• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

2013 Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy May 2013
Met some great friends and amazing breeders at the dog show in Rome, Italy.  Also picked up my 2 beautiful girls, Guardian Lola Von Gottschalk and Guardian Isis Von Gottschalk and got some much needed mommy-and-me time with Ethan! <3
Rome2013May03 Ethan fell asleep watching movies 😉


Nom, Nom, Nom!


Love my beautiful baby boy <3


Rome was absolutely gorgeous flying overhead!


LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE you Baby Ethan! <3


Kisses for papi!


Tucked in all nice and comfy!

Rome2013May10 Rome2013May11

He was super excited to get the toiletry kit from the plane 😉


Toast! <3


Hard to smile for the camera and watch TV at the same time 😉


He was VERY fascinated by his little personal kit!  Took everything out and then organized it all before putting it back in a specific manor!  SOOOO ADORABLE! <3


2 of the 3 boys I love most in this world!

Rome2013May16 Rome2013May17 Rome2013May18Ethan wanted to go up and meet the Captain.  Both the Pilot and Co-pilot were so AMAZING!!  They took Ethan up front and let him “steer” and push some buttons!  He was grinning ear to ear! <3  LOVE to see my baby boy so happy!!


You guys were SOOO AWESOME!!  Thanx bunches!! <3


Waiting for our flight in the Sky Club lounge.  As much as we travel, TOTALLY worth the investment!


Daddy and his baby boy!


At the airport in Rome, Italy.  Ethan wanted me to take a photo of him with his backpack on backwards because “it will look like I am backwards!” <3


Ethan was so proud showing off his dogs at the airport too and insisted on being the one to walk them!  Such a great testament to my girls that both weigh over 90 pounds that a little 40 pound boy had complete control over them!  Such sweet girls! <3


This was Lola’s dinner!  Pan seared Tuna and some pasta with egg and prosciutto bacon!  She slurped the noodles like a person!  It was absolutely adorable!!  Isis had some bruschetta, pasta with white wine sauce, and they both had some lemon gelato (Italian ice cream- but SOOOOOO much yummier than ice cream!!) for desert!  Such a difficult life these poor puppies have! 😉 



The little things in life!  Ethan found some cool snails that he tried to organize into families 😉  He counted 17 altogether!


We had to walk back to the restaurant for some more pasta because Isis was still hungry 😉 


We started dinner with some vanilla gelato!  (Had to munch on something while waiting for the food! 😉 )

Rome2013May29It is a pity Ethan did not like it 😛 LOL


Ethan DEVOURED his pasta carbonara!!  I think he was ready to lick the bowl! 

Rome2013May31 Rome2013May32

Everyone has full bellies, so time to get a nap 😉  Ethan snuggled up to Lola while I was walking Isis.

Rome2013May33 Rome2013May35


Then it was Isis’ turn to get some lovin’ while Miguel took Lola on a nice long walk.


I love how these gentle giants are always so cognizant of the little ones and so very tender.  Ethan has cuddled with Isis since she was just about a pound and now that she is well over twice his size, he still has no worries at all about her and it is so evident to anyone watching the 2 of them that her love for him is just as bit as his for her! <3


We had 2 king beds and Lola slept with Miguel and Isis slept with Ethan and I- Finally away from my bed at home that is constantly so full that I am lucky to get a corner to sleep on and yet here I am- STILL looking for a corner to sleep on! LOL


A boy and one of his best friends- anything more beautiful than that?



Just look at the way Isis idolizes Ethan.  You can’t buy that love with all the treats and toys in the world! <3  I love these dogs so very, VERY much!


Never have to worry about anything happening to my babies while their Guardians are around!


SO GREAT to see my dear friend Uros again!  One of best breeders and Rottweiler Judges in Serbia! <3  Such an honor!


LOVE my baby Ethan!! <3

Rome2013May46 Rome2013May47

My great friends and 2 of best breeders in Serbia, Uros and Kale!


Ethan and his buddy Uros.  Uros has been our extended family since Ethan was just a tin

Rome2013May49 Rome2013May50

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