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GR Family-Imported

In our frequent trips to Europe, we often come across some exceptional dogs that we can offer to our customers here in the United States.  Here are some of the great pups, youth and adults we have imported.  We personally travel to Europe for the selection and import of every single dog in our breeding program as well as all the great Rottweilers we import.  If there is anything that we could assist you in importing, please do not hesitate to ask.



Ajka Se Ungo-Rot


Akina Von Radkestein


Ann Se Ungo-Rot


Blondie Ri Mobby Dick




Buffy Vom Tennenfeld 


Cita Se Ungo-Rot


Comanche Vom Wilden Westen


Daisy Vom Nettetaler Land


Dandy and Duff






Embassy dell’Antico Guerriero


Energy Se Ungo-Rot


Goldi Crni Lotos


Hurkel Se Ungo-Rot


Hulda di Alaricus Rex


Holly Ar Pedim Line


Import Pups- Artur X Jenny


Import Pups- Bronko X Klara

Import: Bull x Alka


Import Pups- Cochise X Alicia


Import- Crom X Briska


Import Pups- DeBaron X Reni


Import Pups- Faryco X Na Li



Import pups- Goga X Gebi


Import Pups- Lucky X Skali


Import Pups- Marschall X Ena


Import Pups- Marsio X Arisha


Import Pups- Marsio X Nushka


Import Pups- Nando X Blondie


“Kenzie” Ambra Se Ungo-Rot


Nick Se Ungo-Rot


Pasha Se Ungo-Rot


Pikol Se Ungo-Rot




Tosca Se Ungo-Rot

VonHausshan Bronx

Zarah von Wölpinghausen





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