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Best Rottie Toys

Best Rottie Toys!

(Page under construction- please “bear” with us)Hemi011We are asked ALL the time what toys are best for Rottweilers.  The Rottweiler is a large, working breed dog and MUST have “big boy approved” toys!  Toys that are not made for the strong jaws of a Rottweiler are not only a waste of money, but increase the risk of ingestion.  **REMEMBER** until you know how your dog will behave with a toy, he/she should NEVER be left unattended with ANY TOY!  Some dogs are more destructive than others and pieces that have been ripped off or chewed off of a toy can become a choking hazard and or be swallowed and become an abdominal obstruction.


kongextremeOne of my favorite, longer lasting toys with loads of potential is the KONG!  For our bigger chewers, they have KONG EXTREME and they even have PUPPY KONGS for pups made from a softer rubber.  The Kongs are great for stuffing with just about anything- yogurt, peanut butter, fruit, treats, etc.  In the summer, we love to stuff them and then FREEZE them!  The dogs go “bananas” over it 😉 (pun intended!)  Some of our pack’s favorite stuffing:
•  Peanut butter and liver
•  Yogurt and pumpkin
•  Dried cranberries (craisins) and cottage cheese
•  Smashed bananas and peanut butter- really ANYTHING mixed with peanut butter 😉

Kong-Wubba-2Kong also has a wide variety of other products including:
•  KONG WOBBLER- LOVE this one!  It is great for dogs that eat too fast or simply need extra stimulation and bet bored easily.  You can fill it with treats or kibble and the dog has to tip and move it to get the food/treats dispensed. 

232323232fp63555>nu=66;4>875>258>WSNRCG=3565--6845349nu0mrjAnother toy that the dogs cannot get enough of are Jolly Balls!  These were intended for bored horses, but Rottweiler CANNOT get enough of them!  222196_10151574642529251_5122605_nIf you have a dog that loves basket balls or soccer balls but is constantly deflating them, then try a Jolly Ball!  They do not deflate!  CAUTION- these balls WILL NOT stand up to extreme chewers!  They are great fun but should be supervised with extreme chewers. 



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