• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!


I have wanted to make a HEROES page on my website for some time, and now that I have the new site going, though there was no better time to start.  There is not much content here right now, but I welcome submissions of stories, photos, videos, etc.  There is so much negative publicity out there about this exceptional breed of dog, lets show everyone what a REAL Rottweiler is!! 

This has long been one of my favorite Rottweiler tribute videos:  The True Character of a Rottweiler

This Rottweiler grew up with his pet “chihuahua.”  One day, his chihuahua was attacked by a coyote.  This is a short video, but AMAZING!  Rottweiler Saves Chihuahua

I LOVE how the Rottweiler interacts with the baby!  It is clear that he is not just randomly licking the baby- he/she knows she is amusing the infant and purposefully does so.  These dogs are such incredibly intelligent and intuitive dogs- they never cease to amaze me!  Rottweiler causes a case of the giggles

Here the loyal Rottweiler is CLEARLY trying to save his master’s sock from the crazy mop 😛  The Great Sock Rescue

Gotta love this one- Rottweiler adopts and even nurses 5 abandoned kittens:  Mama Rottie

I have seen a Rottweiler make VERY QUICK work out of a cow femur, yet this powerful dog is so gentle with this baby racoon.  LOVE this one!  Too adorable!  Rottie and baby raccoon

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