• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!


I have wanted to make a HEROES page on my website for some time, and now that I have the new site going, though there was no better time to start.  There is not much content here right now, but I welcome submissions of stories, photos, videos, etc.  There is so much negative publicity out there about this exceptional breed of dog, lets show everyone what a REAL Rottweiler is!!

Rottweiler saves his chihuahua buddy from a coyote!!

The reenacting is a bit cheesy, but I have no doubt this happened this way!  I have seen my own Rotties jump through windows and over fences and vehicles to save their people.  I am so glad this beautiful girl saved the little human as well as changed hearts and minds.

Rottweiler puppy saves owner AND collects DNA from bad guy!  You go Hercules!!

I am not sure why the person making this video had no problem with that poor puppy sitting there crying, but thank goodness, this very young Rottie could not stand to hear his/her friend cry.

My son found this one- not a Rottie saving anyone/anything, but instead a poor Rottie in need of saving from the terrifying flying ninja, aka cat!  Poor Rottie!  Just wants hugs from his mama 🙁

This has long been one of my favorite Rottweiler tribute videos:  The True Character of a Rottweiler

This Rottweiler grew up with his pet “chihuahua.”  One day, his chihuahua was attacked by a coyote.  This is a short video, but AMAZING!  Rottweiler Saves Chihuahua

I LOVE how the Rottweiler interacts with the baby!  It is clear that he is not just randomly licking the baby- he/she knows she is amusing the infant and purposefully does so.  These dogs are such incredibly intelligent and intuitive dogs- they never cease to amaze me!  Rottweiler causes a case of the giggles

Here the loyal Rottweiler is CLEARLY trying to save his master’s sock from the crazy mop 😛  The Great Sock Rescue

Gotta love this one- Rottweiler adopts and even nurses 5 abandoned kittens:  Mama Rottie

I have seen a Rottweiler make VERY QUICK work out of a cow femur, yet this powerful dog is so gentle with this baby raccoon.  LOVE this one!  Too adorable!  Rottie and baby raccoon

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