• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

2015 Europe

Europe March 2015Europe_23Mar15_20
The best part of travel is always the food 😉 num num num
Europe_23Mar15_10 Europe_23Mar15_09 Europe_23Mar15_06Europe_23Mar15_14Europe_23Mar15_08  Europe_23Mar15_05
Two weeks after sinus surgery and my face was still quite swollen and I was still not feeling super, but I love my honey.
Europe_23Mar15_04 Europe_23Mar15_02
Phil and Karen Cupa- Ocho’s second mom and dad <3
Europe_23Mar15_01  Europe_23Mar15_15
Everyone was passed out on the plane (except me- change in pressure is not so much fun when you have just had sinus surgery :/ )
Europe_23Mar15_16   Europe_23Mar15_19 Europe_23Mar15_18 Europe_23Mar15_17Europe_23Mar15_21 Europe_23Mar15_22 Europe_23Mar15_23 Europe_23Mar15_25 Europe_23Mar15_26 Europe_23Mar15_27 Europe_23Mar15_37
Miguel and Ocho <3
Europe_23Mar15_38 Europe_23Mar15_39 Europe_23Mar15_40 Europe_23Mar15_41 
My two handsome boys <3
Europe_23Mar15_42 Europe_23Mar15_43 Europe_23Mar15_44 Europe_23Mar15_45 Europe_23Mar15_47 Europe_23Mar15_48 Europe_23Mar15_49 Europe_23Mar15_68
So hard to choose what to eat!
Europe_23Mar15_67 Europe_23Mar15_66 Europe_23Mar15_60 Europe_23Mar15_61 Europe_23Mar15_62 Europe_23Mar15_63 
Miguel picking out a smoothie
Europe_23Mar15_64 Europe_23Mar15_65 Europe_23Mar15_59 Europe_23Mar15_57 Europe_23Mar15_56 Europe_23Mar15_55 
That is fresh herbal tea made with hot water and fresh herbs and a bit of honey!  AMAZING!Europe_23Mar15_54 Europe_23Mar15_53 Europe_23Mar15_50 Europe_23Mar15_51 
Great time with even greater friends! <3
Europe_23Mar15_52 Europe_23Mar15_69 Europe_23Mar15_71  Europe_23Mar15_73
Serbian mafia 😉 lol
Europe_23Mar15_74 Europe_23Mar15_75
Miguel and I were trying to look gangsta lol I do not think either of us pulled it off!
Europe_23Mar15_77 Europe_23Mar15_78 Europe_23Mar15_79 Europe_23Mar15_80 Europe_23Mar15_84
Wished I was a better photographer and knew how to get a clear/clean image of this handsome boy in action!
Europe_23Mar15_86 Europe_23Mar15_87 Europe_23Mar15_88 Europe_23Mar15_89 Europe_23Mar15_90
How beautiful are these 3??
Europe_23Mar15_91 Europe_23Mar15_92 Europe_23Mar15_93
and back!
Europe_23Mar15_97 Europe_23Mar15_83 Europe_23Mar15_82 Europe_23Mar15_81 Europe_23March15_25
Guardian Eva Von Gottschalk on the bus.  SOOOO BEAUTIFUL! <3
Europe_23March15_26 Europe_23March15_27 Europe_23March15_28 Europe_23March15_29 Europe_23March15_30 Europe_23March15_31 Europe_23March15_32 Europe_23March15_33 Europe_23March15_35 Europe_23March15_36

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