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Abuse and Neglect


          We are often asked why we require a contract with every puppy we sell.  Although it does help to reassure the new owner that she/he is purchasing a sound dog in both health and temperament, it truly is for the benefit of our dogs.  Any good breeder will tell you that if you want to “get rich quick” then breeding dogs is definitely NOT the way to do it.  By the time you factor in the cost of a good quality, sound German Rottweiler with a champion pedigree, the thousands of dollars per dog in necessary medical clearances, the hundreds per month in quality dog food, the monthly Frontline, heartworm preventative, prenatal care for the pregnant bitch, all the vet visits/ care for the pups, etc.  Then you factor in all the sleepless nights on “puppy watch” waiting for the mom to go into labor, and CONSTANT watch over her and the new pups the first few weeks (mom can inadvertently squish a pup, there’s failure to thrive, etc.)  Then, as the pups get older there’s the “clean up” and care of all those pups (not to mention all the daily “clean up” associated with the adults!)

 I could go on…So, why then do we do it?  It’s simple: love and admiration for the breed.  We believe wholeheartedly that there is truly no finer animal, no better companion, no friend more faithful.  It literally sickens me to see what happens to some of these animals who usually remain loyal to the bitter end.  If you do not intend to love and care for these animals the way they will you, then you should not get one.  It is a commitment that will hopefully last many years, and like children, it will not always be easy, but it will ALWAYS be worth it.

The emaciated dog (below) was chained up and forgotten about.  If you do not have “time” for a dog, then do not waste the time to get one!  Help came too late for the poor boy hanging by his collar.  This is exactly why you should NEVER leave a dog unattended on a chain.  If this is what you intend to do, then DO NOT get a dog!
Although I love and respect the Rottweiler breed more that I do most humans, I cannot recommend rescuing a dog when you have young children, or if you are an inexperienced handler.  There are simply to many unknown factors–breeding, how it was raised, what abuse it suffered, and how it will be affected.  All of which ARE NOT the dogs fault!  However, if you are in a position to rescue, please do as there are many good dogs in need of a loving home.  We occasionally come across pups, youth or adults that are in need of rescue.  After we have evaluated their health and temperament and spayed or neutered, we will offer them for adoption.  Interviews will still be required and additional training and/or follow up may be required as well.  All dogs deserve the chance to do what God put them here to do- love us and watch over us.  If you are in the position to adopt and interested to be placed on our waiting list, please contact us.

        Rottweilers are not disposable.  They are lifelong, faithful companions that will not hesitate to lay down their life in your defense.  How many of your friends can you say that about?  Is it so incredibly difficult to give them back even a small percent of the love and affection they give so freely and unconditionally?









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