• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

2014 Holland- Ice, Ikon, Vlinder

Holland October 2014
Went to Holland to visit Hans and see how Ikon and Ice are coming along in their training. 

Tahlia went with me to The Netherlands to meet with our trainer, Hans Schiltkamp.  He has been training Ice and Ikon for the past few months and we were so excited to see how they were!  When they finish their training in Germany and Holland, Ice and Ikon will go with our Handler, FCI Rottweiler Judge and world renowned breeder and handler and owner of Se Ungo-Rot kennel, Uros Golubovic to go on tour for show.  When they go on tour, Ice and Ikon will be handled by easily one of the Best Handlers in the world!  I am so excited to see what Uros can accomplish with my 2 beautiful boys!!  
We also got a chance to visit Guardian Vlinder Von Gottschalk, Pantera’s daughter.  She will be owned, trained and handled by Hans Schiltkamp and will hopefully become his foundation bitch.  We are very proud of Vlinder, Ice and Ikon <3
Hans gave us a tour that you would never find on any tour bus!  A chance to see The Netherlands from a unique prospective with loads of history.  Cannot thank you enough Hans!  It FREEZING cold and the wind was INSANE coming off the water, but none of that mattered as it was such an incredible day!
We took the twins (Ice and Ikon) for a walk with Vlinder along the coast of this very old fishing village.  The views were simply breathtaking!
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Vlinder meeting Hans, Ice and Ikon for the first time.
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This is a famous point in town where all the fishermen come to sit and smoke and talk- all the town’s gossip is discussed here!
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Hans chatted with the owner of the little store that we stopped to buy souvenirs in, and then translated for us.  The shop had been in his family for over 100 years and the elderly gentleman we were speaking with was getting ready to pass it on to his son.  There was a commercial tour boat company that now worked in that area and they wanted to buy the store from him for a pretty significant amount of money so that they could have both the tour boat and the shop.  The gentleman said that his son was “a young man with a new child” and would never be able to afford what the tour boat company offered to pay.  But he said that he simply couldn’t not pass it down to his son as his father had to him and his grandfather to his father, etc.  It was very neat.  The elderly gentleman was so kind and sweet.  He saw Tahlia looking at hand made coo-coo clocks, he took quite a bit of time to show and tell her how they worked and some history on them.  It was such an amazing experience.  Thank you so very, very, VERY much Hans!!
1Amsterdam7Oct2014_75 1Amsterdam7Oct2014_76 1Amsterdam7Oct2014_77
Are these not 2 of the most HANDSOME young Rotties you have ever seen??
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Overtime we travel, it is always the little things that melt my baby boys hearts.  They ALWAYS “flock” to the birds, small critters, even bugs.  They are fascinated by them and I love brief glimpses of the world through their innocent eyes <3  When we were in Serbia, they spend so much time following the pigeons and wanted photos of everything they did- a bird that I am sure most of Serbia as well as us takes for granted.  In Italy, the ducks are different and this was simply amazing to them <3  So when I saw this beautiful boy perched on his post, I had to get some photos of him for my baby boys back home.  I knew they would enjoy him!
1Amsterdam7Oct2014_83 1Amsterdam10Oct2014_01

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