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Forever Homes!

Here are some of of the dogs we have rescued that have gone on to find forever homes! Nothing feels greater than giving a deserving dog a second chance.  May God bless all of you that have opened your hearts to one of these exceptional dogs.  Some of them have had such a rough go in life and have so earned a warm bed, a regular meal and endless love.

If you have rescued a rottie that we have had up for adoption and are willing to send us updated pics and stories, we would be very grateful!

Abandoned at the vet.

This sweet baby girl was abandoned at a veterinary clinic a few hours away from us in the parking lot in the dead of winter.  The staff is unsure how long she sat out there in the cold patiently awaiting her masters return before she was spotted and brought inside chilled to the bone.  She was only about 4 months old.  Who does that??  By His grace, a member of the GR family that had purchased 2 Rottweilers from us had an appointment at the vet the day this baby girl was dropped off.  In the waiting room, she heard this girls story and heard the staff on the phone with local shelters.  She called me from the vets office and asked if I could please take this little girl in and help her find a forever home.  Of course we left immediately to go get her.  She could not have been any friendlier!  We have gotten her wormed, vaccinated, spayed and trained her in basic obedience, on and off leash work and started potty training and crate training.  Within 24 hours of posting this beautiful girl was ready to be adopted, she had her forever home!  Here is Xena now- loved and all grown up! 

Linda here with an update on “Xena.”  Joe named her after having her about 24 hours.  He was thinking of the “warrior princess” when he named her and thought it appropriate because of what she has been through.  I found a translation that means…awesome, faithful protector of friends.  Either way – the name is appropriate.  Already she sits for treats and is “peeing” outside when taken out.  She’s a little gem.  Joe and I are so grateful to you for all you have done for her.  I have a concern re: training (of the schutzhund persuasion)… Do you believe that a dog need NOT be hit in order to learn this?  The trainer I spoke with does hit the dogs saying “some of them need  it.”  I cannot bear to think of anyone hitting an animal and believe if a trainer must hit to get his point across, then HE has the problem…not the dog.  Can you recommend a schutzhund trainer in the Indy area?  Many thanks, I so enjoyed meeting you and your “family.”  God bless you for all the good you and your hubby do.  In Him, Linda




Guido is about a year old.  We just had him neutered, caught him up to date on vaccinations, de-wormed, vet checked and have started basic obedience training.  He was abandoned by his family 🙁  and set to be humanely euthanized at the shelter.  It is a pity when any animal is thrown away like trash, but especially with a dog this gorgeous and this sweet.  He was obviously a very expensive dog at one point as he is clearly well bred in both confirmation and  character.  He has great substance, a very muscular, athletic frame, solid topline and good angles.  Guido has a very beautiful, correct head with dark gum pigment.  Guido won the hearts of everyone at the shelter and within minutes ours as well!!  He is very balanced and confident.  He loves affection and attention and just wants to be near you.  He has no behavior issues, he is great with other dogs and kids and although he has never been properly trained, he is so eager to learn and please and picks up on what we want very quickly!  The photos here on this page were take about 10 minutes after he met my family and I and less than a minute after we unloaded him from the car after picking him up from the shelter!  He had all of my pack very LOUDLY saying hello, kids running around, and he was in a completely new place with new sounds and smells, and none of it phased him!!  He is a FABULOUS dog and we are absolutely smitten with him!  Guido found a wonderful home in record time and will soon be jointed by a little sister!!



Mac is a stray that was abandoned near a daycare center.  He was skinny and pathetic and so desperate for someone to love him.  He had a tow chain attached to him, and after seeing his condition, I was ever so grateful that he had escaped.  Of course no microchip or collar.  When my friend Matt asked me to come and get him, I never expected a dog that had been so obviously neglected in every way possible to be so friendly and trusting.  There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this boy knew he was getting saved and that he will be forever grateful to the family that came and adopted him after we put some weight on him, got him healthy and gave him some basic obedience.



D Cell

D-Cell family decided that, when they found out they were going to have a baby, they no longer wanted or needed a dog.  He had never really been trained or socialized correctly, and after they had the baby, they just kept him locked in his crate full time except for going potty.  When they finally decided that this “arrangement” was not working out, I was asked to take him and find him a new home.  When poor D Cell came to our home, he was underweight, but more importantly, terribly under-socialized and had become fear aggressive.  As often in neglect cases where food was not regular, he was incredibly food aggressive as well.  It took us about 4 hours just to convince him to come out of his crate and into a kennel run.  It was another week before he would let us in the kennel with him without showing his teeth.  Slowly but steadily over the next few months we began handling him more and more, introduced him to a brush and then eventually to a bath.  By showing him that a hand near his food bowl usually had even yummier treats in it, and that a hand approaching his head was not there to hit him (he was incredibly hand shy- of course a symptom of abuse) but rather there to love and comfort him.  When we were contacted by a family in Washington state that was interested in him, I was apprehensive but hopeful.  She was a single mother of an adult handicapped son, and had rescued working breed dogs before.  I also knew that where D Cell was now compared to where he was when he came to us was night and day.  I was confident that a home with even more hands on, constant work was exactly what he needed.  She had fallen in love with my DIESEL and wanted to name him after, yet slightly different than Diesel- hence D-Cell 😉  We delivered D-Cell to Washington and D-Cell is doing wonderfully in his new home.




This sweet 6 month old puppy is AKC registered, is already neutered, up to date on all vaccinations, microchipped, basic obedience and we started house training!  He is an absolutely wonderful young male and will be a VERY BIG boy when he is done growing!  He is already a big boy and only 6 months old!!  When he was dropped off at Johnson County Humane, his owner was informed that the shelter was full and he would likely be euthanized!  his owner’s response?  “I understand.”  It never ceases to amaze and disgust me how many stupid people can get a hold of such a great dog as the Rottweiler!  This sweet boy deserves a forever home where he will be loved and allowed to love back.  I have NEVER been more happy to give away a free dog!  (well, we have given away a few over the years that really made me feel wonderful- but Gunner certainly ranks up there!)  Hie new family have been through so much and they deserve Gunner just as much as he deserves them!  I cannot wait to see updates from this great family.

gunner01 gunner02 gunner03

He’s about 130 pounds! His chest just got huge out of nowhere his head I believe is about normal size but his chest is just extravagantly large! I still plan on getting another rott either by adoption or purchase a puppy through you but I am trying to save up for that life keeps setting me back a bit lol I had to buy a  new truck. So as soon as I get money saved up I will be talking to you about another! I purchased pet insurance on Gunner so if he develops hip displacia they cover $5000 on surgery with a $200 deductible. How have things been for you?


I am not sure if you remember but we came and got GUNNER from you.  You rescued him from the pound.  I was wondering if I could come and see the Rotts sometime.  Gunner is doing well.  He has a bone deformity in his hind leg.  I wonder if he was abused by the person you rescued him from.  Gunner is the sweetest thin.  He has the sweetest personality.  He never complains or whines, even in pain.  We rescued a little mutt and they are the best of friends!  Here are some pics!

unnamed unnamed-1 unnamed-2






What a sweet baby boy!  People NEVER cease to amaze me, or I guess I should say frustrate me!  I got a call yesterday from Megan from Morgan County Humane that they had another rottie that had been thrown away and wanted to know if I could take him.  The owner had called stating that they were moving and would not take him and wanted to know if Morgan County Humane wanted to come get him.  Megan said when she got there, he was in a make-shift outside pen with “about 150 pounds of dog poop” and nothing more- no food, water, toys, bed…nothing but his own feces.  It really just infuriates me that someone would even get a dog if this is all they wanted to do!!  If you want a lawn ornament, get a plastic one- you do not have to feed it or clean up after it and they are a lot cheaper than a dog!!  I do not know how ANYONE could look at this sweet face every day and not have any compassion.  He is very underweight and needs some TLC, but otherwise, Jake is a very unassuming, gentle soul.  He is approximately 4 years old, walks well on a leash, gets along great with female dogs and youth (I would never put 2 intact males together, so I cannot say how he is with other males, I can only assume as it is INCREDIBLY rare to have 2 intact males that do not vie for dominance).  He has been very sweet and gentle with my kids, however, since I did not raise or breed him, I want him to go to a family that does not have small children.  Thus far, I have not found ANY bad habits with him!  He takes even the tastiest treats ever so gently, has no food aggression, does not jump up on anyone, ignores the other dogs barking at him, only smelled our kitty, Malakai, and loaded up into the mini-van like a pro!!  He is a little shy, although in his defense, he has only been with us a few hours and in that time he has gone for a long car ride, gotten a full grooming (he was filthy! and totally let me do everything I needed to do to groom him!), met some loud and obnoxious kids that were rowdy after a very long car ride, met a pack of equally loud and obnoxious Rottweilers who were all eagerly saying hello, and he STILL stayed calm!!  He does not seem to know what a hug is, which saddens me terribly.  He really is a super guy and just to gentle.  Even in his apprehension over all the new sounds and smells, there was not even a hing of fear aggression, only calmly taking it all in.  I cannot wait to start working with him tomorrow after he gets a good nights rest!  We will start with the basics of sit and here. 

COULD NOT BE MORE THRILLED with Jake’s new family!!!  Jerry has become come a dear friend of mine and proudly owns a daughter from the greatest dog even known.  When Jerry read sweet Jake’s story, he contacted me immediately to ask if I though he would be a good companion for Miss Belle.  I was SOO excited for Jake to get such a loving, wonderful home.  Jerry drove up here with Belle to see how they got on.  AND he brought a birthday cake for Belle, a welcome home cake for Jake and enough fried chicken, mashed potatoes & gravy, green beans and potato salad to feed a small army!  We had such a lovely time visiting with Jerry and miss Belle who took to the kids and Diesel as though they had never been a day apart!  We had 5 extra kids over here (neighbors and friends) and Belle had a ball with all of them!  Our other good friends and neighbors to the North (Canada) stopped by (for Crom’s services 😀 ) just in time to enjoy the feast as well!!  After a 7 hour drive down and knowing the drive would be just as long back, we could not in good conscious allow them to leave without a full belly!! 

My vet was unable to get Jake in for neutering until mid-March, but Jerry was so smitten with Jake, that he could not wait.  Not only did Jerry have it in his heart to take in a neglected adult Rottweiler and give him love like he has never had, but was generous enough to offer to pay for the neutering as well.  I am so very blessed to have such amazing people in my life, and to be brought together with such genuine, good-hearted people over the dogs that are so very dear to me!  Cannot wait to have Jerry, Belle and Jake back out here in a couple of months and see the progression- after his belly and heart have been filled!  Loads of love and puppy kisses to you dear Jerry, Uncle Howard, Sue and of course the stars of the show, Belle and Jake!!


I wish you could see Jake and Belle out in the back yard.  It is snowing and Jake is beginning to relax and play with Belle.  Actually he is running after her, which is what she loves.  I heard some barking and when I looked out the window I saw Belle running around the pine trees and then cutting across the yard to run around another tree.  Good old Jake was chasing along.  
When I went to bed last night both dogs were exhausted and sleeping in the kitchen.  Jake was on the comforter and the fluffy lambs wool cover with Miss Belle in the kennel facing him.  As I got into bed I had mixed emotions.  I was happy to see the two dogs get along, but I am used to having Belle lying in bed next to me, and now I was all alone.  About 1:30 AM I woke up to use the bath room and found Belle next to me.  I never even knew she had come in and climbed on the bed.  I checked on Jake and he was still on the make-sift bed in the kitchen, so I walked in there and laid down next to him and gently stroked his head and neck.  As I got up I rubbed his belly and saw that his water bowl was empty and filled it.  He drank a lot of water and ate a lot of food his first night.  At 4:15 AM I was awakened by Belle as she left the bed and went towards the kitchen.  I thought Jake must be up doing something and Belle was going to investigate.  Jake was still on his bed, but raised up when he heard me and Belle.  I let them both outside, but Belle came back in through the pet door a couple of minutes later.  I could see that Jake was outside the door so, once again, I pushed out on the pet door and caught it as it swung in.  I looked out and called Jake.  He came right in.  Jake was wide awake and interested in sniffing Belle so she growled and went into the kennel.  I slide the kennel into the doorway leading to the living room and left the two alone.  When I went back in there a few minutes later to see what they were doing I saw Jake sleeping on the floor next to the kennel.
I usually get up at 5 AM every morning, but this morning I overslept and was awakened by a familiar odor.  Yeah, dog poop.  I walked towards the kitchen and saw that Jake was still lying in front of the kennel.  But, he had left a mess at the other end of the kitchen.  It was fine – my fault for not letting him out at 5 AM – It was around 8 AM when the odor woke me.  I put both dogs outside, placed some Vick’s vapo rub under my nose and proceeded to clean up.  I must confess I had to make a couple of runs to the bath room.  I just hope the neighbors couldn’t hear me heaving cause I had opened the bath room and kitchen windows for fresh air.  
When I was finished I put a lease on Jake and took both of them to the field.  Once we were out of the yard headed to the field Belle got very playful was was jumping up on Jake’s back.  The poor guy never made an aggressive move.  Once out in the field Belle was really aggressive with Jake so I let go of his lease.  Alice it was something you had to see – Belle grabbed Jake’s lease in her mouth and started to pull.  He just went with the flow and followed her. Jake has a very nice trot with his long legs and seemed to enjoy following Belle.  And Jake loved taking in all the new smells.
I just took a break to spend some time with Jake.  I couldn’t get him into the bath room until Belle walked in first and I proceeded to wash her paws.  Once she was done Jake let me wash his paws.  Then I got out the comb and, Alice, he ended up lying down and let me comb his underside as well as all over.  As I comb with one hand I follow with the other so I can get him used to being touched, and I can feel any sores or scabs he may have.  He actually lifted his front leg up for me to do his chest as he lay there.  I knew I was winning him over as soon as he shut his eyes and totally relaxed.  I think things will be wonderful as soon as we get him neutered so he doesn’t focus so much on Belle.  But, never let her size fool you.  She is a Diesel daughter and has let him know when she has had enough sniffing and mounting attempts.  I am truly amazed how Belle was so attracted to Diesel, yet draws a line with Jake.
Gotta go.  I want to sit and relax and keep an eye on my babies.  I must make sure I catch Jake before he has another ‘incident’ in the house.  – One question, Alice, have you ever heard any sound out of Jake?  He is still silent, though I thought I heard him whining last night as he lay outside the kennel where Belle was.

Jerry, Belle & Jake Alice,

Have a few minutes before I have to get ready for work and couldn’t wait to update you on Jake.
When I came home yesterday, naturally my little girl was all over me- as usual.  Jake came up with his little stub of a tail wagging! He was excited to see me, too!  I tapped my hand on my chest and the big boy gently raised up and had is paws on my shoulders and proceeded to give me ‘kisses’.  Howard was standing close by watching and I think he was surprised at how tall Jake was.  While I hugged Jake Howard began to tell me about his day with J&B (Jake & Belle)  I hadn’t been home more than 5 minutes and the pone rang.  My Mother wanted to know how Jake was doing.  I put the phone on speaker and had Howard start all over with the day’s events.
I am purchasing a voice activated software that types your words as you speak so I can keep a daily diary of my children.  I am going to print out a small book for my family later this year on the ‘life and times of Jake and Belle’.  And, of course, like it or not, you, Miguel and your children are part of my family.  None of the joy I have in my life now would have bee possible if I had not found you on the internet, read your stories and then met Diesel.  The attraction Belle had for Diesel was unbelievable.  And, she is er daddy’s daughter!  Her personalty is so wonderful.
Jake is a very quick learner.  He tends to copy whatever Belle does.  And, he is so sweet and gentle, though e has had to let Belle know to back off when she gets too aggressive with her play.  Jake loves the field.  I had no idea how much pee he can store in his body.  He has left his mark all over the field and this morning I let him off the lease so he could walk freely with Belle.  He came when called, but when we got close to the mowed path I have in the field that leads back to the house he started to trot home.  I had to call him back and both babies laid down on the long grass while I pet them and told them how good they are.  Then I asked, “You want t go home and EAT?”  Both jumped up and looked me in the eye and their bodies were just wagging away.  
It shouldn’t take long for Jake to pass Belle’s weight of 75 lbs.  And, I’m wondering how much he will weigh by the time he fills out.  My guess is 100 lbs.  But, I assure you I will not allow him to become overweight.  My daughter, Jamie, has Tasha – a very large female Rottweiler, who is having difficulties with her hips.  Tasha is about the size of Diesel, and she is the reason I decided to get a Rottweiler.  Her story will be in my family book, too.
Gotta go.  Tell all ‘Hello’ and let them know I am looking forward to coming back to see them for a real picnic.  I will provide the chicken.  And, Susie has stated she wants to come and meet everyone, including Diesel and Serenity.  
Jerry, Jake and Belle Alice,
Here is a photo of Jake taken yesterday in the back yard.  He is absolutely wonderful, and certainly the best dog I could have found for Miss Belle.  He has great patience with her.  From the time Belle wakes up in the morning she is high energy and wanting to play.  Sometimes Jake will just look at me while Belle is biting him on the neck, or pushing a toy in his face, as if to say, “Does she ever slow down?”  He has become very attached to me – and, I love it.   
Finally gave him his first real bath Friday evening.  He has been very hesitant about coming into the bathroom, so I put Belle in the tub and shampooed her as Jake laid outside the doorway and watched.  The whole time I am bathing Belle she is growling and showing me her teeth.  I just laugh at her because she sounds like a Tasmania devil.  When I finished with Belle I had to use a collar and leash to get Jake into the tub.  Once in he quietly stood there as I lathered him up.  When I rinsed him off you should have seen how dirty the water was.  The next day his coat was so soft and silky I used him as a pillow as I laid on the floor with him.
My thanks to you, Alice, for saving this precious Rottweiler.  He has truly become a member of my family, and Belle wouldn’t know what to do without him.


Just a short note to you and your family.
Jake is Wonderful!!!  He is so energetic and playful, now.  I refer to him as ‘bright eyes’.  When I first brought him home my sister, Robin. commented that he had ‘sad eyes’.  Well, he is not sad anymore!  He is a huge, lovable teddy bear of a dog.  Everyone that meets him comments about how good he is.
He now calmly lays on the couch and lets me use my dremel tool to shorten his nails.  He knows he gets a treat for each paw I do.  I absolutely love my boy! And, Belle – well, let’s just say, “she is one of a kind”.  I could not imagine not having her in my life.  
Thank you, again, for these wonderful companions (my babies) that I miss whenever I am not at home.
I am laughing right now because both are in here lying close to my chair, and Jake just broke wind!  Unlike Belle, who is very silent when she passes gas, my boy Jake toots a short tune!  When I turned my head to look down at them Belle’s head snapped up and she just stared at me.  They make me laugh.

Jerry, Jake and Belle

Hello Velasquez Family!
Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.  Please give Diesel and Serenity a hug for me.
Belle and Jake are patiently waiting for breakfast.  We just returned from our morning walk in the field and both dogs got a little surprise.  The two small children that used to live next door moved about 1 1/2 years ago due to the parents getting divorced.  While we were walking in the field I noticed that Belle had stopped and was totally focused on two small kids walking towards the field.  It was the kids who used to live next door.  I told Belle, ‘No’, because I knew she was ready to bolt in their direction.  Belle turned her head to look at me for a second, then turned back to the approaching kids.  Keep in mind they were half a football field away from us, but as I told you before, Belle loves kids.  
Suddenly Belle was like a runner in the 100 yard dash…racing towards Bobby and his little sister.  When she reached Bobby, Belle started smelling him all over.  Then she went to great the little girl and, she also greeted Jim, their father, who lives two doors down from me in his grandfather’s house.  Jake will mimic whatever Belle does whenever he sees her getting love and attention.  He ran over to Bobby, whom he never met before, and simply leaned against him and rubbed his muzzle against Bobby’s tummy.  I was so proud of my boy.  
When we left them to continue our walk, Jake was like a young puppy.  He was so excited  from meeting the kids and getting all the new attention that he started jumping up and down and talking to me.  Yes, he talks to me.  Well, the first time Jake talked to my sister, Roberta, she thought he was growling at her.  I had to laugh because Jake makes his ‘growl’ as a way of saying, ‘here I am, play with me’.  He is so wonderful.
The only problem I have with Jake ——He may have to loose some weight!  He is huge.  And, he loves to eat.  After what he had been through before you rescued him how could I deny him any food or treats?  
Have a great holiday and weekend.
Jerry, Jake & Belle

Alice and Family,

What a day yesterday was!  It began snowing up here just before lunch and never stopped.  When I arrived home at 5:30 PM there was more than 6 inches of the white powder on the ground and I quickly changed clothes to power up the snow blower.  Both Jake and Belle were very excited as they love the snow.  After my nephew and I did my mother’s and my sidewalks and drives, we decided to do the neighbors areas as well.  All the time Jake and Belle were watching and waiting for their evening stroll.
Finally, after an hour and a half of snow removal, I opened the gate and let my babies run out to the field.  They acted like two little kids as they ran and lowered their heads into the snow.  When they stopped and raised their heads they had snow all over except for their eyes and nostrils.  Belle would take off running and lower her head back into the snow, then stop – jump and turn in the air so she was now looking back at me, and wanting me to play.  I told Jake, ” Go get Belle!”  He ran towards her and the little girl didn’t hesitate, she ran towards Jake and started nipping at his neck.  
After about a half hour out in the field we all went in to get something to eat.  While I worked in the kitchen preparing them a special treat the two of them stretched out on the carpet and actually fell asleep. I guess all the running in the snow wore them out.   
They make me happy.



Last evening I was bored with TV and looked over at my little girl and big boy laying on the floor by my feet.  I asked, “Who wants to go for a walk?”  Both jumped up and tried to climb on my lap!
I put their reflective collars on them and headed out the back door.  Once we reached the freshly mowed grass of the field I saw Belle lock onto something in the distance.  when I followed her gaze out towards the rail road tracks I saw my neighbor’s husky, Cyrus.  Belle took off as fast as her legs could carry her and Jake started to follow.  A quick “WAIT!” command from me and Jake stopped, turned his head to look at me, then turned back to see Belle and Cyrus together.  He wanted so badly to run after Belle, but I was worried he might hurt Cyrus.  So, I ran over to Jake and figured we both could walk out there together, but he thought I had given him the OK to run.  Needless to say I urged my old legs to help me get out to the tracks before anything bad could happen.
And, what happened was so emotional and wonderful for me.  Jake never growled, barked or tried to bite Cyrus.  Instead he used his huge body to block Cyrus and Belle from one another.  He stood there as Cyrus began to sniff him, and he did the same in return.  Then, Cyrus turned and started running. Jake was right behind him, but Cyrus was much faster.  Still Jake kept after him and when Cyrus made a turn Jake just about ran over the top of him.  They used their bodies to push each other – Cyrus weighs 75 lbs – Jake is now 118 lbs.  Poor Cyrus spent a great deal of time on the ground and they gently nipped at each other as they played.  Jake was a happy dog with a new friend!
They ran and wrestled for about 45 minutes as Bill, Cyrus’ owner, and I stood and watched.  Jake was having such a great time that he would not even come to me for one of the treats I keep in my pocket.  Belle ended up staying by me and Bill as the two ‘boys’ played.  When Bill finally called Cyrus and the two dogs came to us I told Bill both dogs would need a rubdown with a towel.  Both were wet from the grass and biting, and my boy Jake was happily exhausted.  It was so wonderful to see him play with another dog besides Belle.
Just wanted you to know that he is doing extremely well.  And, he has picked up some of Belle’s habits.  He now gets excited when I go to put his collar on in the morning because he knows it means he is going for a walk.  He was on my bed this morning when I asked him if he was ready to go for a walk.  He stood up on the bed then reared up and had his huge paws on my chest.  He has ‘happy eyes’ now, too.
Thanks once again,


We’ve got quite a storm going on up here today!  Hope everyone down your way is doing well.  Just wanted to drop a quick line to tell you. “I LOVE MY ROTTWEILERS!”  Jake and Belle are absolutely the best dogs I could have hoped to own.  They continue to put a smile on my face every day.  Yesterday I got down on my knees and started to wrestle with Belle out in the field.  My big boy, Jake, just couldn’t stand being left out, so the next thing I knew I had both dogs on top of me.  I was laughing so hard as I tried to get up off my back but, as you well know, when you have a 95 lb. Diesel daughter and a 120 lb. male Rott on top of you, getting up can be difficult.  I had to finally give in and ask, “Who wants a bone?”  
they both got off me and, as I wiped my face where they had been licking me, I slowly got up to give them a treat.
Alice, I don’t have to tell you how wonderful Belle is.  I love her just as you love Diesel.  But, I want you to know that Jake is an absolute joy to have in my life.  He still has a few things that he is afraid of – garden hoses and he really gets upset if he is lying down and you go to step over him.  But, I do believe, at one time, there was a person that loved him very much.  I believe this because he is so strong but, gentle.  He wants to be as close to you as he can get.  He listens to me better than Belle!  Alice, he may not be the prettiest Rottweiler but, he has the biggest heart and he loves everyone.  Except, that is, anyone that tries to get through the back gate when I am not home.  He won’t let my neighbor, Tony, in the back yard it I am not around.
I must make sure I visit you this spring so you can see my wonderful Belle and also see how beautiful Jake has turned out.  He has such a beautiful coat – thick and wavy on his neck.  His only bad habit – he wants to give kisses all the time!  I love my dogs so very much.
Till I see you and your family again – Be safe, be well and hug Diesel for me!
Jerry, Jake and Belle




We have always firmly believed that a breeders responsibility for a puppy DOES NOT end when that puppy goes to his/her new home, but is rather a lifetime commitment.  Not only do we have it in our GR Puppy Contract that all of our dogs and puppies ALWAYS have a forever home here at Rottieopolis, but because we offer lifelong support and assistance on training, health, diet, etc. we have only had a small handful of dogs that we have produced returned.  We do, however, understand that sometimes life happens and you are little more than a passenger.  We want our families to know that in the event FOR WHATEVER reason they are EVER unable to take care for their Guardian Rottweiler any more, we will do what is necessary to help him/her find a loving adoptive family.  No child of mine will ever be homeless- 2 or 4 legged!



Minos and Malia

We are the proud breeders of this beautiful pair of siblings sired by ULAN VON WOLPINGHAUSEN.  Their family did a wonderful job raising and training them.  They were well loved and very well cared for.  Due to unavoidable family circumstances, the family of Minos and Malia were no longer able to keep them and wanted our help in placing them.  They only requirement was that they stay together.  Finding the right home for one adult rescued Rottweiler can be a difficult task, but finding a home that is willing and able to take a pair of large, robust siblings proved to be a bit of a challenge.  But after everything the family had been through, we were determined to honor their request.  We were so thrilled when we found a family that had loads of land to run on and extensive experience with this breed.  When they drove all the way here for the interview, and I saw the interaction between these 2 beautiful babies and their prospective family, I knew immediately it was going to be a wonderful relationship!


Just wanted to update you on the dogs. They are both adjusting well to their new surroundings. We had issues with the horses on Day1, but that seems to have passed. DZ (Diezel) wants to follow me everywhere. He walks very well and minds quickly. Rox is a little bit more of a handfull. She likes to jump up and she will mouth you (a little like being a human chew toy) but she responds to repeated demands. Walking her is also a little more difficult. I wanted to take them to our vet this Friday for a check up & weigh in.
John Maren



Jethro was a case of a very well meaning family, but just too much dog for them.  Rottweilers are strong minded dogs and if you do not take pack leader position, THEY WILL.  Jethro especially came from strong working lines making him a very confident, strong willed dog.  From day one, he obeyed my every command as well as those of both my daughters and my husband.  I am 5’1 and my daughters are 10 and 12, BUT they have been around these dogs their entire life and know how to be respectful AND respected; firm but fair; calm but in control.  A dog like Jethro really craves someone to take control of him and more importantly, he REALLY needs to be worked.  A large, working dog is NOT CONTENT to sit on the couch all day.  We knew that with the correct family Jethro would absolutely SHINE!  We were blessed enough to have several excellent prospects for him!!  Marion County Sheriff’s office wanted to train him to be a narcotics dog; a retired breeder that now concentrates on working and handling; a wonderful lady with land and time to train Jethro in anything he wanted- really some great choices for him!!  We ended up placing him with a trainer that Jethro IMMEDIATELY took to and Jethro to him as well.  I cannot wait from some pics of this boy once he has started working!!  Thank you Charles for giving him his forever home! 



Dallas is a beautiful female with excellent bone and substance.  She has black mouth pigment and very dark eyes and such a pretty face.  Dallas is such a lovely female with super ball drive and such a sweet disposition.  She is great with kids and cats, although since I did not breed or raise her, I will not adopt her to a family with small children.  Dallas needs to be the only dog in her family.  She is house trained, leash trained, and basic obedience.  She loves to shake and is working on roll over.  Dallas is almost 3 years old.  We are happy to report that Dallas found her forever home in the country in beautiful Kentucky!!  She now has about 20 acres to just enjoy being a Rottweiler!!




Keegan is a special boy with a heartbreaking story.  When we took him in, he was skin ans bones and we thought all he needed was some TLC.Over the next 48 hours, he just went further down hill.  He refused food and was getting sicker and skinnier.  A trip to the ER x-rayed for abdominal obstruction, tested for parvo, heartworm, liver functions, CBC, and just about everything else we could think of.  He stayed several days at the vet getting tested, had barium, received IV fluids, and was even tube fed.  But Keegan was getting worse not better.  Finally, as a hail Mary, my vet suggested an exploratory abdominal surgery.  Keegan’s chances were getting meager and he was so weak, the vet did not even know if he would survive the surgery.  Once Keegan was open, Dr. Udrasols checked all organs including every inch of his intestine.  Astonishingly, the mystery of sick Keegan was solved when a 2 inch long 2.5 inch wide piece of corn cob was found lodged in his intestines!!  He must have picked it up dumpster diving as a stray on the streets.  He required an additional several days in intensive care, and when he was finally sent home, he was a completely new dog!!  He has finished all his gut meds, antibiotics and all follow up care for his surgery and he has put on over 10 pounds in the 3 weeks since his surgery!!  Keegan is AMAZING!!  He is full of life, always happy, great with kids and other dogs, and just such a ray of sunshine!!  Keegan is a young male about 1.5 years old.  Because he is so underweight right now and still has his blocky rottie head, he looks a bit like a bobble head right now 😉  Keegan is house trained, leash trained, crate trained and super with his basic obedience.  He is great with other dogs small and large and is just so eager for a permanent family that will want him and love him as much as he loves them.  Keegan is being fostered by an incredible pack of rescued dogs that are teaching him how to be a puppy!  He is so gentle with the two 5 pound members of his pack and follows his human around all day just wanting to be as close as possible.  Keegan likes to give kisses and would love to be someone’s shadow.



This sweet young male is almost 2 years old.  Inigo is a medium sized male with a gorgeous head.  Inigo is neutered and up to date on shots and flea/tick.  He is house trained, crate trained, leash trained, basic obedience and great with kids and cats.  His favorite toy is “Bad Cuz” known to Inigo as “squeaky toy” and he also loves to play ball and tug.  He is food motivated which has made training easy.  Inigo even likes to get his teeth flossed!  If he sees you flossing your teeth and comes and sits beside you, it is because he is waiting on his turn!

Although he loves to sit on the furniture, he is very respectful of the bed and will not jump up unless invited.  He is completely house trained, not a chewer, and will sit quietly by the door or try to climb on you if he needs to go potty.  Inigo is very social and loves to make new friends, but is also very protective and will put himself between his owner and an approaching stranger.  If there is no danger, put him in a sit or down and he understands that everything is fine and will accept the stranger. 

Inigo must have a fenced in yard or go to a home in the country where a fence is not an issue as invisible fence has no effect on him.  He has a low tolerance for small, yappy dogs as he was bullied when he was a pup.  He is more tolerant of larger dogs as long as they are well-mannered.  He will not start a fight, but he will no longer be bullied either.  He will also chase deer.photo[3]

He learned the names of everyone in his family and was told in the morning to “go wake ___ up” and he would go to that person/child’s bed, jump in bed with them and lick their face 😉  VERY useful for school aged kids 😛


Hi Alice
I hope you received the picture I sent of Inigo & Jozie. Inigo is fitting is perfectly! I’ve been so proud of both of them…Jozie because she has been a really good girl as far as allowing Inigo into the house & sharing everything from toys to our bed & Inigo because he has been such a good boy in the house & with Jozie. He plays soooo nice & respectful with her! They are very funny to watch when they play tug-of-war with one of the toys that has become a favorite of theirs to play the game with  Inigo loves to go for rides & behaves very well in the vehicle. We took him to the animal shelter in Crawfordsville with us (we go there from time-time to visit because we adopted Jozie from there & they are very nice people so we take her in to visit) Inigo was such a good boy while we were there  he seemed to really enjoy walking the nature trails when we left there too. Inigo has met some family members & everyone has been so impressed & awed by what a “gentle giant” he is! Inigo has his first vet appointment on Monday ( well it’s actually just a consultation for him while Jozie gets her shots) but it’ll be a consultation for him to get to meet our vet & her to meet him & we will decide our game plan on the best way to treat Inigo’s hip dysplasia so that he has the happiest, healthiest & longest life possible! Well just wanted to give you a little update on our blessing that you gave us named Inigo (who at our house has begun to be called Dozer & is so smart he is already picking up on the name!) He is so intelligent & gentle & loving…THANK YOU SOO VERY VERY MUCH FOR HIM!!!!!
Have a great weekend  Steve, Jodie, Jozie & Inigo (Dozer)

inigo102Too cute right!?!?!?

He likes to sleep in the bathtub…sometimes when i find him in the tub I think he likes it because it’s cool in it when the house is a little stuffy from the odd weather we have been having…but it’s really funny when you go to the bathroom to use the toilet & he follows ya & climbs in the tub to lay & wait for ya….lol!

Hi Alice
Thank you so much for the link to your page about the food brands & nutrition info it is very helpful & informitive! I wanted to ask…if you had Jozie (with her bad hip from it being broke by her past abusive owners) & Dozer (with his hip dysplasia) in your pack & it was up to you what to feed them…what brand would you feed them? Also we have been putting pumpkin in their dry food…what is your thoughts on that?
Dozer’s poopin issues have gotten sooo much better now, our big guy poops solid BIG ol’piles now-a-days
You & your husband were both so right when you guys said that Jozie & Dozer would be good together & be best buddies! They are so very good together!! They have been left in the house while we go to work through the day & we have NOT crated Dozer (if you recall we had talked with you about possibly doing that) but I just hated to do it to him & after us being home with them those first few days of his being here with us from what we saw we didn’t feel it necessary…so we didnt do it, we just let them both wander the house & every day when we come home everything has been just fine no potty accidents, nothing torn up…just my two angels waiting for us
I can not find the words to express how much Dozer has come to mean to us! I cant help but wonder if his previous family have any idea what a great boy they gave up on. He makes us smile & laugh & quite simply makes my heart swell with pride for him! We have had him for only 3 weeks & it is as if he has been here with us his entire 2yrs of life. He listens sooo well, tries sooo very hard to figure out what it is we want from him & tries his very best to please us. If the other rotties you have are anything like him you guys must laugh alot! He is the funniest guy such a big playful goofball! I loooove to watch him & Jozie run & play in the yard! It just brings me alot of joy & peace to watch the two of them at a dead run trying to beat each other to the ball that was thrown for them (& most times watch Dozer be such a big hearted gentle boy & just simply let Jozie have the ball even if he gets to it first!) he is just such a GOOD boy! We have gotten alot of rain in our area & we have a ditch that runs threw our yard that swells sooo big with the amount of rain we have received lately…& oh Alice I wish you could just see how Dozer runs threw it & plays in it! The first time we let him play in it we kept him on a really long cord leash just to make sure he would be ok & safe…but the second time we just let him go no leash at all & oh boy did he have fun…but even during his playing & stomping threw the water he continued to listen to what we said (like when he had gone far enough or was trying to eat something yukie floating in the water he stopped as soon as we said to).
That is neat that you had his sister out at your place…was she just there for a visit? we would like to bring Dozer & Jozir out for a visit sometime in the future if that would be ok with you?
As i sit here typing this message, Dozer & Jozie are laying here curled up together sleeping…I am so blessed!
Have a good evening Jodie


Hey Alice
Thought you might like to know how Inigo (who we call Dozer) is doing…
Dozer had a vet appointment on June 14th to get his shots updated. He was wonderful for the doctor through the entire appointment while she felt all over his body & even while she checked his teeth & gums & poked him for his shots…he made me proud of him! A couple days before his appointment I started noticing some little bumps popping up first above left eye then his right eye & then I noticed one under his nose kind of like where his whiskers grow out from. I was glad his appointment was coming so soon once I noticed them because I worried about him. His behavior & appetite didn’t change at all with the appearance of the bumps but still I worried *:-S worried Our vet said she wasn’t too concerned about them unless they continued or got worse…but I realized after we left she didn’t actually say what they were or if they could be being caused by something I was maybe doing or giving him. Since his appointment they have went down in size & some have even disappeared completely but as the first couple disappeared I noticed a couple appearing under his chin. I’m just curious if you may know what I’m trying to describe & if so do you know what they may be or what may be the cause? I’m going to send you a picture of Dozer in his swimming pool because well it’s freaking adorable *:) happy but also because if you look close enough you can see the bump under his nose so maybe you inigo101could see better what I’m trying to explain. Our vet also mentioned that Dozer has a slight case of (sorry if I say this wrong I’m not sure if I have the word right) I believe it’s entropia, she said his eyelids roll under jus a tad but nothing at all that requires surgery at this point. I wanted to ask you if they should ever say Dozer needs surgery for this could I please bring him to you to get your opinion on him before I give them permission to do it to him? Don’t get me wrong I trust my vet…would just like your input before I put him through something like that. The first week we brought him home he weighed in at 96lbs at his appointment he weighed in at 112lbs so obviously he has chunked up some but please do not worry that I would allow him to get obese & let it effect his health & hips because I love that boy entirely waaaay too much to do that to him. We keep him active on trails & he loves to play in his swimming pool & run & play fetch (he has a new ball that is absolutely his favorite of all his toys in the toy box he & Jozie share. He loves it so much we went & bought another for a back up in case anything happens to this one lol). Dozer will stick his head in shallow water or water so deep his head goes under up to his chest to retrieve his beloved ball. Dozer is such a well-behaved well-mannered boy & he hasn’t ever tried to run from us when he is off leash seriously not once! We can throw his ball as far as we can & he will dead run as fast as he can to get it then trot right back to us every single time he doesn’t get distracted by anything & wander off course. You should see him work when we hide his ball & then tell him to “go find it”…o my goodness it’s amazing to watch my boy work diligently until he finds his ball! I had no idea they would use their nose to find a ball I didn’t realize even a ball would carry a sent  but I guess it does because I can see him using his nose to find it. Alice it’s just a beautiful thing to watch him work so hard & studiously to find that ball! Do you have any suggestions on other games we could play with Doz or things we could hide to allow him to get to work? We have had Jozie 1yr & 3mo & only had Dozer 4mo & he listens to & behaves for us better than our Jozie girl who we have had way more time to work with. I’m thankful they did let him go though it was their loss & our gain!! We have not crated Dozer at all since his first day home with us when we are gone to work all day, he & Jozie just hang out roaming around the house & snoozing while we are gone & no accidents in the house & nothing chewed on that isn’t theirs & is allowed to be chewed on. I mean c’mon that is a good boy & girl right!?!? *O:-) angel
I don’t have fb but while looking up your website realized I could stil look at yours even if I don’t have one. I saw some pictures of Inigo when he was 5weeks old on there sooo cute! Is Isis a sibling of Inigo? I saw the story about the little guy that had the bad eye infection & was so very touched while reading what a little fighter he is! I had never heard of the name ya’ll chose for him but when I saw it had a background with a book & movie I’m for sure going to look into it. I also saw the story of the pup that got a broken leg while you had a family out to see the puppies on a Sunday so sorry that happened *:( sad I was wondering if you take donations to help you with all the expenses of taking care of the adult, youth & baby rotties? If it wasn’t for you so many people would never have their black & tan gentle giant fur babies to enrich their lives & so many people would never understand the rottie breed in the way they do because of your help. I hope you hear praises often on how much you do & give of yourself so unselfishly for this amazing breed! I don’t have the words to express how thankful I am for the gift you gave us that we call Dozer!! We would like to bring him for a visit sometime if that would be ok with you? I tell Dozer…”Mommy will take you to visit Alice & the rotties but you can’t stay there & even though Alice loves you she can’t keep you this timeit’s only a visit lol!
Have a good evening Jodie
Inigo103 Inigo104 Inigo105 

Inigo (Dozer) is doing sooooo good Alice =)
He looooves the snow & cold weather we have been having! He can’t get out the door fast enough & once he is out oh my goodness good luck getting him back inside lol! He doesn’t care how cold it is outside even when it’s been below zero he wants to stay outside & even lays down in the snow! When he begins walking on two legs though because his feet are so cold that’s when I make him come back inside to warm up his feet then we go again for a little bit. I’m thinking next winter I’m going to get him those like bootie things they make for dogs paws…you ever try them? I don’t know if he’ll like them or not but thought we might try it. His favorite ball is white with a little bit of red stitching (basically like a baseball just a little bigger) he loves to play fetch & if you hold that white ball you hold his whole world in your hand you quite literally have his 100% undivided attention no matter what! It’s been so awesome to watch him play fetch with it in the deep snow because the ball is white so it gets lost in the snow very easily but he does NOT give up on finding his ball he will work so hard to find it then come running to us to show us he found it & get praised for doing such a good job 🙂 he is my boy & I just looove him so so much!!! I’m going to send ya a few pics of him just because he is so dang cute & so you can see his handsome face. We are still planning to come visit you guys at Rottieopolis in March & we’ll let ya know which Saturday when it gets a little closer.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for Inigo (Dozer) Alice! have a great evening Jodie  

Inigo_workingHey Alice
Look at our workin boy! He does so well on walks with his backpack on it really seems to give him a little more sense of purpose & focus. He is such a good boy & sooo cute!!
Just had to share this pic with you =)
Hope everyone at Rottieopolis is doing good!








Katie01This special, sweet girl was found absolutely emaciated 🙁  We have taken in some skinny dogs before, but she has to be right up there with the worst of them 🙁  And when you see a dog that is this starved eagerly eating but without an ounce of food aggression and you realize that despite how horrid humans have been to her, she has no ill will or resentment, you realize just how better Rottweiler are than us humans 🙁  She has had a complete blood panel and urinalysis done to make sure there is no organ damage due to the extent of her emaciation, and she has had a heartworm test done.  Thank goodness for small miracles.  With just a bit of TLC, she gained 8 pounds in just her first week <3  She is now over 65 pounds!  She is wonderful with other dogs and very good natured.  Katie will make a grateful, loving companion for the right family.  She needs a family who deserves her as much as she deserves them.  Katie will come with a bag of food, treats, toys, and will be microchipped when she is spayed.  If you have a heart big enough for Katie, please contact me for more information. 

 We are so happy that Katie found her fur-ever home and look forward to many updates from her new daddy!


Saga and Sprx
Sprx and Saga are siblings.  Their mom, Guardian Eva Von Gottschalk, is a phenomenal girl and my daughters Service dog.  Their sire is “Wolf” Guardian Zev Von Gottschalk.  Sparx and Sasha are 2 years old.  Although they do love to romp and play outside, they have lived inside their whole lives and will need to go to a home that will continue with that.  They get along great with children as well as other dogs.  They love to swim, play ball and tug.  They are both house trained, crate trained and basic obedience.  They need to go to a home that is willing to take both as they have been together their whole lives and are very close.  Their are no health concerns, they are up to date on vaccinations and spayed and neutered.  

UPDATE!  Saga and Sprx found a forever home where they have a big brother labrador, loads of room to run and all the lovin they could ever want <3


This special lady needed a special owner.  She had been abandoned by her first owner, and had become too much for the family that rescued her.  She was lacking significantly in socialization, manors, and traning.  She needed an alpha, but one that would be patient and understanding, firm but fair.  We are so grateful to Wilford for stepping up to the plate.  Lavah is now thriving, happy, well adjusted, and most importantly, loved.


So happy that Tiberius found his forever family <3  I feel so blessed to have been able to help in this process.  He deserves all the love in the world, and then some <3 

Please read the letter from Janine regarding Tiberius as well as my commentary/response in yellow.  This boy has seen the worst that people have to offer, now lets show him our best.  Please help me find him a forever home or at least a loving foster home while he waits for his forever home <3

Hello all,

I am the shelter manager for Parke Vermillion County Humane Society in Hillsdale, IN. On June 8, 2017 we were called out by the Vermillion County Sheriff’s Department when they found an adult Rottweiler locked inside a wire crate, inside a house that had been abandoned for over a year and a half.

Tiberius is gorgeous but thin (he weighs 72 lbs and should probably be closer to 85-90) he is around 4 years old, current on vaccines and negative for heartworms. He has been dewormed with Drontal and treated for fleas. Medically he seems in decent shape.

Behaviorally, he will guard food (completely expected given his condition when discovered). He can be distracted with toys, and does not care about the bowl once it is empty- both are very positive attributes as this shows that his guarding is merely out of hunger and that it is not so overwhelming that he cannot be distracted.  I have also given Janine some tips to help with his resource guarding and she reports that since implimenting the techniques I told her he has come leaps and bounds!  Unfortunately one of the worst mistakes that can me made (and equally unfortunate that it is the most common mistake) with a dog that is resource protective is to constantly take his resource away.  People/trainers mistakenly believe that they need to constantly usurp authority over the item to teach the dog not to guard it.  This almost always has the exact opposite effect.  If a dog is resource protective, it is because he feels the resource- usually one that has not been provided on a regular basis- will be taken away.  When you constantly take it away, all you do is prove him right and exasperate his fear that someone will take his resource (food, toy, treat, etc.) away.  What you want to do instead is keep a drag line on him (this is a cheap lead/leash that he can drag around so that you can safely both correct and control him when necessary).  If he stiffens or shows even the slightest sign/body posture that he is guarding the rescue, you pull the drag line and walk him away with a stern no.  When you walk him away, keep him within eyesight of his resource.  Let him see that no one is touching it or taking it and, once he complies (calms down/relaxes) you can walk him back to his resource.  This is a game of patience.  You might have to do this over and over and over and over.  Remaining calm and patient is of the utmost importance.  He must learn to trust you- to know you have no desire to remove his resource and that it will continue sitting there undisturbed, to know that you will not get frustrated or angry with him, and to learn that his action is unacceptable and will be corrected, but his resource will remind safe.  Constantly claiming dominion over a resource, taking it away from him, tricking him (distracting and then snatching it away), etc. will only deepen the mistrust.  It might be a short term way to get what you want, but ultimately, it will do more harm than good. He has great ball drive.
He does get nervous when you restrain him or approach him with unknown objects. He will stiffen and growl, but since he has been here he has NOT made any attempt to bite. We did muzzle him to vaccinate him and draw his blood (always better to be safe), but even then he stood still and growled. He never struggled, he never snapped. We feel he is just traumatized and insecure. He recovers very quickly, wags his little stub most of the time, and if food or handling is not involved, is loving and will lean against you. We feel he will soon recover and blossom in a loving home environment.

He has not been tried with any other dogs but he will meet them through a fence or walk past them without any reaction. I would not trust him around any other animals with food until he understands he will not be starved again, but we do feel that he would probably do okay with other animals.

Tiberius would flourish out of the shelter setting, We are hoping with no medical needs and only mild behavioral issues, he can be accepted into a rescue and begin his journey of healing and love. Please let me know what we can do for him. He will be neutered before joining his new place and we would be happy to help with transporting.

Thank you so much for your time,


Mako and Myah

This duo was abandoned in the back yard of their home when their owners moved out 🙁  After several days with no food, they finally broke out and were at large when a neighbor found them.  She knew the owners had moved out many days prior and took the pups (about 6 months old) to her local vet.  We were contacted from there and immediately started driving to go get them.  We got them a thorough check-up from a vet, vaccinated, wormed, and started putting weight on them.  They had no training, did not really know what a toy was or how to play, and they were nervous.  But with a consistent routine, loads of affection, and some other balanced, outgoing youth (Qi’ra and Maria) to help with their training, they quickly came out of their shells, picked up quickly on everything we showed them, and were soon ready for adoption.  They now live in Virginia where they are loved and spoiled rotten!






They coming along well we are going to start a organization call Pet Parents & support Advocate group.
We love them both! thanks you so much







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