_9930 ChristmasMorning_2014_9931 ChristmasMorning_2014_9932 ChristmasMorning_2014_9933 ChristmasMorning_2014_9934 ChristmasMorning_2014_9935 ChristmasMorning_2014_9936 ChristmasMorning_2014_9937 ChristmasMorning_2014_9938 ChristmasMorning_2014_9939 ChristmasMorning_2014_9940 ChristmasMorning_2014_9918 ChristmasMorning_2014_9919 ChristmasMorning_2014_9920 ChristmasMorning_2014_9921 ChristmasMorning_2014_9922 ChristmasMorning_2014_9941 ChristmasMorning_2014_9944 ChristmasMorning_2014_9945 ChristmasMorning_2014_9946 ChristmasMorning_2014_9947 ChristmasMorning_2014_9948 ChristmasMorning_2014_9949 ChristmasMorning_2014_9950 ChristmasMorning_2014_9951 ChristmasMorning_2014_9952 ChristmasMorning_2014_9953 ChristmasMorning_2014_9954 ChristmasMorning_2014_9955 ChristmasMorning_2014_9956 ChristmasMorning_2014_9957 ChristmasMorning_2014_9958 ChristmasMorning_2014_9959 ChristmasMorning_2014_9943 ChristmasMorning_2014_9961 ChristmasMorning_2014_9960 ChristmasMorning_2014_9962 ChristmasMorning_2014_9963
Now that everyone has worked up an appetite, time to feast!  (I think Ethan is ready to eat!)

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